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CALSTART Current Sept/Oct 2012


  • Events Calendar

    September 18-20, 2012 HTUF 2012 Charlotte, NC Contact: Megan Maguire 303-503-2287 or

    Sept 25, 2012 EV Initiative Meeting Contact: Whitney Pitkanen 626-744-5600 or

    Oct 30-Nov 1, 2012 US-China Clean Truck & Bus Forum Summit Beijing, China Contact: Susan Romeo 626-744-5686 or

    Dec 3, 2012 CALSTARTs 20th Anniversary


    Los Angeles, CA Contact: Susan Romeo 626-744-5686 or

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    HTUF 2012: A Must -Attend Event P.1

    Member Spotlight: A123 P.2

    Show Me the Money P.2

    Member Spotlight: TM4 P.3

    US-China Summit P.4

    Frito-Lay Leads the Way P.5

    Electrifying Goal P.5

    Folding Bikes for Pasadena P.6

    California Policy P.6

    S e p t e m b e r / O c t o b e r 2 0 1 2

    Significant changes have taken place in

    the advanced truck marketplace and it

    can be a confusing roller coaster ride

    trying to keep up. The shift to greener

    commercial trucks began primarily with

    concerns, mandates and funding

    surrounding emissions, but more and

    more the shift is also about driving

    down risk mitigating the risk that

    comes from increasingly volatile and

    unpredictable fuel prices. Whether the primary concern is about

    emissions or mitigating fuel risk, HTUF

    2012 National Conference & Expo will

    provide a one-stop shop for fleet and industry professionals looking to make

    intelligent business decisions on

    vehicles, strategies and partners. The HTUF Conference & Expo,

    September 18-20 in Charlotte, will feature the latest real-world market demand data for hybrid and electric

    trucks, numerous technical sessions

    dedicated to fleet education, policy

    updates and the latest funding and

    incentive information did you know

    theres over $60 million available to

    help buy advanced trucks, right now?

    HTUF 2012 also offers over 50,000 sq.

    feet of technology exhibits and vehicle

    displays, networking opportunities and

    the first advanced truck Ride and Drive

    on a professional speedway track.

    Hands on experience, and a little fun,

    too! The advanced truck industry is a rapidly

    changing landscape. New, lower-cost models are coming to market. Industry

    partnerships are resulting in new

    capabilities. And, with new incentive

    programs, the upfront cost of new

    trucks continues to decrease. HTUF

    2012 will provide the knowledge and

    tools to navigate the advanced truck

    arena, including creative financing

    options and business case calculators

    for hybrid and electric trucks. (HTUF 2012, Continued on Pg 4)

    HTUF 2012 a Users Forum Providing Hands-on

    Tools for Fleets and Industry

  • A123 Systems: Leading Provider of Lithium Ion Battery Technology

    A123 Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: AONE) is a leading

    developer and manufacturer of advanced lithium

    iron phosphate batteries and energy storage systems

    for transportation, electric grid and commercial

    applications. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in

    Waltham, Massachusetts, A123 currently employs

    more than 2,300

    people globally. The companys



    technology is built

    on novel


    materials initially

    developed at the


    Institute of

    Technology and is

    designed to deliver a

    unique combination of

    high power and energy

    density, increased safety

    and long calendar and

    cycle life. A123 leverages

    breakthrough technology, vertically integrated

    manufacturing and expert systems integration

    capabilities to deliver innovative solutions that

    enable customers to commercialize their next-generation products.

    A123 is the leading

    provider of lithium ion

    battery technology to

    the commercial vehicle

    market, where

    customers include

    Daimler, Tata Motors,

    BAE Systems, Smith

    Electric Vehicles and

    others. For additional information please visit

    S e p t e m b e r / O c t o b e r 2 0 1 2 P ag e 2

    California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck

    and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) Year three has begun with more products than

    ever. Receive up to $65,000 for the purchase of

    hybrid and plug-in trucks and buses. And receive up to an additional $30,000 per vehicle for vehicles in

    the San Joaquin Valley. Funding is limited to first come, first served. Contact: or call 888-457-4847.

    More funding opportunities are available at

    Show Me the Money... FTA Solicits

    Project Proposals for Bus & Bus Facilities Funding

    $13.5 million FTA funds are available for fuel cell bus

    project proposals. Funds require 50 percent non-Federal cost share with CALSTART being one of

    three non-profits with which to partner. Contact by September 7: Dr. Larry Wnuk, Senior

    Director of CALSTARTs Hydrogen Program, at

    A123s battery is

    designed to deliver

    high power and

    energy density.

  • to interface with standard rear differentials

    without the need for an intermediate gearbox.

    Moreover, they are matched with TM4s new high

    voltage controllers delivering the industrys

    highest specific power and current densities. Just a few of TM4s many customers include Volvo

    Trucks, Nova Bus, PSA, Prestolite Electric Beijing

    and Tata Motors. Recently, TM4 invested in an automated

    production line, with an annual output of up to

    10,000 systems to meet growing demands. This February, TM4

    and Prestolite

    Electric Beijing

    Limited (PEBL)

    entered into an

    agreement for the

    creation of a sino-foreign equity joint

    venture company

    named Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems

    (Beijing) Limited (PEPS). Plans are to make first

    delivers of their electric traction systems for trucks

    and buses in 2013, targeting clients in the Peoples

    Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia,

    Philippines and the rest of ASEAN countries.

    TM4 is also excited about their involvement in a

    public-private project in Quebec to develop electric buses for the international mass-transportation market. The goal is to produce two

    different size aluminum electric-bus models to be developed by Nova Bus, TM4 and others.

    For more information, go to or

    contact Olivier Bernatchez, Sales and Marketing

    Coordinator, 450-645-1444, x 374 or

    Spun off by Hydro-Quebec in 1998, TM4 pioneered the electric propulsion system technology developed

    by Hydro-Qubec's renowned research centre (IREQ). Today, TM4 provides its customers with

    distinctive expertise in leveraging its permanent

    magnet, power electronics and control technology

    to enhance the performance of electric and hybrid

    transport applications. TM4 contributes to the

    highest possible energy conversion efficiencies due

    to their expertise in thermal management, coil

    winding, outer-rotor topology, and motor and inverter control algorithms.

    TM4 has developed its SUMO line of powertrain

    specifically for the medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle markets. SUMO says it all: big, strong and when they move, they are efficient. These

    motors are high torque/low speed and are designed

    S e p t e m b e r / O c t o b e r 2 0 1 2 P ag e 3

    More Efficient, Reliable and Simply Better: TM4 New Solutions for EV and HEV Buses

    New for TM4 in 2012:

    Joint venture to deliver

    electric tractions systems

    to Southeast Asian


    Public private project to

    develop electric buses in


  • S e p t e m b e r / O c t o b e r 2 0 1 2 P ag e 4

    (HTUF 2012, Continued from Pg 1)

    With a discounted fleet registration rate of only $249,

    fleet professionals cannot afford to miss this


    Thanks to our generous sponsors and media

    partners: Allison Transmission, BAE Systems, Duke

    Energy, Freightliner Trucks, Hino Trucks, Southern

    Company, Parker Hannifin, Wrightspeed, Altec,

    Chrysler Group Fleet, Coca-Cola, Eaton, Emerald Automotive, Johnson Controls, Mack Trucks,

    Odyne, Phoenix


    Siemens and

    Remy Electric,

    ShowTimes, Fleet


    Fleet Owner, Green Biz, NGT News, Utility Fleet

    Professional and Waste Advantage Magazine. Visit to register today.

    Sponsorship and Exhibit opportunities are available.

    For sponsorship, contact Kimberly Taylor at For exhibits, contact Megan

    Maguire ( or Jackie

    Lanning (

    US-China Summit Informative Exchange

    Awaits Attendees







    attendees at

    the CALSTART


    Clean Truck

    and Bus Summit, October 30-November 1, in

    Beijing, China. Check out the agenda and prepare

    yourself for an international Summit not to be