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In the world of SEO, it has always been a hot discussion if link building is still given importance in the upcoming years. We found this one article on Searchenginejournal which has one complex answer. It stated two different answers - both the yes and the no. Moreover, there are 4 listed ways how to build to e-commerce website. Would you agree about this or is there anything else you would like to add? Please fee free to comment.


  • 1. Protable Ways 0 Build Links to E-COMMERCE WEBSITE There had been muc_h discussion on whether or_ not link building should be given Importance In the coming years. YES N 0 links are still valuable in the Not only building links but e es of Goo le. earnin them as well. E-Commerce Link Building - always think of your brands reputation when perlonning link acquisition build brand trust and earn the reputationireferrals through external links earn them from the right pages that are ranking Ranking Highly Converted Forum Threads -forum marketing has always been one of the ellective toms of link building -drive relevant and targeted visitors to a website -send continuous relerral visits and links to a particular website Foru m Tips Ox T D! Use simple search Use Alexa's Target lorum Become the first one to queries (intitle: lorum estimated search participants that are answer questions thut niche") visits indicator actively engaging you know you can Suppliers Retailers or ManufacturersResource Pages - one of the easiest and most productive ways to do link building these days -require some matching when looking lor resource pages -filter out results that are irrelevant, poorly designed, and have low domain Link Reclamation -one of the best ways to consistently earn links from your content marketing and branding efforts is to track existing, non-linking brand or product mentions. Some Assets from your Brand Past and Unique images Data-based Quotes by current logos of your products visuals subject experts There are a lot more ways to build links to an e-commerce website, but the most effective methods are the common ones you haven't tried before. 50 URC E: Imp: //www. searchenglne/ aurnaI. com/5-protable-ways-bulId~IInkse-comrrrercewebsltes/115465/ GRAPHICS BY: http: //seoexpertpage. com/


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