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Biochemistry Unit Learning Logs

Biochemistry UnitLearning LogsHonors BiologyDO NOWCreate a list of things you expect to learn in Honors Biology.Day 1Exit TicketHow should you write a hypothesis?How does this compare to the way you thought it should be written at the start of the lesson?Day 1DO NOWWrite the steps of the scientific method.Why is it important to follow the scientific method?Day 2Exit TicketHow did the lab you completed follow the steps of the scientific method?Day 2DO NOWWhat is so special about water?Day 3Exit TicketRevise your answer from earlier what is so special about water? (refer to its properties)Day 3DO NOWWhy is water essential to living things?Day 4Exit TicketWhy did water stay in a bubble on the wax paper but the oil spread out?Day 4DO NOWWhat other molecules besides water are essential to living things?Day 5Exit TicketExplain the similarities between the macromolecules discussed in todays notes. Day 5DO NOWHow do living things make and break down molecules?Day 6Exit TicketRevise your answer from earlier how do living things make and break down molecules? You may want to include a diagram with each process.Day 6DO NOWWhat is in your food?Day 7Exit TicketWhy did water not test positive for any of the tests? Explain. Day 7DO NOWGive at least one example of a chemical reaction.Day 8Exit TicketWhat is the purpose of enzymes?How can enzymes be affected by:Temperature change?pH change?Day 8DO NOWWhen an apple is cut open, the inside soon turns brown. This is because enzymes that are released from the cut cells react with certain molecules in the apple. Rubbing lemon juice (which contains citric acid) on the cut apple prevents it from browning. Explain why this is so. Day 9Exit TicketIn the lab, suppose you had been told to wear mittens. What do you think this would have done to your reaction rate? What would this represent if it were a real enzyme instead of your hands?Day 9DO NOWHow can enzymes be used?Day 10Exit TicketWhat do you need to do to prepare for tomorrows test?Day 10DO NOWAre you prepared for todays test? Why or why not?Day 11Exit TicketOur next unit begins with microscopes and cells. What do you remember from Middle School about microscopes and/or cells?Day 11