Camarena Elementary School 1 st Grade Back to School Night

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Camarena Elementary School 1 st Grade Back to School Night. 1 st Grade Team. Maestra Sandoval Rm. 301 Maestra Barrett Rm. 302 Mrs. Jackson Rm. 303 Ms. Lidstone Rm. 304 Mrs. Larson Rm. 408. Its All About Team Work!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Camarena Elementary School1st Grade Back to School Night</p> <p>1st Grade TeamMaestra Sandoval Rm. 301</p> <p>Maestra Barrett Rm. 302</p> <p>Mrs. Jackson Rm. 303</p> <p>Ms. Lidstone Rm. 304</p> <p>Mrs. Larson Rm. 408</p> <p>Its All About Team Work!The 1st grade team at Camarena strives to work effectively as a team and we are teaching your children to do so as well.All 1st grade students will be intermixed to rotate classrooms for 30 minutes per day Monday ThursdayImmersion students will receive English instructionStudents in English classes will receive instruction in various subjectsContent area instruction (reading, math, science, social studies) willbe the same in both English and Dual Immersion classroomsAll academic decisions will be made as a team to ensure academicequity for all studentsVolunteers may be asked to help prepare materials for all classrooms in our grade level</p> <p>Common CoreCommon Core Standards are nation wide standards focused on College Readiness. All standards build upon each grade level from K-High School. They are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world:</p> <p>Language ArtsMathVocabulary developmentAuthentic WritingListening and SpeakingConversationsFocus on researchCollaborative WorkReading 50% Non-fiction text and 50% Fiction Asking questions</p> <p>More time to master major conceptsReal world problem solvingBuilds rather than cyclesWhat and Why?Attend to precisionModel and constructArgument and Critique others reasonsScience/ Social StudiesStudents explore, discuss, learn and apply Language Arts and Math concepts to understand science and social studies topics.</p> <p>Add/ Subtract within 20Understand tens/onesMeasureTell TimeGraphsShapes and Attributes8 Mathematical PracticesMath</p> <p>Sample of Math</p> <p>Reading and Writing</p> <p>OpinionNarrativeExpositoryRead with 60 wpm, 95% accuracy and 80% ComprehensionAsk and answer questions using their text</p> <p>Sample of Reading</p> <p>Sample of Reading in Spanish</p> <p>OpinionNarrativeExpositorySample of Writing</p> <p>OpinionNarrativeExpositorySample of Writing in Spanish</p> <p>Science- Next Generation Standards</p> <p>Essential Preparation for all careers in the modern workforce and scientific and technological literacy for an educated societyStandardsWaves and their applications in technologiesEarths place in the UniverseEngineering SystemsFrom Molecule to OrganismHeredity: Inheritance and variation of traits</p> <p>Technology GoalsFoundational Skills: care of devices, how to share, basic operations, keyboarding skills, use of specific apps</p> <p>Internet Safety: Common Sense Media Curriculum</p> <p>Information Management: Internet search &amp; collecting resources</p> <p>Content Creation: Publish writing, video presentations</p> <p>Common Sense Media</p> <p>Unit 1 Going Places Safely ABC Searching Keep It Private My Creative Work Sending Email</p> <p>Unit 2Staying Safe OnlineFollow the Digital TrailScreen Out the MeanUsing KeywordsSites I Like</p> <p>Unit 3Powerful PasswordsThings for SaleMy Online CommunityShow Respect OnlineWriting Good Emails</p> <p>Suggested Apps</p> <p>My Story</p> <p>Juicy Math</p> <p>Numerate</p> <p>Parent Conferences</p> <p>Mandatory parent-teacher conferences occur at the end of the first and third quarters. Parent-teacher conferences are a time to celebrate what your child can do and reflect on the learning that is taking place.This is a great opportunity for you and your childs teacher to look at progress and growth that is being made in the classroom as well as next steps for targeted academic needs.Parents are strongly encouraged to come prepared with any questions/concerns/ideas that will help the further the students progress.If a translator will be needed, please let your childs teacher know so that appropriate accommodations can be made in advance.First conference window: September 12th September 20th</p> <p>Homework</p> <p>Homework</p> <p>Snack vs. Lunch</p> <p>Please pack one small, healthy snack for your child each day.It should be small enough for your child to eat in 10 minutes and fit into a sandwich bag. Example; string cheese, baby carrots, apple slices, pretzels, banana, crackers. (Cookies, candy and chips are not healthy snacks.)</p> <p>Note: It is best to keep snacks separate from lunches.</p> <p>Please also make sure that your child can open all snacks and that everything is labeled.</p> <p>Volunteers</p> <p>Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated.A current TB test is required by the office prior to volunteeringIf you help more than two days per week in the classroom, you will need to pay $52 fee for Livescan which includes finger printingVolunteers may be asked to copy or prepare materials for the grade levelTalk to your childs teacher about working in the classroom as well. This may include helping students practice reading, writing, or math skills. Discuss availability of days/times with the teacher.Thank you for your time and effort! You can make a BIG difference in the students learning.</p> <p>Communication</p> <p>If you have any questions, you can send us an email, or we can schedule an appointment.</p> <p>Reminder: DI Teachers wont speak English if students are present.</p> <p>Nombre________________________</p> <p>48Mi mam</p> <p>Mi mam me ama. Yo amo a mi mam. Mi mam me ama mucho. Mi mam me ayuda. Mi mam me ayuda con mi tarea. Yo amo mucho a mi mam. Ella es buena.</p> <p>Tiempo_____</p> <p>Palabras </p> <p>correctas___/36</p> <p>Creado por: A. Sandoval 06</p> <p>Nombre________________________</p> <p>74Castillos de arena</p> <p>A Sergio le gusta mucho hacer castillos de arena. El hace los castillos de arena en la playa. Cada verano su familia va a la playa. Sergio siempre se divierte en la playa porque hace sus castillos de arena. El trae sus botes y cucharas grandes para formar el castillo. Sergio esta lleno de mucha arena. A el no le importa porque esta feliz. A ti te gusta hacer castillos de arena? Quisieras ir a la playa?</p> <p>Tiempo_____</p> <p>Palabras </p> <p>correctas___/77Creado por: A. Sandoval 06</p>


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