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  • 1. Awaji Yumebutai Complex

2. Introduction Location :Yumebutai, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture Property area :Approx. 28ha Total floor area :Approx. 109,000m2 Design :Tadao Ando, Architecture ResearchCenter Opened :March 9, 2000 3. Tadao Andos Philosophy Architecture is-Interplay of solid-voids.Alternative of open and closed.Contrast of light and darkness. Zen focuses on the concept ofsimplicity and concentrates onthe inner feeling rather thanappearance in order to representthe aesthetic from sensation. Ando believes in creating spaces of enclosure rather thanopenness. On the exterior, the wall deflects the surroundingurban chaos, while on the interior it encloses a private space. 4. Typical Style of Tadao Ando Use of rough cast concrete. Interpenetration of planes and spaces. Narrow slit like openings. Complex three dimensional circulation path.Interweaving between interior and exteriorspaces. 5. Design Concept of YumebutaiThe basic framework of the project is rounduniverse and circular universe connected bywalkways. Rather than depending solely ongeometry, Tadao Ando experimented withirregular topography that remained afterearthquake. In addition , he tried to create a newstyle of garden combining the traditionalJapanese tour garden with Western tourgardens, whose framework is much lessambiguous 6. Site Plan 7. Birds eyeviewofcomplex 8. Awaji Yumebutai complex Includes: International conference centre Plants museum of miracle planet Hyakudan en garden (100 terrace garden) Restaurant and shop Open -air theatre 9. INTERNATIONALCONFERENCE CENTRE 10. Hyakudan en garden 11. OPEN AIR THEATRE 12. Plants museum of miracle planet 13. Oval Forum 14. Sky garden 15. Water Cascade 16. SCALLOP SHELL COURTYARD 17. SEA SHELLS 18. Sun Dial 19. Typical elements of Tadao Andoswork in Yumebutai 20. Interweaving circulation between interior and exterior 21. Rough Cast Concrete 22. Complex Circulation 23. Interpenetration of Planes 24. Interpenetration of Spaces 25. Water Element 26. Narrow slit openings 27. Materials used Rough cast concrete Glass Scallop Shells 28. Material Justification Rough cast concrete looks more similar to rockscommonly found in nature and thus help in harmonizingbuilding with the environment. Glass Tadao Ando used majorly Translucent glass andhe compares it with water and says that large glass paneswith concrete looks like water flowing in between therocks. The reason for having glass as translucent is that it hasgot heaviness unlike transparent glass . Shells-Ando wanted to use 1 million scallop shells to linethe pools but ran into problems when he realizedrestaurants on the island imported the scallops sans-shells. Obviously he somehow got his 1 million shells, Ididnt count them so Im taking his word for it. 29. Thank you-Dhruv Bansal10110014Madhav Singh10110031


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