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Assignment 4 _________ Iconography & conventions

Assignment 4_________ Iconography & conventionsL/O: to work in groups to complete a research presentation on a set subgenres iconography and conventions(keynote/ppt) Part 1RulesGroups of 4 (who you want to do c/w with) Work ethic and skill set/talents (balanced)RelationshipsEquipment

1 powerpoint / keynote together(all need same program)

Iconography definition(dont include in ppt)Iconography = the identification, description, and the interpretation of the content of imagesOther words: images that belong or are associated with a certain topic

TASK: Make a collage of a wide range of images to represent your set subgenreWIDE rangeInclude: characters, setting, aspects of MES, symbols

Iconography collagePlace hereAt least 20 imagesIconography interviews(2 each 1 adult each)Name:Genre:Correct or incorrect:If incorrect, why?What else comes to mind when you think of the ________ subgenre?

Challenge extension: make a video instead of slide..Interview summary(audience expectations)From audience feedback we learned Part 2Annotated screen grabs!!!!!!Subgenres within _________Example: ACTION SUBGENRES (how to organise)

Chosen subgenreWe will research conventions in the _____________ subgenre

(choose subgenre from chart)

*be conscious of what you can achieve (you cant make a film about animals) Job list1234Plot

Narrative Structure

Character types

Character representation & MES



Camera work, editing & sound

Colour code work (slide colour)

All together: Purpose how is it scaryPlotNarrative StructureLinear or non-linear? Why?Todorov theory?

(narrative = how the story is told) Character TypesCharacter representation & MESSettingThemesCamera work, editing, soundsPurpose:How is it scary/frightening/disturbing