asphalt solutions - jacketed valves, jacketed pipe, pipe jacketed pipe consists of a core pipe for...

Download Asphalt Solutions - jacketed valves, jacketed pipe,   Pipe Jacketed pipe consists of a core pipe for conveying viscous fluids, with an outer jacket pipe. The annular chamber between the two pipes is used to

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    Asphalt Solutions

    Asphalt is a viscous substance oftentimes needing heat in excess of 300F to allow for proper flow. Jacketed metal hose assemblies and jacketed pipe allow for the heating of the inner core pipe or hose to allow for product flow. Valve Jackets allow for the heating of valve bodies to promote continuous flow.

    Flex hose illustrating heating tube and ports Flex hose illustrating heating tube and 180 bend

    Jacketed Hose / Flex Hose Jacketed hose assemblies are flexible, formed from corrugated metal (normally stainless steel), with an outer wire braid. Connections are provided on the jacket to convey steam, hot water, or hot oil, heating viscous fluids inside the core hose. Depending on the size, material, and operating temperature, flex hose can handle a variety of pres-sures. Double braided 1/4 SS 321 hose can handle maximum working pressures (MWP) of 3300 psi at 70F. We stock 1/4 through 8 hose. Generally, the smaller the hose, the higher pressure rating. Temperature affects the pressure rating as well so when ordering hose, please provide the temperature at which the hose will be operating. Applications include tanker or railcar unloading, truck bed pipes, vibration absorption, and compensation for ther-mal growth. We also offer jacketed expansion joints. Products handled include Asphalts, Resins, polymers, Sulfur, phthalic anhydride and others. These assemblies are manufactured to your specifications. If you can spec it, we can build it. We offer a wide vari-ety of diameters (1/2 x 1 through 6 x 8), lengths, materials, connections, ends and options. Materials include 304, 304L, 321, 316L stainless steels and monel. Connections include screwed and socket weld couplings, tube connectors and flanges. Ends can be threaded, flanged, quick connects, weld ends, unions or other. Options in-clude smooth bored liners and insulation.

  • Jacketed Pipe Jacketed pipe consists of a core pipe for conveying viscous fluids, with an outer jacket pipe. The annular chamber between the two pipes is used to heat the inner pipe with steam or hot oil. Materials used for fabrication include carbon steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel jacket with stainless steel core pipe. More exotic alloys are available too. Various construction types include oversized flanges, insert flanges, line size flanges, pipe welded to back of flanges, swaged jacket (utilizing weld caps at each end of the outer pipe). Connections for conveying heating media to the jacket chamber include female NPT half couplings, threadolets, socket weld couplings, tube connectors, and flanges. We can manufacture one pipe spoolper your specifications and P & IDs, or an entire jacketed system including jacketed pipe, fittings (ells, tees, etc.), valves, hose, and other components. Fittings can be incorporated into pipe spools.

    Clamp-On / Bolt On Jackets Flow Fab Clamp-On Jackets are a form fitting fabrication for piping components, such as valves, pumps, fittings, meters and other items. Steam or hot oil may be used as a heating medium. They offer maximum efficiency for application of heat to those items. Standard construction is carbon steel with FNPT connections (other connections available). Standard design is for 150 psig @ 800F. Advantages include fast delivery, ease of installation, excellent coverage, no cross contamination between product and heating medium, and easy removal for component maintenance or repair in the field. Clamp-On Jackets are custom fabricated to fit your process components.

    Partial and Full Weld on Jackets Flow Fab Partial and Full Weld on Jackets are manufactured by welding a steam or hot oil jacket chamber of carbon steel, stainless steel, or other metal onto a standard base unit, such as a valve, strainer or tank. Maximum heat transfer is realized through convection heat transfer. Modifications of the base unit such as removal of flanges, installing oversized flanges or extending face to face dimensions are often made by Flow Fabrication. We custom fabricate jacketed equipment with a wide variety of sizes, materials, ends (flanged, threaded, butt-weld, socket-weld), media connections, and jacket types. Design assistance is always available.


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