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<ul><li><p>B u d d h i s m c u lt u r e m e d i tat i o n l i f e s e p t e m B e r 2 0 1 4</p><p>j ac k ko r n f i e l d t h i c h n h at h a n h g i n a s h a r p e t h e t e ac h i n g s o f pau l n e w m a n</p><p>shambhala sun</p><p>Learn how you can benefit yourself and others by transforming anger into wisdom and compassion</p><p>The Poison TreeAn Anger Meditation in 4 Steps</p><p>How RAIN Quells the Flames of Anger</p><p>5 Mind-Training Slogansto Transform Anger</p><p>The Angry BuddhaThe Enlightened Power of No</p><p>AngerThe Wisdom of</p></li><li><p>Thich Nhat Hanh with children at Plum Village, France.pho</p><p>to</p><p> co</p><p>ur</p><p>te</p><p>sy</p><p> of</p><p> ww</p><p>w.l</p><p>an</p><p>gm</p><p>ai.</p><p>or</p><p>g</p><p>C h i l d r e n h av e a s p e C i a l p l a C e in the plum Village tradition of Buddhist teacher thich nhat </p><p>hanh. there are special practices, vows, and programs designed especially for children and teens, and </p><p>thich nhat hanh often fashions the first part of his dharma talks with them in mind. he regularly takes </p><p>questions from children, and by and large adults can identify with what they ask. children may be smaller </p><p>and younger and they may have a funny way with words, but their questions reveal that they, </p><p>like adults, are grappling with the </p><p>human condition. what follows are </p><p>real questions from children and </p><p>thich nhat hanhs insightful an-</p><p>swers from a new illustrated book, </p><p>Is Nothing Something? i always try </p><p>to give an answer that offers the best </p><p>of myself, thich nhat hanh says.</p><p> i am much older than the children </p><p>who asked these questions, but </p><p>when we sit and breathe together, </p><p>it seems that we are the same. </p><p> a n d r e a M i l l e r</p><p>Is Nothing Something?ThiCh nhaT hanh answers childrens questions.</p><p>From is nothing something? by Thich Nhat Hanh, 2014 by Unified Buddhist Church. Reprinted by arrangement with Parallax Press, Berkeley, California. </p><p>I l lu s t r at I o n s b y </p><p>j e s s I c a m c c lu r e</p><p>SHAMBHALA SUN SepteMBer 2014 SHAMBHALA SUN SepteMBer 2014 3736</p></li><li><p>Mindfulness is energy. This energy helps us enjoy what is happening</p><p>right now. Mindful energy can bring us a lot of joy. It helps us suffer</p><p>less and learn from our suffering. A good way to get some mindful</p><p>energy is to close your eyes and breathe easily. Just pay attention to</p><p>your breath. If you can enjoy your in-breath and out-breath, you are</p><p>creating mindful energy.</p><p>Yes. Nothing is something. You have an </p><p>idea in your head of nothing. You have an idea in</p><p>your head of something. Both are things that can</p><p>create either suffering or happiness.</p><p>SHAMBHALA SUN SepteMBer 2014 SHAMBHALA SUN SepteMBer 2014 3938</p></li><li><p>Sometimes the people around you are distracted and may </p><p>forget to express their love. But if you feel like no one loves you,</p><p>you can always look outside at the natural world. Do you see a </p><p>tree out there? That tree loves you. It offers its beauty and</p><p>freshness to you and gives you oxygen so you can breathe. The</p><p>Earth loves you, offering you fresh water and delicious fruit for </p><p>you to eat. The world expresses</p><p>its love in many ways, not</p><p>just with words.</p><p>To love is to discover. If you keep on </p><p>loving another person, you will keep</p><p>discovering wonderful things about that</p><p>person. You can enjoy the differences</p><p>because it would be boring if everyone </p><p>were the same. Even if the other person</p><p>has a quality that doesnt seem lovable,</p><p>you can practice loving that person </p><p>anyway, just as they are, and not how</p><p>you wish they were.</p><p>SHAMBHALA SUN SepteMBer 2014 41</p></li><li><p>Were pleased to offer you this article from the new issue of Shambhala Sun magazine. </p><p>Like what you see? Then please consider subscribing.</p><p>$6.99 US / $7.99 C</p><p>anada</p><p>Simple, powerful technique</p><p>s for real relief </p><p>from what puts you on edg</p><p>eat work, at home,</p><p>in relationships, and more. A</p><p> special section </p><p>for living in a stressed-out </p><p>world. </p><p>Always Beginners </p><p>Mind</p><p>San Francisco Zen </p><p>Center at 50</p><p>The Novelists Path </p><p>Kim Stanley Robinson, </p><p>Susan Dunlap, Cary Groner</p><p>SHAMBHALA SUN</p><p>B U D D H IS M C U L</p><p>T U R E ME D I TAT I</p><p>O N L I F E </p><p> S E P TE M B E R </p><p>2 0 1 2D I A N E A C K</p><p>E R M A N CH G YA M T</p><p>R U N G PA ON M A H A M U</p><p>D R A T H E V I R T U E S </p><p>O F B O R E DO M W A B</p><p>I S A B I</p><p>Real Peacein Times o</p><p>f Stress</p><p>abacuswealth.com/shambhala888-422-2287</p><p>GRAND OPENING NEW YORK CITY SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA LOS ANGELES PHILADELPHIA </p><p>Wed like to think he would help people dedicate more time, money and energy to what matters most, and invest in a way that reduces suffering. </p><p>Our fi nancial advice is based on Nobel-prize winning research and the Buddhist practices of awareness, simplicity, equanimity, and non-harming. </p><p>Located at Rockefeller Center, our newest offi ce is close to Wall Street. </p><p>But not too close. </p><p>How WouldBuddhaOccupyWall Steet?</p><p>$6.9</p><p>9 U</p><p>S / </p><p> $7.</p><p>99 C</p><p>anad</p><p>a</p><p>3 STEPS TO CREATIVE POWER HOW TO LIVE IN OUR TOPSY-TURVY WORLD NO-SELF 2.0</p><p> Pema Chdrn</p><p>Feminine PrincipalWomen teachers changing Buddhism</p><p>ICU for the SoulPico Iyer on the healing power of retreat</p><p>Dont Go ThereA Jewish Buddhist in Germany</p><p>B U D D H I S M C U LT U R E M E D I TAT I O N L I F E N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2 </p><p>A Greater HappinessThe compassionate life of the bodhisattva-warrior</p><p>B U D D H I S M C U LT U R E M E D I TAT I O N L I F E J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 4</p><p>RAM DASS HOW TO PRACTICE MET TA ARE YOU TRULY L ISTENING? ANYEN RINPOCHE</p><p>Joyful GivingTis always the seasonWhat Makes Us Free?Practical and profound guidance from </p><p>Jack Kornfield &amp; Joseph GoldsteinBe a Lamp Unto Yourself Unpacking the Buddhas famous exhortation</p><p>Thich Nhat HanhSit in on a transformational retreatand exclusive interviewwith this masterful teacher of Zen and mindfulness. </p><p>ABOUT USThe Shambhala Sun is more than todays most popular Buddhist-inspired magazine. Practical, accessible, and yet profound, its for people like you, who want to lead a more meaningful, caring, and awakened life.</p><p>From psychology, health, and relationships to the arts, media, and politics; we explore all the ways that Buddhist practice and insight benefit our lives. The intersection between Buddhism and culture today is rich and innovative. And its happening in the pages of the Shambhala Sun.</p><p>JOIN US ONLINEShambhalaSun.com | Facebook | Twitter</p><p>CLICK HEREto subscribe and save 50% immediately.</p>http://shambhalasun.comhttp://www.facebook.com/shambhala.sun.foundation?ref=tshttp://twitter.com/shambhalasunhttps://subscribe.pcspublink.com/sub/subscribe.aspx?guid=4d0a967a-326b-4a25-b4c0-5040d5e3871f</li></ul>


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