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1Boarding Call (LIVE from Indy)With your host

Alon ZaibertAgendaGreetings and updatesiQCX Case Study Automating Service Fees (and lots of them) Lisa Eckerson, VP of Operations - Directravel3rd Party of the month - TraveasiBank Case Study Business needs Events and MeetingsCindy Heston, Manager, Strategic Sourcing Travel and Events - WellpointCustomer of the month awardAutomating Service Feesand lots of them!Lisa Eckerson VP Operations

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Direct TravelCorporate Travel Solutions (CTS)Travel Management Corporation (TMC)Travel Destination Management GroupCaldwell Travel

Identified loss of income due to inconsistent application of service fees And need for customer accessible reporting tool

The findingsIn the age of shrinking commissions and increasing airline charges, it is essential for agencies to make sure fees are being collected properly.

Extraordinarily LARGE number of service fees to automate

An automated solution that will perform the necessary Quality Control, reduce human error and increase efficiency.

Wishful thinking

In the worksA central repository for all service fees

Integration with iQCX

All accounts by one central source

thank you!

3rd Party cornerLast time - CheckMate3rd Party cornerLast time - CheckMate3rd Party cornerLast time - CheckMateBusiness Needs Events and Meetings

Cindy Heston Manager, Strategic Sourcing Travel and Events - Wellpoint

The need800


A Passive segment

No way to manage

Reporting and Real Time changes

Interface to agency data

Discussions with Cornerstone provided solutions through agency API to ensure that up to date meeting travel data was being shared with the correct Planner at WellPoint

The WHATEvents are noted by Cvent unique ID and these IDs are passed to Cornerstone with Planner name and date of event. The HOWCity pair analysisHotel rate analysisTop event cities and hotelsAttendee status for hotelsCustomer footprintTravel and event overview and analysisOverarching dashboard20Redundancy in WellPoint work load reduced throughout the organization

Redundancy in Travel agency work load eliminated

Data Integrity

Skeptical culture

Change Management

RepetitionChange management always takes time23Trending analysisAndeducationWhat's nextFurther opportunitiesFeedback and improvement in development24thank you!

Rewards Program!