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Awaji Materia Co., LTD.

Awaji Materia Co., LTD.The activity of AWAJI began in 1944 and has always been committed to its Products quality & its manufacturing range and markets, to develop new technologies and to facilitate the highest standards in Industry.Today AWAJI., consisting of two manufacturing divisions one in its head quarters Japan & the other one in Thailand, produces more than 24,000 tons per year. Our Main Office and factory is the production base of the threaded connection processing section in Japan, as well as the distribution system for Butt welding fittings for mainly for Japan market, such as Sumoto Distribution Center & Tokyo Distribution center. Our Butt-Weld Fittings Plant is situated in Thailand, which offcourse support all our global end-users. Our plant in Thailand runs under the strict quality parameters with complete Japanese personnel supervision & controls.

The Company manufactures a large variety of butt-welding fittings in accordance with all international standards and codes and the most stringent customer requirements. Our products can be currently supplied in all Carbon Steel / Low Temp CS & Stainless Steel Grades & our future plans are in all other exotic alloys.

Every manufacturing phase, from cutting to forming, from machining to testing, is carried out with a vast array of modern equipment and machinery. Each fitting is controlled through all the manufacturing phases thanks to rigorous QA & QC procedures and internal chemical and mechanical laboratories well equipped to perform both destructive and non-destructive examinations.The mission of AWAJI is to provide the best Customer service by supplying fittings with the most up-to-date technology, respecting the agreed delivery date, monitoring the progress of the work and satisfying urgent requirements. Our immediate objective is to radically enhance the presence of the Awaji Brand name in the marketplace and to reflect heavily upon not only our renowned competitiveness but also the quality we build into each and every one of our products. Our second undertaking is to dramatically highlight the dedication we have to in developing new products that utilize advanced new technology.

Main Office & Factory

Factory in Thailand



AWAJI Moved its Plant from Japan to Thailand due to economic reasons in 1987


Our ProductsElbows





Manufacturing Process


Production Range Carbon Steel


Long Radius 90 and 45 Elbows up to 24 Long Radius 180 Elbows up to 8

Short Radius 90 Elbows up to 24

Short Radius 180 Elbows up to 14

Straight Tee pieces up to 16

Reducing Tee pieces up to 16

Concentric Reducers up to 24

Eccentric Reducers up to 16

Caps up to 12

Wall thickness: all Schedules in accordance with ASME B 36.10


Policy on Safety of Occupational Health and Working Environment

AWAJI MATERIA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. 81 Moo 4, PRAKASA ROAD, T. BANGMUANG, A. MUANG, SAMUTPRAKARN 10270 THAILANDTel : (662) 701-5226Fax : (662) 387-0340Policy on Safety of Occupational Health and Working Environment Awaji Materia (Thailand) Co. Ltd., has realized the importance of responsible Environment, Health & Safety management. It affects our growth and long term success. Our company values Social Responsibility and we are committed to meeting high standards set by the company for protecting the health and safety of our employees, the environment and on the communities where we do business. Therefore, Awaji has formulated the following policy :Safety and maintaining a good working environment : It is the duty of all employees to cooperate and recognize safety of life and property. Awaji will train all employees to instill safety habits and to perform their duties safely and remain healthy.Awaji will monitor working conditions to prevent accidents by workers to others and to themselves.Awaji shall support and enhance improvements to safe working and healthy conditions.It is the duty of Supervisory staff to take responsibility on safety of occupational health and working environment of subordinates and adhere to Safety rules and regulations .Awaji shall support and train staff with regards to OHS to create a safe working environment for all.Awaji shall follow up and evaluate the safety policy on occupational health and working environment from time to time in order to make all aware of the importance of working safely. It will also ensure that safety regulations are followed and all are aware of the companys common goal on zero injuries.


Protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the natural environment is a core value within Awaji Materia(Thailand) Co. Ltd.. We will not be satisfied until our workplaces are safe from hazards, our employees are injury free, our services and products are safe, and our commitment and record in regulatory compliance and protection of the environment are unmatchedWE DECLARE TO :Identify and manage the environmental, health and safety risks and impacts of our existing and planned operations.Set objectives and targets that result in continuous improvement of our environmental, health and safety performance.Provide the leadership and resources that will enable our workforce to meet improvement objectives and targets.Require every employee to take responsibility towards meeting environmental, health and safety objectives.Include environmental, health and safety performance when evaluating managers, employees and contractors for compensation, rewards, and recognition.Comply with applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.Recognize that no task is so important that it be performed at the risk of health and safety.Provide internal standards for our managers and employees where controlling laws and regulations do not exist or are considered insufficient.Communicate regularly with the communities where we operate to develop and maintain a mutual understanding of goals and expectations.Promote the conservation of energy and natural resources and reduce waste.Routinely monitor, assess and report on the companys environmental, health and safety performance and on our conformity with this policy.

Mr. Takahiko Mio,President

Energy and UtilitiesNuclear power plants, Thermal power stations, Gas supply conduits, Water pipe systemsKey IndustriesPetroleum Refineries, Steel and Paper millsShipbuilding IndustryLarge-Sized (VLCC) Oil Tankers, LNG TankersIT IndustrySemi-conductor Manufacturing Factories, Liquid Crystal Panel Manufacturing.Hygiene IndustryHospitals & Pharmaceutical FactoriesFood IndustryBreweries, Soda Manufacturing and Food Distribution centers.Environmental FacilitiesGarbage Incineration , Drainage Treatment Facilities, PCB Processing InstitutionsBuildingsSprinklers for HVAC cooling & heating systems and disaster prevention etc. for shopping centers and skyscrapers.Tunnel Construction"AGF processing steel tubes" are used to reinforce the ground in public works projects. OCTGThreaded Joint for OCTG PipeGround ReinforcementMicro-Pile Pipe.

Our in-house Capabilities


Supply Records


COUPLING FOR OIL WELLAn Oil or Gas well is not complete until the Tubular Products are in place. The Tubular Products are the foundation of any well. OCTG Tubulars are made from High Grade Steel or Alloy. They must contain the collapse forces of the earth and also provide the path to recover Oil and Gas reserves. They must resist high pressure, corrosion, erosion, hostel fluids and gases and endure high temperatures. They must perform without failure for many years and be assembled with the highest integrity. The connections are machined with close tolerances and must perform under the highest loads. They must be serviceable on land and under the sea. The modern Oil and Gas wells have specific requirements for size and grade and the modern Pipe Mills are aligned with these needs.

JIS Approval


Our Quality Assurance


Our Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance

ThanksAwaji assures prompt response & attention Always.Looking forward to a long business partnership.


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