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Burlingame Hoover School Attendance Area


  • Burlingame School District BSD/Hoover Student Attendance Areas

    June 9, 2015

  • Process

    Town Hall Meetings

    April 21, 2015

    May 18, 2015

    Input used to create three options for Hoover attendance area

  • Summary of Town Hall Meetings

    Share process for opening a new school

    Describe District parameters for determining BSD/Hoover Student Attendance Area

    Gather input from BSD community

  • Hoover Today

  • Decisions for Opening a New School

    Hoover Students

    First year

    K-4 versus K-5

    Numbers of students a concern

    Two transitions

    Community building

  • Decisions for Opening a New School


    All those in Hoover Area

    5th Graders stay



  • BSD/Hoover Attendance Areas

    Lines show the school student attendance areas

    Dots plot the students

    Parameters= student #, neighborhood school, relieve crowding at Franklin, growth for the future

  • FranklinLincoln


    Roosevelt McKinley Washington

  • BSD Current Enrollment

    School Site Enrollment Capacity

    Franklin 609 560

    Lincoln 499 560

    McKinley 526 583

    Roosevelt 341 358

    Washington 342 358

  • Attendance Area All 3 Options

  • Attendance Area Option A

  • Attendance Area Option B

  • Attendance Area Option C

  • Attendance Area Option D

    Final Draft for Hoover Student Attendance Area

  • Opening up a New School..

    Teacher Transfers

    9-10 openings at Hoover

    Posting for teachers at all school sites

    Teacher Interviews (mix of teachers)

    Open positions in the district for teacher transfer

  • Building the Hoover School Community

    Creation of student groups & parent groups

    Traffic Drop off and Pick up

    School Colors and Mascot

    School Mission and Vision

    School Philosophy & Rules

    Safety Emergency Plans

  • In closing.

    We look forward to the opening of Hoover School in fall 2016-2017

    Board Approval June 23, 2015 Board Meeting

  • Any questions or comments, please contact Maggie MacIsaac, Superintendent

    Mmacisaac@burlingameschools.org(650) 259-3800


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