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This presentation outlines what you will gain from partnering with Riverport Rail.


  • 1.Build Profitable Domestic and International Business

2. 2,980 Acres of rail served property for development
Manywarehouse structures
72 Miles of high quality rail
Rail to truck, truck to rail, rail to rail, transloading services
Use shipping mode that best serves your needs
Great location for rail car storage 1,000 + cars currently on site
138 miles of roads, just short of the 160 mile drive from Chicago downtown to our location
On Mississippi River, 30 miles south of Illinois-Wisconsin line above the 500 year flood plain
Ideally located with direct access to BNSF - Domestic
and/or international shipping services
Foreign Trade Zone through ourIllinois International Trade Center
Expertise in setting up FTZ on your site if required
We work for our customers and offer win-win opportunities
3. RVPR/BNSF Our Interchange Yard at Robinson SpurLocated in Northwestern, Illinois
4. MarketsMetro Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa & More50 to 200 mile reach
5. Build your businessDomestic & International Trade
6. Regular & Thorough MaintenanceAll rail is above 500 year flood plain
7. Transloading Services
Transloading simply means moving from one mode to another (rail to truck, truck to rail, rail to rail) for the shipping mode that best suits your needs work with us, we can help.
Green commitment environmentally sensitive modes
Simplicity of transactions
International shipments - Cash flow issues
8. Transloading GrainTruck to Rail
9. Reloading Wood Power Poles on SiteLay down
10. Transloading PlasticsRail to Truck
11. Transloading SteelTruck to Rail(Truck off Camera)
12. Excellent Rail Car Storage & Services AvailableInventory or Asset ManagementSafe Secure - Great RatesStore Repair -Scrap
13. Car Repair through Rescar
14. Jack H. Bernhardt
Executive Vice President, Business Development
20 N. Wacker, Ste 3318
Chicago, Illinois 60606
C- 312-543-6491


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