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  • Creepy Kid GenreSam, Jack, Luke, Cameron

  • PlotThe plot for this genre is usually predictable. It follows the child being portrayed as innocent and then revealing itself as sinister.

  • Narrative StructureThe structure is typically linear and does not include flashbacks etc.

  • SettingThe setting creates an atmosphere for the film. Usually for this genre the setting is mundane and realistic.

  • Themes You can have multiple themes within this genre. These include crime, realism and supernatural.

  • Character TypesCreepy kid / ProtagonistAntagonistVictims

  • Character Representation

    Creepy kid : Bad, Evil, Mentally ill, Strong, Powerful and Misunderstood. Protagonist : Good and Strong In some Creepy kid films. Victims : Very weak, Helpless, Defenceless.

  • Mis En Scene

    Clothing : Innocent looking childrens clothes.Lighting : Mixture of low key and high key lighting.Actors : Young children.Make up : Only used to make them scarier. Props : Mostly weapons.

  • What is Iconography Iconography are the generic conventions which are perceived from a certain genre.

  • Creepy kid subgenres

    Most Creepy kid films normally fit in with another horror subgenre, for example a film which has child with supernatural powers can also fit in with the paranormal subgenre.Some other subgenres include Killer, Monster, Gothic and Psychological.

  • Interview Name : Craig ParkerAnswer : CorrectWhat come to mind : Innocence and unsuspecting.