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Manufactured Cryogenic insulated and jacketed tubing and pipe.


  • 1. Dekoron-Unitherms6200 Cryotube SeriesThe Next Generation inPre-insulated Cryogenic Piping

2. Dekoron-Unitherm Part of the $7 billion Marmon Group which is a Div. OfBerkshire Hathaway Over 50 years history as the world leader in the design &manufacture of pre-insulated tubing and small bore piping Pre-insulated tubing and pipe are our only business 3. Our 6200 Cryotube Series Through the use of proprietaryaerogel insulation materials,Dekoron Unitherms 6200Cryotube system requires onaverage 70% less space thantraditional PIR foam pre-insulatedpipe. This reductionin OD improves Loading in pipe racks Relieves congestion inequipment skids Reduces the size of wallpenetrations 4. 6200 Cryotube SeriesPre-insulated PipingFeatures & Benefits whencompared to PIR foam Reduced OD 50% to 70% Weight - 30% to 50% Lower Heat gain ASTM E-96 water vaportransmission rate 0.00perm ASTM E-84 flame spread &smoke generation Class A Hydrophobic insulation 5. 6200 Cryotube SeriesPre-insulated PipingOffers major Advantages overX-50 PIR Foam & FieldFabrication for 1/2 thru 3cryogenic pipe sizes Available in stainless & copper incoils and sticks Lower Installed Cost by reducing waste by greatly reducing field labor Pre-Engineered System Has more efficient heat transfer Has consistent thermal characteristics Improved Scheduling By reducing craft interference By greatly reducing or eliminating theneed for an insulation contractor Maintenance Free50454035302520151050Cryo-TubeUrethane Foam 6. Heat Gain & CondensationControl Verification A 20 foot section of 6200 Cryotube wasdesigned & fabricated using 3E-PlusThermal Modeling Software publishedby NAIMA. Thermal properties of the Cryogel Zinsulation system are as follows.MeanTemperature FK factorBTU/hr. / ft. sq.-328 0.0681-238 0.0793-148 0.0852-58 0.089431 0.0956122 0.1076212 0.1291 7. Heat Gain & CondensationTest Results Test results were within1.8F of the valuespredicted by 3-E Plus,thereby validating thismodeling program forcalculating Heat Gain &Condensation control of the6200 Cryotube system The heat loss efficiency of1 of 6200 Cryotube is equalto 4.43 of urethane foam 3-E Plus is available free fromthe North American InsulationManufacturers Association at 8. ComparisonBased on 3-E Plus Software6200 Cryotube System PIR Foam System Tube Size: 1 copper Process Temperature: -300F Ambient Temperature: 76F Wind: 0 mph Relative Humidity: 65% Insulation Thickness: 4.43 Urethane Foam C-591, T-VI Jacket: Cast FR PVC Tube Size: 1 copper Process Temperature: -300F Ambient Temperature: 76F Wind: 0 mph Relative Humidity: 65% Insulation Thickness: 1 Cryogel Jacket: Extruded FR PVCSurfaceTemperatureHeat GainBTU/hr/ftEfficiency%-300 F 278.3062.8 F 16.12 94.21%SurfaceTemperatureHeat GainBTU/hr/ftEfficiency%-300 F 278.3071.3F 16.18 94.19% 9. What Is An Aerogel Insulation Aerogels are nanoporous solids invented inthe 1930s Aerogels are created when silica is gelled in a solvent When the solvent is removed, what remains is puffed-upsand, with up to 99% porosity Nanoporosity slows heat and mass transport, providing record-lowthermal conductivity Twin innovations moved aerogels from labcuriosity to high-volume industrial product Supercritical CO2 extraction process reduces cycle time frommonths to hours Casting the wet gel into a fibrous batting provides mechanicalintegrityPores are 1/10,000ththe diameter of ahuman hairAerogels are oftencalled frozen smoke 10. Aerogels Have the Lowest k-Value of Any IndustrialInsulation-400 -200 0 200 400 600 800 1000 120020015010050Mineral WoolPipe &BoardPerliteCalsilTemperature (F)-200 -100 0 100 200 300 400 500 600Temperature (C)Thermal Conductivity (mW/m-K)Pyrogel XTCryogel Z PUR/PIRMineral WoolBlanketThermal Conductivity (Btu-in/hr-ft2-F) 11. Resists the Enemies of Traditional InsulationWater, Heat, and AbuseWater RepellantAerogel's are hydrophobic, they will not wick orallow water to pass through itDamage TolerantCryogel and Pyrogel easily withstand mostimpact or compressive loading events (e.g.,footfalls, tool strike), and will spring back to theoriginal performance even at loads> 100 psi. Further, because there is no brittlefailure mechanism (its a flexible blanket),damage remains local and will not propagate.Thermally StableAerogels products do not use organicbinders, so will not crumble or sag in hotservice. 12. Heath and Safety Aspects ofAerogel Insulation Aerogels are an amorphous (non-crystalline)silica with 97% of particles larger than 45mm Only the pores are nano-scale (~0.01 mm) Aerogel particles are much larger Amorphous silica has been studied byOSHA, EPA, and the OECD, concluding: Demonstrated lack of toxicity. Is not expected to pose a carcinogenic risk. Silicas are inert when ingested, and unlikely to be absorbedthrough the skin. No concerns for human health. Typical dust loading in fab-shop is