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Better directions for truck drivers-


<ul><li><p>One of the main reasons truck drivers quit driving is because of bad directions. Dispatch or navigational </p><p>devices steer them in the wrong direction and when it comes to a GPS, they don't offer much help when </p><p>something goes wrong. And I have heard that some dispatch teams don't help much either because they </p><p>go to map quest and tell the drivers good luck! Map quest is for cars, not trucks! No wonder drivers are </p><p>quitting and I don't blame them. </p><p>I was in the same boat. I used to drive and I know all to well the frustrations of being out there on the </p><p>road with no help at all. The company I worked for would not allow me to use my own directions, but it </p><p>Better Directions for Truck Drivers </p></li><li><p>seems that over time, some companies are allowing drivers to use their own directions and navigational </p><p>devices, or GPS. </p><p>The price of a GPS for truck drivers is outrageous. Who can afford that? I know of a driver who has two </p><p>of them in his truck... why does he need two? He uses both of them at once. One zoomed in and one </p><p>zoomed out and it still tells him to make the wrong turn. That can get a truck driver in serious trouble. </p><p>There are restricted routes, low clearances and not to mention height and weight requirements. </p><p>Who is responsible when a truck driver is on a restricted route due to the "directions" given to them by </p><p>dispatch or a GPS and gets pulled over and ticketed? The driver is responsible and has to pay the ticket. </p><p>That is a lot of money out of the drivers pocket and it could have been avoided. Drivers need better </p><p>directions and someone who cares if they are on the right road or not. </p><p>There is software out there for truck drivers, but you have to spend time learning it. No thank you! Truck </p><p>drivers are constantly on the go and don't want to spend their time at home with the family trying to </p><p>figure out a bunch of software. Who else is going to learn the software? The drivers spouse? Sure, </p><p>there's nothing wrong with that, as long as they are not working or taking care of the kids or other </p><p>family members. So that basically leaves it up to the driver. </p><p>So now we are back to the truck driver being alone on their quest for better directions. They need to be </p><p>able to concentrate on getting to their destination on time and without the hassle of not knowing where </p><p>they are going or being told good luck by their dispatch team! If you ask me, truck drivers need to be </p><p>catered to and thanked for everything they do for us. </p><p>For more information about Earn money dispatching trucks from home </p></li></ul>