cells. - looking inside cells  cell wall: “protect and support” - made mainly of cellulose...

Download CELLS. - Looking Inside Cells  Cell Wall: “Protect and Support” - Made mainly of cellulose (strong material) - Found only in plant cells

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  • - Looking Inside Cells

  • Cell Wall:

    Protect and Support- Made mainly of cellulose(strong material)- Found only in plant cells

  • Cell Membrane: Window Screen- Inside cell wall(plant cells)- Outer covering (animal cells)* Controls what substances come into and out of a cell

  • - Looking Inside Cells

  • - Looking Inside CellsNucleus

  • Nucleus-Control CenterBrain of Cell-Directs all of thecells activities

    Nuclear Envelope: -Protects the nucleus-Allows materials in and out(like cell membrane)

  • Chromatin: Contain genetic material(instructions for the cells)Responsible for cell growth anddivision

    Nucleolus: Produces ribosomes

  • - Looking Inside Cells

  • LysosomesClean-up Crew

    Contain chemicals to breakdown foodDigest large food particlesand old cell partsMainly in Animal Cells

  • - Looking Inside Cells

  • VacuolesStorage TanksStore food and waterStore wastesLarge in Plant Cells andonly sometimes found inanimal cellsWHY?

  • MitochondrionPowerhouse of the CellMitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell because they convert energy in food molecules to energy the cell can use to carry out its functions.- Looking Inside Cells

  • ChloroplastsCapture energy fromsunlightSite of PHOTOSYNTHESISFound only in PLANT CELLSGreen

  • - Looking Inside Cells

  • RibosomesProtein Factories

    Produced in __________Attach to ER or go to theGolgi bodies

  • Endoplasmic ReticulumThe endoplasmic reticulum is similar to the system of hallways in a building. Proteins and other materials move throughout the cell by way of the endoplasmic reticulum. The spots on this organelle are ribosomes, which produce proteins.- Looking Inside Cells

  • Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)Transportation System of Cell

    Carries PROTEINS(and other materials)to areas in cell

  • Golgi BodyThe Golgi bodies receive proteins and other newly formed materials from theendoplasmic reticulum,package them,and distribute themto other parts of the cell.- Looking Inside Cells

  • Golgi BodiesMail RoomReceive proteins and other materials from the ERPackage the materialsSends materials to other parts of the cell (OR outside of the cell)

  • - Looking Inside Cells

  • - RespirationTwo Stages of RespirationDuring respiration, cells break down simple food molecules such as sugar and release the energy they contain.

  • - RespirationPhotosynthesis and RespirationYou can think of photosynthesis and respiration as opposite processes.



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