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<ul><li>1.Buddhist Association of Canada<br />Cham Shan Temple<br /><br />Introduction to <br />Buddhism and Meditation<br />2011/03/12<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Buddhist Association of Canada<br />Cham Shan Temple<br />nmftu<br /><br />Namo Buddha<br />nmdm <br /><br />Namo Dharma<br />nmsngqi<br /><br />Namo Sangha<br />3. Meditation<br />Towards a Liberated and Enlightened Life<br /><br />4. Walking with one object at a time<br />Breathing<br />Step<br />Counting<br />Smile<br />This can generate:<br />Mindfulness<br />Concentration <br />One-pointedness<br />Peace<br />Happiness and Appreciation.<br />5. Walking with a Phase as an object of Attention<br />NamoAmitoufo, ,Pure Land Rebirth Dhra<br />namoamitbhyatathgatyatadyathamtod-bhaveamta-siddhabhaveamta-vikrnteamta-vikrntagminigaganakrta-kresvh<br /><br />6. Walking to Find Peace<br />Practice mindfulness walking every day.<br />Lets turn every path you walk into a path of walking meditation.<br />Follow your breathing, focus on your steps and slow down your steps.<br />You will find peace and freedom on each step.<br />You will find peace around you including all beings and things you encounter on the path.<br />7. Sitting Meditation - Cultivating Mindfulness<br />To be friend with your breath.<br />Feel the air moving in and out of your nose.<br />Locate the most vivid sensations - moment by moment.<br />Rest in the awareness of breathing - outside of time.<br />Dont judge when your mind is wandering.<br />Just note what is on your mind as bystander.<br />Let the thought be part of your awareness in the moment; no need to stop it.<br />Sitting on the bank of the thought stream, listening to the gurgling but not so caught up in the torrent.<br />8. Cultivating Mindfulness<br />Remember dont fall into the thought stream and get caught up in the future (worrying, planning) and the past (remembering, blaming, pining) and in reactive and often painful emotions.<br />Just as if you are sitting on the bank of water stream with appreciation of your breathing and scenery.<br />Upon the moment of appreciation, you aware once again youre listening and seeing the dependent origination.<br />Repeat this a million times. Peace is with you.<br />9. Sustained Attention on the Present Moment<br /></p> <ul><li>The effort is directed to letting go, to developing a mind that inclines to abandoning.</li></ul> <p>10. Do not think about your work, your family, your commitments, your history, during meditation. 11. You become someone who has no history during the time that you meditate. 12. When any thought hits the wall of the 'padded cell', it does not bounce back again. 13. The reality of the silent now becomes magnificent and awesome. 14. You achieved mindfullness sustained only in the present moment.</p>


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