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<ul><li><p>H</p><p>I</p><p>J</p><p>E</p><p>APS 34th Annual Scientific Meeting Registration Form May 1316, 2015 Palm Springs Convention Center Palm Springs, CA</p><p>FOR OFFICE USE ONLY </p><p>Customer #_________________ Mtg Ord # 1-________________</p><p>Date_____________________ I __________________________Please type or print clearly. Use a separate form for each registrant; duplicate as necessary.</p><p>Full Name _______________________________________________ First Name for Badge __________________________________ Highest Credential _____________________</p><p>Facility ___________________________________________________________________________________ Facility City/State _________________________________________</p><p>Preferred Address (q Home q Office) ______________________________________________________________________ City/State/ZIP _________________________________</p><p>Home Phone __________________________________________ Office Phone __________________________________ Fax ___________________________________________</p><p>E-mail (required) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>Emergency Contact Name _________________________________________________________ Day Phone ____________________ Evening Phone _______________________</p><p>(BCR) q Check here if you do basic/preclinical research. (FTA) q Check here if this will be your first APS Annual Meeting. NPI # _________________________</p><p>GFull Meeting RegistrationAPS Member On or Before After To join APS, add dues in box C. 4/13/15 4/13/15</p><p>Income &gt; $100,000 q $595 q $695 &lt; $100,000 q $320 q $420Student/Trainee q $100 q $180</p><p>NonmemberIncome &gt; $100,000 q $700 q $800 &lt; $100,000 q $465 q $565</p><p> Subtotal $ ______________</p><p>F Basic Science(select area of expertise)</p><p>n Neurophysiology (BSN)n Behavioral (BSB)n Systems (BSS)n Other (BSO) Specify below. </p><p>________________n Behavioral Science (BSC)n Biomedical Engineering (BE)n Business/Industry (BUS)</p><p>n Chiropractic (CHI)n Dentistry (DEN)n Health Policy (HP)n Nursing (NSG) n Occupational Therapy (OT)n Pharmacy (PHA)n Physical Therapy (PT)Physician (select area of expertise)</p><p>n Anesthesiology (ANS)n Emergency Medicine (EM) </p><p>n Family Practice (FP)n Gynecology (GYN)n Internal Medicine (IM)n Neurology (NEU) n Neurosurgery (NS)n Oncology (ON)n Oral/Facial Surgery (OS)n Orthopedic Surgery (ORS)n Pediatrics (PED)</p><p> n Physical Medicine &amp; </p><p>Rehabilitation (PMR) n Psychiatry (PSY) n Rheumatology (RHE) n Surgery (SUR) n Urology (URO) </p><p>n Psychology (PSI)n Social Work (SW) n Other (OTH) Specify below._____________________________</p><p>Primary Specialty (Required; please select one.)</p><p>1-Day Meeting Registration (for registrants attending only 1 day of the meeting) </p><p>Please select which day you will be attending. Be sure to complete boxes G &amp; H for the appropriate day.</p><p>q Thursday (TH) q Friday (FR) q Saturday (SAT)</p><p>APS Member (1-Day Rate)</p><p>Income &gt; $100,000 q $360 &lt; $100,000 q $280</p><p>Nonmember (1-Day Rate)</p><p>Income &gt; $100,000 q $425 &lt; $100,000 q $375</p><p> Subtotal $ ______________</p><p>A</p><p>B Symposia Enter the 3-digit code for each symposium you plan to attend. Visit www.americanpainsociety.org/annualmeeting for codes. </p><p>Thursday, May 1411 am12:30 pm 2:153:45 pm Friday, May 1510:30 amNoon 1:453:15 pm 1:455 pm 3:305 pm Saturday, May 161011:30 am </p><p>W</p><p>3 </p><p>2 </p><p>4 </p><p>5 7</p><p>Special EventsCheck the box and enter the 3-digit code for each event you plan to attend. Visit www.americanpainsociety.org/annualmeeting for codes. Wednesday, May 1314:15 pm q (118) Early Career ForumThursday, May 145:156:15 pm q SIG Meeting </p><p>Friday, May 155:157:15 pm q SIG Meeting 5:307:30 pm q (136) Basic Science Research Dinner Advance registration required.</p><p>Saturday, May 1611:45 am1 pm q (900) National Pain Strategy Presentation</p><p>If payment does not accompany this form, your registration will not be processed.</p><p> MasterCard Visa American Express Discover Check (enclosed)Payment </p><p> Make check payable to APS. A charge of $75 will apply to checks returned for insufficient funds.</p><p> If rebilling of a credit card charge is necessary, a $75 processing fee will be charged. I authorize APS to charge the above listed credit card amounts reasonably deemed by APS to be accurate and appropriate.</p><p>Account Number Expiration Date </p><p>Cardholders Name (Please print.) Signature </p><p>4 easy ways to registerOnline (preferred method)www.americanpainsociety.org/annualmeeting(credit card payment only) </p><p>Phone847.375.4715(credit card payment only)</p><p>Fax* 866.574.2654 or 847.375.6479International Fax 732.460.7318(credit card payment only)* If you fax this form, please do not mail the original.</p><p>MailAPS Meeting8735 W. Higgins Road, Suite 300Chicago, IL 60631</p><p>Photography Disclosure: Photographs and/or video may be taken of participants at APSs 2015 Annual Meeting. These photos are for APS use only and may appear on APSs website, in printed brochures, or in other promotional materials. Attendee registration grants APS permission and consent for use of this photography.</p><p>1 </p><p>6 </p><p>Guest RegistrationIncludes access to all general sessions, exhibit hall, and networking events. No continuing education credits are offered with a guest pass.</p><p>Guest Name(s) __________________________________</p><p>______________________________________________</p><p>Number of Guests (GST) ________ x $75 </p><p>Subtotal $ ______________</p><p>Grand TotalBe sure to complete boxes F, G, H, &amp; I.</p><p>(A or B) + C + D + E = $__________________</p><p>Special Needs(SA) q I require special assistance. Please contact me.(DIS) q I do not wish to have my name and contact information </p><p>included in the onsite attendee list.(OTH) q I have other needs. Please contact me. (SDV) q Vegetarian meal request</p><p>8 </p><p>1 </p><p>CJoin APS (Membership Rates)Regular</p><p>Income &lt; $75,000 q $120 $75,000 to $124,000 q $190 $125,000 to $174,000 q $275 &gt; $175,000 q $325International q $150Undergraduate q $50Graduate/Professional Student q $50Postdoctoral/Resident/Fellow q $90</p><p>Subtotal $ ______________</p><p>DSpring Pain RegistrationMay 1113</p><p>Spring Pain Only q $150</p><p>With Full Annual Meeting Registration q $100 </p><p>Subtotal $ ______________</p><p>To register, make your selections in the boxes below, add the subtotals, and indicate the total amount in box J.</p></li></ul>