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  • JANUARY 2021

    BRUNING-DAVENPORT U.S.D. Kolin Haecker Superintendent Damen Kugel, Principal 106 North Juniper Ave. 340 Carroll Street Davenport, NE 68335 Bruning NE 68322 402-364-2225 402-353-4685

    BOLTS: “Building Outstanding Leaders for Tomorrow’s Society”

    F ROM THE SUPERINTENDENT: Greetings to all of the Bruning-Davenport USD patrons! Hard to believe the first semes-ter has come to an end. The days sometimes seem to be long but the weeks and months go fast. I hope all of you were able to spend time with family and friends this holiday season. We made it through the first semester without having to close down the school for any period of time due to Covid 19. Thank you community for helping us stay in school. It takes a village to raise a child, very true this first semester.

    As we begin the final semester of the school year, I want to remind all staff, parents, and students that by working together we can accomplish great things. It is essential that we dedicate ourselves to the improvement of education for all our children, and we work to keep the lines of communication open. Parents, please communicate with your child’s teachers if you have concerns. Together we can help our students be successful.

    National School Board Recognition Month is in January. Nebraska, like other states, designates a week for local recognition of the important work of school boards and their members. I’d like to publicly thank the members of the Bruning-Davenport Unified Board of Education and the two local school boards for their commitment of service to the school district.

    When you see a current board member tell them “thank you” for serving on the school board. They deserve recognition for being willing to take on this important role in the communities and to serve our students. In January the roles listed below may change with the reorganization of the three boards. Please join me in celebrating and honoring the individuals listed below for the work they have done for our children over the past year.

    Thank you to Rod Tegtmeier for his 20 years of dedication and service to the Bruning-Davenport USD School Board. His work has been appreciated. We also want to welcome Kevin Parks to the Bruning-Davenport USD School Board starting January 11, 2021. Bruning Board of Education Davenport Board of Education Ryne Philippi - President Ryan Miller - President Sarah Krehnke - Vice President Rod Tegtmeier - Vice President Sheri Norder - Secretary/Treasurer Brad Williams – Secretary/Treasurer Dan Domeier Jamie Koch Sarah Krenke Jeff Hoins Jerry Baysinger Michael Schroeder

    Bruning-Davenport Unified Board of Education Mike Schroeder - President

    Dan Domeier – Vice-President Jamie Koch – Secretary/Treasurer

    Jerry Baysinger Sarah Bolte Jeff Hoins


    Grade Name Date Grade Name Date

    4 Chase Oltmans 2

    Brooke Soukup 2

    Lynn Hanson 6

    8 Braelynn Renz 7

    10 Gavin Hintz 10

    10 Breya Trapp 11

    Sara Dierking 16

    3 Levi Tidyman 17

    Jill Rohr 17

    8 Peyton Domeier 19

    PreK Kristopher Philippi 25

    1 Addison Schoenrock 28

    PreK Tucker Hinrichs 29


    DAVID LEE is the son of David & Tracy Lee of Bruning. He has one brother Justin and a sister Mikelyn. David enjoys fishing and basketball in his spare time. He plans to join the Army National Guard and attend UNL upon graduation. David’s favorite food is pizza, his favorite TV show is Flash, his favorite song is Stay High by Juice Wrld and his favorite place to go to be alone is his room. The most influential person in his life was Jarad Higgins. “He was a guy that had a lot going on in his life and he was making music to get through it. He died at the age of 21”, says David.

    JAYDA MCCALL is the daughter of Crystal McCall and Nate Diaz. She has two sister s Jazmyne and Jaliyah and one brother Natalio. Jayda is active in One Act, basketball, track, FCCLA and NHS at B-D USD, She likes to hang out with friends and family, especially my little sister Jaliyah. Jayda plans to attend UNL and become an immi- gration lawyer. Her favorite food is Tamalas or Pupusas, her favorite TV show is American Horror Story, her favorite song is Man in the Mirror by M.J. and her favorite place to go to be alone is her room. The most influential person in her life has been her Mom. “She has taught me so much and she has been through a lot and is the strongest person I know,” says Jayda.

    F ROM THE PRINCIPAL: Well, I would like to formally congratulate you - we made it through 2020! As the new year was approaching, I was waiting for the last and final plague to arrive. Fortunately, it’s now January 2021 and we can all rest assured that a new year comes with a fresh start! So, with that being said, “Happy New Year” and welcome to the second semester. Each year seems to go faster than the one before; and this school year has been no exception. As we ring in the New Year it is an exciting time to reflect on our accomplishments and review goals for what we have left to do in this school year. I would like to cele- brate the accomplishment of making it through the first semester - especially considering all the challenges we faced. The students and teachers worked hard and stayed focused up through the very last day before break. I am proud of them and their efforts to do their best work.

    January brings a new beginning for each of us and is an ideal time to set goals or resolutions and prioritize for the year. Did you

    know that while 41% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only 9% are actually successful at achieving them? This tells me

    that we are either not really interested in making changes, or we are setting unrealistic and unattainable goals. Therefore it is im-

    portant to keep our goals focused on self-improvements, self-awareness, community service, and spending more quality time with

    family and friends.

    With this in mind, I would like to encourage parents and students to discuss how school has been going, and make goals for the new

    semester. Our first day back will be Tuesday, January 5th, and students will be making a clean start in terms of grades. This is an

    excellent time to make sure students get off on the right foot! Perhaps they need to meet with a teacher and make a plan to improve

    their classroom performance. Late or missing homework can be a huge deterrent to success—now is the time to make sure our stu-

    dents stay on top of their work and do not get behind. Here at school, we will continue to encourage students to seek after-school

    help when needed. Better communication between school and home can often help solve academic problems when they arise. By

    working together, everyone can have a successful second semester, both in and out of the classroom.

    I look forward to continuing the second half of our school year celebrating our successes and creating goals to continue to better our-

    selves. Happy New Year, Mr. Damen Kugel, Principal

  • B OLTS: "Congratulations to our November PBIS Prize Winners! These students were caught following the BOLT way of be-ing safe, respectful, and responsible!”

    Back Row: Levi T., Samuel S., Chase O., Brayden P., Parker D. Front Row: Mylah S., Brooklyn P., Jackson P., Rylan T.

    Clara S., Ellie M., Rhyson O., Jaryn H.,

    Gail H., Sam S., Justin W., Kaelyn S.




    Leaders for



    V FW: " Patr iots Pen" is a Veterans of Foreign Wars youth essay competition open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students enrolled in public, private or parochial schools in the United States. Home schooled students are also eligible.

    Bruning-Davenport Elementary School students participated in the 2020 essay contest

    sponsored by Davenport VFW Post 10579 and Auxiliary. Each student, submitted for

    judging, an original essay of between 300 and 400 words on the theme " What Is Patri-

    otism To Me?".

    Pictured are VFW Post 10579 Quartermaster, Dale Wittrock who presented checks and

    certificates to Lauryn Koch, 1st place winner of $50.00 and Kesston Dickson, 2nd place

    winner of $25.00.

    P HOTOGRAPHY CONTEST: Congratu-lations Makenna Wyatt and Hunter Cox! Makenna and Hunter entered Senator Ben Sasse

    Fall 2020 Photography Contest. Both of their

    photos was chosen to be printed and displayed in

    one of the Senator's offices throughout Nebraska.

    Makenna enjoys taking photos, especially sunset

    photos. Hunter enjoys taking photos and has

    really excelled in photography class!

    Hunter Cox Makenna Wyatt

    V FW: Since 1947, the " Voice of Democracy' has been the Veterans of For -eign Wars premier scholarship program. The contest is open to students in grades 9-12, who are enrolled in a public, private or parochial high school in the

    United States. Home schooled students are al


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