Beaded earrings how to make jewelry with wire and beads

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<ul><li><p>Beaded Earrings-How to Make Jewelry with Wire and Beads </p><p>Learning how to make jewelry with wire and beads </p><p>is a scrumptious leisure time hobby for crafters at all </p><p>levels. It allows each of you to present your flair and </p><p>talent for creativity, plus it is relatively easy to whip </p><p>up compared to other beaded patterns. The </p><p>following contents are all about beaded earrings out </p><p>of wire and beads for your reference. </p><p>Supplies needed for the beaded earrings: </p><p> Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead</p><p> 4mm Acrylic Rhinestone Bead </p><p> 6mm Bicone Glass Bead</p><p> Earring Hook </p><p> Headpin </p><p> Jumpring </p><p> 0.5mm Brass Wire</p><p> Side Cutting Pliers </p><p> Round Nose Pliers </p><p> Flat Nose Pliers </p><p>How to make jewelry with wire and beads? </p><p>Step 1: Make your bead into a perfect pendant </p><p>1st, slide 1 Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead and 5 </p><p>Acrylic Rhinestone Beads onto a long headpin for </p><p>preparation; </p><p>2nd, create a wrapped herringbone. Each time you </p><p>form a wrapped coil push up one rhinestone bead. </p><p>3rd, fix the ending in place by wrapping several coils </p><p>as you did at the start; </p><p>4th, do a simple loop at the top with the leftover pin </p><p>part. </p><p>Get inspired and make your own beaded earrings in an easy way. This project will just show you how to </p><p>make jewelry with wire and beads. </p></li><li><p>Step 4: Create the other piece </p><p>Do steps 1~3 for the other piece of your pair of earrings! </p><p>This pair of beaded earrings may actually add a </p><p>splash of color to your earlobe and light up your </p><p>entire outfit. All techniques used for how to make </p><p>jewelry with wire and beads are showed in details </p><p>on our learning center, hoping to be helpful! </p><p>For more simple to easy jewelry making projects please click: </p><p></p><p>Step 2: Design the decorative </p><p>dangles </p><p>Slide the 6mm Bicone Glass Bead onto a short </p><p>headpin. Loop the rest of the pin. You may need </p><p>4~6 pieces for one earring. </p><p>Step 3: Attach the earring hook </p><p>Open a jumpring and feed the earring hook, </p><p>the two decorative dangles, the wrapped </p><p>herringbone pendant and the two other </p><p>dangles. Close it off and this is one of the </p><p>beaded earrings. </p></li></ul>


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