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National Crime Prevention Issue


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    N AT I O N A L C R I M E P R E V E N T I O N M O N T H

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    OCTOBER 2010 VOL. 2 ISSUE 5

    Inside this issue...


    hlward@bakerlafire.orgFROM THE PUBLISHERLee National Denim Day

    CYBERBULLYINGStop it before it starts


    FIREWATCH WITH HOWARD WARDNational Fire Prevention Month

    IS YOUR HOMES POWER SECURED?Automatic Standby Generators

    WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITEWhen to call a professional

    COOKING WITH MEMEQuick Melon basket



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    Join Us In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

    Join Certified Alarm Systems in the fight against breast cancer.

    Help us reach our $500 Goal!

    Donate at our Denham Springs

    location to receive a free pink ribbon


    Donate online

    Learn more at Team ID: 236532, Coordinator: Mandy Quartz

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    from the publisher

    One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Thats a startling statistic. But since 1996, Lee National Denim Day has raised nearly $80 million for the fight against breast cancer ... $5 at a time.

    On Denim Day, October 8, Certified Alarm Systems & Home Theaters will be joining together for a very special casual Friday to help Lee National Denim Day celebrate 15 years of fighting breast cancer. Certified employees are gearing up to participate in this grassroots program which has raised more than $80 million for breast cancer research by simply asking the nation to put on their jeans for a $5 donation to the Womens Cancer Programs of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF).

    This year, Lee National Denim Day is proud to partner with the Cancer Support Community, an international non-profit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people affected by cancer.

    Funds raised from participation in Denim Day will support: Groundbreaking research at Lee Translational

    Laboratories nationwide to find less toxic, more effective treatments.

    Development of an early detection blood test in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery Project.

    Cancer Support Community centers nationwide which provide emotional and social support to cancer patients and their families.

    We Protect The Things You Cant Replace. Our employees are always interested in participating in more charitable events says Jan & Rusty Howard, owners of Certified Alarm Systems & Home Theaters. Lee National Denim Day is easy and fun to do. Everyone gets to wear jeans to work in exchange for a

    $5 donation and the money helps fight breast cancer, a cause that is very important to many of our employees.

    Certified employees will add their own flavor to Lee National Denim Day by encouraging online and in office donation collections to commemorate their fundraising accomplishments and further the message of the importance of early


    We are more grateful every year at the number of organizations like

    Certified Alarm Systems & Home Theaters, who come together across the country and donate to make this grassroots program a continued success, said Liz Cahill, Vice President of Marketing Communications for Lee Jeans. This year as we celebrate our 15th anniversary, wed like to thank all the companies and people across the nation that has continued to participate in Lee National Denim Day and helped us contribute more than $80 million in the fight against breast cancer.

    For questions about EIFs Womens Cancer Programs and information about breast

    cancer, visit, or call 800-426-0010.

    Learn more at Team ID: 236532, Coordinator: Mandy Quartz

    Certified Employees help celebrate 15th Annual Lee National Denim Day

    Donate Online at

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    Stay InTouch with your alarmYou trust your security system to be on duty 24/7. But wouldnt you like to know whats happe-ning even when youre away from your home or business? With Certified Alarms new InTouch Technology, you will know instantly about any alarms or important security system events via text message or email, and control your alarm system by sending simple text messages.

    Arm/disarm your system, control outputs, retrieve system status, and perform other functions right from your cell phone. Each command received by the panel is acknowledged back to you via return text message and email for verification of command. Receive both text and email messages from your alarm system, delivered to three selected destinations.

    24/7 PROTEXTION For more information about InTouch Messaging from Certified Alarm Systems & Hometheaters, please visit us online at or call 225-928-7867.

    Security Management is Now Only a Txt Msg Away!

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    Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.

    Thats what Mom said when you complain about being teased in the 2nd grade. Now, however the teasing has gone far beyond schoolyard taunts and onto the Internet, as cyberbullying or bullying others through electronic means, has taken hold among tweens and young teens. Cyberbullying is a different issue than regular bullying because its everywhere. You come home and its there. Its on your phone - people are sending you cruel text messages. Anywhere from one-third to one-half of children say that they are experiencing this. The Internet gives children an increasing ability to do this cliquey behavior. The potential danger of cyberbulling was made evident last year when a 13-year-old Missouri girl committed suicide after repeatedly becoming the victim of an Internet hoax, perpetrated by several people (among them the mother of a peer). The mother was indicted for fradulently using a MySpace account. Even individuals who study cyberbullying were shocked by this case. Cyberbullying is a problem that affects almost half of all American teens. Whether youve been a victim of cyberbullying, know someone who has been cyberbullied, or have even cyberbullied yourself, there are steps you and your friends can take to stop cyberbullying and stay cyber-safe.

    How Are Teens Cyberbullied?Being a victim of cyberbullying can be a common and painful experience. Some youth who cyberbully:

    Pretend they are other people online to trick others

    Spread lies and rumors about victims

    Trick people into revealing personal information

    Send or forward mean text messages

    Post pictures of victims without their consent

    When teens were asked why they think others cyberbully, 81 % said that cyberbullies

    think its funny.

    Other teens believe that youth who cyberbully:

    Dont think its a big deal Dont think about the

    consequences Are encouraged by friends Think everybody cyberbullies Think they wont get caught

    How Do Victims React?Contrary to what cyberbullies may believe, cyberbullying is a big deal, and can cause a variety of reactions in teens. Some teens have reacted in positive ways to try to prevent cyberbullying by

    Blocking communication with the cyberbully

    Deleting messages without reading them

    Talking to a friend about the bullying