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  • 1. Social Media

2. Can we live without it?Life today has been incredibly moldedto use social mediums in order toprogress outward into a newdimension of having your voice heard.This has affected every industry in theworld as well as every social aspectthat we encounter in our normal offthe internet lives. 3. It seems as if social media hasaffected the world so much thatit looks impossible to ever liveany differently. We have gone to far to go back now and change what we have done. 4. Problem?Social media websites are beingabused by people who use themto procrastinate instead of usingthem to better themselves or theireducation. 5. The world has over a trillion hours of free timea year to use for bettering the world. ClayShirky 6. Does social-media createanti-social people?People are so addicted to social mediathat they would rather sit and look atpictures of someone elses day onFacebook rather than go out and havetheir own exciting day. 7. In reality things like Facebook or evenblogging have bettered some of theseanti-social people. By regulating thesesocial tools we could be effectivelykilling the inner nature of thesepeople. 8. New cyber-social cultureBy using blogging tools, twitter or any othersocial media site that fits their needs, theseanti-social people are becoming cyber-social. 9. People will use the Internet inevery way they wish and createanything thing they can come upwith. Using social media we cancreate things that can be usefulfor many or things that can beuseful for only the select fewinvolved. 10. Social media has enabled newideas that travels from a widearray of somewhat uselessinformation, to amazingly helpfulprograms with manysubcategories in-between. 11. Should we regulate internet use?Each part of the Internet hassome sort of positive aspectabout it and no one should bealoud to regulate how it is used 12. People have used social media to expressthemselves and let their voice beheard, it is just the way of nature thatpeople will use it for the ways they wish.Even without social media people would find ways towaste their lives with meaningless task and activities.