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Are you confused about all of this marketing automation technology? Do you want to understand how to connect your website to your email marketing software and your CRM (customer relationship management) platform while measuring it all with Google Analytics? In this presentation: You’ll understand four fundamental technologies required for inbound marketing. You’ll see an example of a complete system using nothing but free tools. You’ll learn what the professional tools offer value and what sets them apart.


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2. Todays Presenter @JonDiPietro 3. Marketing Automation Decoded What is marketing automation? Why use it? Digital Marketing Process Marketing Automation Technologies Sample Recipe 4. What Is Marketing Automation? 5. Email Marketing 6. Landing Pages 7. Lead Management 8. CRM Integration 9. Social Media Marketing 10. Analytics & Reporting 11. Why Automate? Intelligence Scalability Efficiency Functionality 12. How to Automate? Piecemeal 13. How to Automate? Piecemeal All-in-one 14. The Digital Marketing Process 15. Step #1: Attract Create Offers 16. Step #1: Attract Create Offers Promote 17. Step #2: Convert Create Offers Promote Convert 18. Step #3: Close Create Offers Promote Convert Close 19. Marketing Technologies 20. Website Content Management System 21. Website Content Management System Forms Module 22. Email Campaigns 23. Email Campaigns Auto-responders 24. Email Campaigns Auto-responders Segments 25. Email Campaigns Auto-responders Segments Reporting 26. CRM Lead Scoring 27. CRM Lead Scoring Workflow 28. CRM Lead Scoring Workflow Reporting 29. Analytics Traffic Sources Conversion Rates Paths Assisted 30. Super Glue (Zapier) 31. Building a Marketing Automation Machine 32. Overview Calls to Action Thank You Page Landing Page Conversion Form 33. Ingredients WordPress Gravity Forms ($) Mailchimp Salesforce ($) Zapier Google Analytics 34. Preparation Email Segment 35. Preparation Email Segment Thank You Page 36. Preparation Email Segment Thank You Page Conversion Form 37. Preparation Email Segment Thank You Page Conversion Form Landing Page 38. Preparation Email Segment Thank You Page Conversion Form Landing Page Call to Action 39. Preparation Email Segment Thank You Page Conversion Form Landing Page Call to Action Analytics Goal 40. All-In-One Solutions 41. Marketing Automation Vendors Solution Monthly Cost Infusionsoft (Plus) $299 Hubspot (Professional) $800 Pardot (Enterprise) $2,000 Marketo (Standard) $3,995 Eloqua $4,000 42. THANKS FOR ATTENDING! QUESTIONS? Newsletter: Blog: Email:


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