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BeerDeCoded: Digitising beer

BeerDeCoded:Digitising beer

Why Beers?

Biohacker Space in Renens next to Lausanne (Ch. Closel 5)

Projects in biology/science, bio-art and education Workshops, OutreachCitizen science, DIY-biology

Open Food Data Hackdays ChallengeFor the BeerDecoded Challenge we hope to BREW:Brainstorm about the potential applications of a Beer knowledgebase based on open access data (BtoB, BtoC)Re-analyze some beer data sets and produce a new open access data set about beers (recipes, sticker, measurements, price, brewery,... )Elucidate the swiss beer marketWork on a web interface to browse our Beer knowlegbase. Document our methods/progress

BeerDecoded Needs YouBeer lovers / brewersCurious and proactive peopleDocumentalist (Wiki/Github/)Web DevCoders (DB, interface)Data analystsDesigners