any video converter clipping & condensing medaille college masters of leadership fall 2014

Download Any Video Converter Clipping & Condensing Medaille College Masters Of Leadership Fall 2014

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Any Video Converter Clipping & CondensingMedaille College Masters Of LeadershipFall 2014

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3Any Video Converter Upload TipsClick the Add Video(s) buttonSelect Microsoft Zune WMV Movie (*.wmv)File Size: 200-300 MBBasic SettingsVideo Size: 320x240Quality: NormalVideo Framerate: 25 Video OptionsVideo Bitrate: 256

4Any Video Converter Clipping & Compressing TipsUploaded Video Bar

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5Any Video Converter Clipping & Compressing TipsSet the Triangles to Start & End PointsOr Enter Time StampsClick the OK Button

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6Any Video Converter Clipping & Compressing TipsClick the Convert this item now! Button

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