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Fresh from eTail West 2012! Here are five specific ways for businesses to grow their enterprise SEO traffic and sales, complete with actionable takeaways. You'll learn what moves the meter -- and what doesn't -- when it comes to organic search. See examples of real SEO work at REI and the results it produced. Find out what to measure in order to track your progress and understand how SEO data can feed into your larger cross-channel customer experience. You can learn more about Jonathon Colman at


<p>TITLE</p> <p>Specific Ways to Build Your Enterprise SEO Traffic and Sales</p> <p>5</p> <p>5</p> <p>Jonathon ColmanTwitter @jcolmanIn-House SEO for</p> <p>2</p> <p>CREATE ORIGINAL CONTENT</p> <p>1.</p> <p>1.</p> <p>Photo Sukisuki on Flickr. Source:</p> <p>3</p> <p>CREATE ORIGINAL CONTENT</p> <p>FOCUS: Increase rankings and portfolio diversity for traffic-driving keywordsOriginal, relevant product information that adds value and solidifies your brand</p> <p>s, descriptions, on-page copyLanding pages for categories, brands, and search resultsNew value-added content your customers can use to enjoy the products you sell</p> <p>Source: Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Running Shoes at on</p> <p>Lets look at a standard REI product page</p> <p>Source: Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Running Shoes at on</p> <p>Thats nearly 250 words of branded, original, unique, relevant content what search engines need!</p> <p>Source: How to Choose Barefoot / Minimalist Running Shoes at on</p> <p>This article on our site draws qualified traffic from over 1,800 individual keyphrases every week.</p> <p>MINIMIZE DUPLICATION</p> <p>2.</p> <p>2.</p> <p>Photo leg0fenris on Flickr. Source:</p> <p>MINIMIZE DUPLICATION</p> <p>FOCUS: Rank higher and increase trafficDuplicate content = the same content at two different URLsA likely warning signal for Panda algorithmYou have enough competition without competing with yourself!Solutions: rel=canonical, rel=prev/next, 301 redirects, setting default domain, selective blocking of crawlers, and more</p> <p>Duplicate content waters down your rankings for competitive keywords, reducing your traffic and conversion.</p> <p>Source: Google Webmaster Tools reporting</p> <p>4 TOOLS FOR DUPLICATE CONTENT</p> <p>Use rel=canonical to point from a duplicate back to the authoritative version of the content used for exact duplicatesUse rel=prev/next to handle paginated content, such as a large search result set301 redirect from deprecated content or near duplicates to authoritative versionsSet your preferred domain to avoid duplication at the domain level</p> <p>Using these tactics, we reduced duplicate content on by 96% Y/Y, driving increased traffic to authoritative content.</p> <p>Source: Google Webmaster Tools reporting</p> <p>GO FAST OR GO HOME</p> <p>3.</p> <p>3.</p> <p>Photo ShootNFish on Flickr. Source:</p> <p>GO FAST OR GO HOME</p> <p>FOCUS: Increase your conversionGoogle uses speed as a search ranking factor for the most competitive queriesThis can drive more traffic and associated sales, but site speed has a much larger impact than just SEO</p> <p>Source: Google, Matt Cutts [via Search Engine Land]</p> <p>Customers expect your web site to load in 2 seconds or less.</p> <p>2</p> <p>Source: Forrester/Akamai [via GetElastic]</p> <p>15</p> <p>40% of customers will abandonany site that takes longer than3 seconds to load.</p> <p>3</p> <p>Source: Forrester/Akamai [via GetElastic]</p> <p>16</p> <p>The average Fortune 500 company web site takes 7 seconds to load.</p> <p>7</p> <p>Source: Andrew Davies, Web Performance: A Whistlestop Tour</p> <p>17</p> <p>For every 1 second of load time, conversion drops by 7%.</p> <p>7% </p> <p>Source: Strangeloop</p> <p>For every 1 second of load time, user satisfaction drops by 16%.</p> <p>16% </p> <p>Source: Strangeloop</p> <p>A faster site reduces the costs of infrastructure and releasesby 50% or more.</p> <p>Source: Shopzilla [via OReilly]</p> <p>50% </p> <p>REIS RESULTS:A 50% decrease in the time it took for Google to crawl an average page</p> <p>Source: Google Webmaster Tools reporting</p> <p>REIS RESULTS:A 100% increase in the amount of total pages Google crawled per day</p> <p>Source: Google Webmaster Tools reporting</p> <p>REIS RESULTS:In 2011, we saved customers 22 years of time by speeding up</p> <p>Source: Google Webmaster Tools reporting</p> <p>TOOLS TO SPEED UP YOUR SITE</p> <p>Yahoo and Google best practicesGoogle Webmaster Tools speed reportSite speed data in Google AnalyticsGoogles Page Speed Online toolYahoos YSlow browser toolWebPageTest, Pingdom test suites</p> <p>BE META, NOT JUST </p> <p>4.</p> <p>4.</p> <p>Photo sarah0s on Flickr. Source:</p> <p>BE META, NOT JUST </p> <p>FOCUS: Increase traffic and conversionStructure product search results into faceted navigation to allow for filteringStructure product, store, event, author, video, recipe, and other data for Rich Snippets in search engine resultsIncrease findability and interoperability at the same time</p> <p>Source: Sleeping Bags at on</p> <p>Use product metadata to structure search results for your categories into faceted navigation.</p> <p>Source: Sleeping Bags at on</p> <p>Facets help users narrow down their searches and provide niche results for search engine crawlers.</p> <p>WHICH WOULD YOU CLICK ON?</p> <p>RESULTS:Rich Snippets can drive up to +30% more clicks over standard search results</p> <p>Structured data makes you more findable in verticals, such as local search.</p> <p>TOOLS FOR RICH SNIPPETS</p> <p>Googles guide to Rich SnippetsMicrodata: standard used by Google, Bing, and YahooMicroformats: hProduct for products, hCard for people and locations, and hCalendar for eventsRDFa: GoodRelations vocabularyGoogle Merchant Center feeds</p> <p>LINK IT ALL TOGETHER</p> <p>5.</p> <p>5.</p> <p>Photo Ravages on Flickr. Source:</p> <p>LINK IT ALL TOGETHER</p> <p>FOCUS: Increase rankings and trafficDont buy links any purchasing scheme goes against Webmaster Guidelines and is Black Hat SEOEarn links to your site by providing great content, products, services, and featuresBe social to listen to and engage with your customer base and attract new followers</p> <p>Source: Paid Links (via Google Webmaster Tools)</p> <p>Dont let this happen to you.Do not buy links. Ever.</p> <p>Search engine index</p> <p>Search engines index the Web by following links to page after page of content. But most of the time, they cant find content without following a link to it.</p> <p>Strongly interlinked sitewith numerous inbound links</p> <p>New pages without links areisolated from search engines</p> <p>EARN LINKS FOR DISCOVERY</p> <p>35</p> <p>Erik</p> <p>For a search engine, links from one site to another are like a vote of confidence and trust, similar to a citation in a scientific paper. This is the original basis behind Googles PageRank.</p> <p>Page onSite A</p> <p>Page onSite B</p> <p>Link</p> <p>I trust you!</p> <p>EARN LINKS FOR TRUST</p> <p>36</p> <p>Erik</p> <p>If all else is equal, pages with more links can be said to be more authoritative because more individual sites trust and cite their content. This often translates into higher rankings.</p> <p>EARN LINKS FOR AUTHORITY</p> <p>Page on Site A</p> <p>Five inbound linksfrom external sites</p> <p>Page onSite B</p> <p>Ten inbound links= more authority</p> <p>37</p> <p>Erik</p> <p>HOW CAN YOU EARN LINKS?</p> <p>Create useful content that fulfills a customer need especially tacit needsBe original, funny, engaging, or amazingHold a contest or giveawayBe timely or relevant to a current event that your customers care aboutFeature your customers and their efforts make them feel special.</p> <p>38</p> <p>Erik</p> <p>Source: Smores at on</p> <p>Source: Backpacks infographic at on</p> <p>A customer-created video for one of our products went viral, driving awareness, links, traffic, and ranking increases.</p> <p>Source: REI Match Test video by dalemclmm at</p> <p>We rank #3 for a broad search term that doesnt use our brand or even the category. What if this was a high-margin product?</p> <p>KEY, ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS</p> <p>Photo mrjoro on Flickr. Source:</p> <p>5</p> <p>5</p> <p>5 KEY, ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS</p> <p>Create original content that meets your audiences explicit and tacit needsReduce duplicate content to stop competing with yourselfSpeed up your site to drive conversionStructure your content with metadata to make it more findable and easier to useEarn links by building great content or have customers build it for you</p> <p>MANY THANKS!</p> <p>Jonathon ColmanIn-House SEO for</p>