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  • CARRIGROHANE UNION OF PARISHESCARRIGROHANE UNION OF PARISHESSt Peters, Carrigrohane St Senans, Inniscarra The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney

    SPANSPAN Autumn Edition 2009Autumn Edition 2009

    Dear Friends,

    Ive been hearing voices during the summer. No dont getworried, the strain of moving house and parish has not leftme unhinged! Thankfully, all the kindness we have receivedhas reduced the stress levels! These voices have beengentle but also strong and powerful, saying look beyond.The mouth pieces have been two courageous women, JackiePullinger and Carol Hathorne.

    Jackie will be familiar to many, for her remarkable call to theWalled City of Hong Kong and to working with drug addictsand the destitute. In particular her emphasis on the ministryof the Spirit and praying in tongues to help drug addicts facecold turkey, has led to nothing short of miraculous changes.Jackies voice was akin to an Old Testament prophet at therecent New Wine conference in Sligo, exhorting us to getinvolved with mission. Her message was powerful and un-equivocal and while she spoke from the authority of experi-ence, it was however difficult to connect it with our Irishsituation. But loud and clear the voice came, to lookbeyond.

    Carol Hathornes voice came in her book The AccidentalChurch, a chance buy in the bargain stall at the Footprintsbookshop. It tells the simple story of an initiative by an Angli-can church in the Midlands of England to reach out to brokenlives in their community. Bathed in prayer that carried themthrough the highs and lows and equipped them to take on theenemy, they opened a drop-in-centre, serving coffee andchip butties on a Wednesday morning, that soon became asafe place for druggies and individuals whose lives had beendevastated by their addiction. With the grace before theirmeal developing into a simple act of worship it becamechurch for those who wouldnt have dreamed of attendinga Sunday morning service. In fact some of the sternestopposition came from the regulars typified by one parish-ioner who;in his candid opinion, clergy should do what they were overpaidand luxuriously housed to do; namely to take care of the cure ofsouls in their parishes and not leave their church buildings opento the mercy of all the thieves and layabouts of the neighbour-hood!Undeterred, slowly but surely, lives miraculously changed andThe Accidental Church was born because some took a lookbeyond.

    Here is a story that is an inspiration to even the most feinthearted of believers, all the more so as we are blessed withoutward looking congregations. The needs may be different.The means may change reaching out with chip butties maynot be the preferred choice! But God has plans for Hischurch. We just need to hear and be obedient to Godsvoice, however loudly or softly, saying to us, look beyond.Every blessing in Christ,

    Yours Ian

    1st Sunday of each month 9.00am, St Peters, withcoffee in the Parish Centre from 10.30 followed byUnited Celebration of Worship at 11am in the Centre

    Other Sundays 9.00amSt Peters, Carrigrohane; 10.00amSt Peters, Carrigrohane; 11.00amThe Church of the Resurrection, Blarney; 11.30am on 2nd & 4th Sundays in Inniscarra; 7.30pmOpen to God informal worship in the

    Church of the Resurrection, Blarney

    Our Harvest Celebration this yearwill be on Sunday 18th October at11am in St Peters, Carrigrohaneandwill be followed by a hot dog lunch inthe Parish Centre.

    See elsewhere in Span for details ofThe Lighthousemessy church in Blarney on Sept 20th, Oct18th, Nov 15th & Dec 13th from 4-5.30pm.

    Any Sunday that you need to confirm the location and time ofservices, please consult the website:

    www.carrigrohaneunionofparishes.ieor telephone the parish office on 4877260. We change the

    answer machine message at the beginning of each weekand in-clude the times of the services for the following Sunday.

    The Wednesday morning house group plan to meet inthe parish centre fortnightly beginning on 9th Sept.Coffee/tea at 11am; discussion 11.30 12.30. On the 9th

    we plan to discuss What is the Church for to-day.

    The Tuesday evening house group will continue meet-ing at 8pm in Cyrils house until the middle of September.Well then be moving to the meeting room of the ParishCentre. Were doing a practical and challenging series onChristian Love.

    The Wednesday evening house group meets in Dean &Mary Venables house at 8pm.

    The Friday evening house group meets fortnightly inHelen Burkes house at 8pm.

    Growth Group will be meeting Thursday evenings inthe Church of the Resurrection, Blarney beginning on17th September. New members very welcome!

    Please talk to Ian, Ruth or a House Group host if youd like tojoin a group.

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  • In how many languages can you saygood afternoon

    Dzien doby; Hola; Kusweele; Labdien; Bonjour; Dobar dan; Naharak;Sawat-dii torn bai... good afternoon !

    These are just a few of the greetings you might hear if you were tobe at the Cork YMCA on Tuesday afternoons when Ninos meets.Ninos was set up 3 years ago as a place for second level students forwhom English is not their first language to meet, socialize, improvetheir language skills and do their homework. Since its inception overone hundred teenagers have benefited from the 3-hour weekly ses-sions, which start at 4pm with a time for the young people to chillout, have some food and drink, play table football or board games,and of course chat in a myriad of different languages. At 5pm thefocus turns to English, and with the help of about 6 staff and volun-teers everyone breaks up into smaller groups for discussion. Thetheme of the discussion varies each week sometimes it is plannedin advance allowing the young people to do some research into atopic, sometimes it is spontaneous around a subject that has been inthe media, and sometimes it involves games or crafts. Whatever theactivity however, the only language that can be spoken is English, andeveryone from the newest, shyest arrival to the most outgoing Leav-ing Cert student is encouraged to participate and develop their confi-dence at speaking in a language that is not their mother tongue. Afterabout 45 minutes there is a short break followed by an hour of quiethomework time with support from the volunteers (who often end uplearning things themselves!) or further English instruction from aqualified teacher. Over the years many friendships have developedbetween the young people and the volunteers, and there have been anumber of spin-off activities such as film nights, day trips and contri-butions to local festivals.

    Having spent 5 months this year living in a country where I oftenstruggled to communicate in a language that did not come naturallyto me, my admiration for these young people, some of whom arrivein Ireland with no English, has risen enormously. Having been in thissituation myself, I am now so much more aware of the importance ofnot only providing opportunities for improving language skills in thecountry of residence, but also meeting up with others who speak thesame language as yourself. The social aspect of the club is as impor-tant as the educational, and the appeal of Ninos is such that youngpeople come from a wide area around Cork city, they bring theirfriends, and even when they have left school they keep coming backfor more.

    But success does bring with it problems particularly in guarantee-ing a large enough pool of volunteers to be able to provide suitableactivities for the large number of young people who want to come(typically 30-40 per evening and at times some have been turnedaway). If you feel that you could give up even one hour on a Tuesdayevening on a semi-regular basis then wed love to hear from you you dont have to have skills at Leaving Cert maths and physics, nordo you need to think of activities to do during the discussion ses-sions. The most important thing that you can bring is yourself, yourenthusiasm, your interest in young people and a willingness to en-courage them to grow and develop while they are resident in Ireland.And at the end of the session youll go home feeling uplifted and in-spired and maybe even knowing a few words in another language!

    If you would like to know more about Ninos or would be inter-ested in volunteering please email me at or phoneme at 086 2145058.

    Fiona Cawkwell

    Summer Lunches

    The Parish Centre was a lovely venue for thetwo Special Summer Lunches which were enjoyedby about 38 people - and raised 700 euro for Moth-ers' Union. Thank you so much for that generousdonation - which will be very well spent! I've justhad a letter from two young members of Mothers'Union staff who are travelling in Rwanda, Sudan,Uganda and Kenya to meet people who are involvedin the MU Parenting Programme. They say,

    'The issue of trust is huge in Rwanda even though it'sbeen 15 years since the 1994 genocide. The trauma andmistrust is still there and in some places is still deeprooted. It is therefore so encouraging to hear how ena-bling people to come together to talk about parentingissues and bringing up children has been such a unitingfactor and a catalyst for renewed trust within the groupsand is enabling reconciliation to be obtained...Many of theparticipants we have met are genocide survivors withmost having lost numerous family members includingspouses and children. One particular woman spoke ofhow she had struggled as a widow to raise her six chil-dren for all these years and had even contemplated sui-cide as she could see no other way out. That was untilshe joined an MU parenting group and met others insimilar situations who were willing to support her andshare her burden. So s


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