cell structure and function 3.2 looking inside cells

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Cell Structure and Function3.2 Looking Inside CellsCell WallRigid layer of nonliving materialSurrounds the cells of plants and some other organismsProtects and supportsMade of celluloseStrong, but permeable

Cell MembraneBarrier separating the cell from its environmentControls what substances enter and exit a cellSemi-permeable

NucleusControl center of the cellContains the DNA

CytoplasmClear, thick, gel-like fluidContains many organelles

MitochondriaSmall, rod-shaped organelles "Powerhouses" of the cellConvert food energy into energy the cell can use

Endoplasmic ReticulumMaze of passagewaysHelps form proteins Carries material throughout the cell

RibosomeSmall, grain-like bodySome are attached to endoplasmic reticulumSome float freely in the cytoplasmProtein "factories"

Golgi BodyFlattened sacs and tubesReceive proteins to be packaged and distributed to other parts of the cell or even outside the cell

ChloroplastsLarge, green structuresGenerally found only in plantsCapture energy from sunlight and convert it into sugar

VacuoleLarge water-filled sacStorage areasPlant cells usually have one large, central vacuole

LysosomeSmall, round structuresContain chemicals for breaking down certain materialsClean-up crew