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For some it's the sheer enjoyment of the outdoors, no matter what you are going for. For others it's a particular thrill – a stunning highline, pinning it up and down trails, finding new challenges in your neck of the woods or getting this new route done you've always had in mind. Winging it solo, teaming up with a partner, or as a group of friends - it's a passion for the outdoors that brings us all together...


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    adidas outdoor magazine & product highlights spring / summer 2011

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  • For some its the sheer enjoyment of the outdoors, no matter what you are going for. For others its a particular thrill a stunning high-line, pinning it up and down trails, finding new challenges in your neck of the woods or getting this new route done youve always had in mind.Winging it solo, teaming up with a partner, or as a group of friends - its a passion for the outdoors that brings us all together...

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    grade 10+ overhangs, extended runouts and one of the most impressive natural backdrops anywhere in the world.

    Follow the first red point ascent of this awesome route - minimum fixed protection and a dream line - christened stoamanndl by non other than the Huber brothers.


    When it looks impossible, its irresistible.

    Bouldering has pushed back the limits to the technical possibilities of climbing. Block out your surroundings and focus on the next move.

    imagine the line and then try, try again.


    13 summits and more than 4000 metres total ascent in a day.Friends say its crazy; Kogs and Toni say its fun.share their adventure as they set out to run their home mountain range with plenty of thrills along the way.


    ever experienced a magical moment? imposing, isolated and set in a mountainscape of jagged peaks as far as the eye can see - take a walk across to the Kapuzenturm with nothing but a two-and-a-half centimetre wide slackline line between you and the valley floor below.

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    loferer steinberge

    Just for the thrill of it 13 summits, 14 kilometres and more than 4000 metres of climbing bristling with jagged ridges, exposed vie ferrate and sections of climbing without ropes. In just twelve hours the two friends Toni and Kogs traversed this challenging route across the Loferer Steinberge. A fun challenge from valley to summit full of adventure, adrenaline and speed ...

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    loferer steinberge

    StartSt. Ulrich 05:30


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    Two men stand at the summit of the Ulrichshorn as the sun cautiously appears over the edge of the horizon. The grand backdrop of the loferer Steinberge fills their field of vision from east to west. The day is still cold with dawn dragging its feet but thats not how they feel. They are focussed on just one thing ...

    markus Kogs Kogler and Toni mohammer have been on the move since five in the morning to cross their local mountain range in just one day. nobody has done that before. some people would say they are crazy: the route is 14 kilometres long and involves 4000 metres of climbing. A continuous succession of steep approaches and descents; along trails with exposed roots, jagged ridges, scree slopes and precipitous rock passages often on unmarked trails. A distance normally covered in four day-long stages - even for trained moun-taineers.

    The sun rises gingerly into the sky. gradually, a soft golden red glow frees the earth from the darkness of the night. Toni shuffles his feet nervously. The wait becomes a nerve-racking ordeal. They cant go on until daybreak. The route along the ridge is too dangerous in the dark. nervously he fumbles with the button on the walkie-talkie. it starts to crackle. A final weather check with friends down in the valley there are many people down there with their fingers crossed. The weather guru confirms once again: green light - everything ok.

    in slow motion the sun finally settles into place in the heavens to scare away the last grey shadows. Toni and Kogs cant hold back any longer. They ex-change glances one last time. Toni takes a deep breath and takes off over rocks and outcrops, straight ahead along the edge of the precipice the race against time has started.

    A chain of rocks stretches from rothrndl as far as the horizon. mountain peaks as far as the eye can see. Both of them grew up in the Loferer area. markus turned his passion into a profession and Toni has been climbing at the top end of the diffi-culty scale for a long time. He also wants to become a mountain guide. He has a day job at a bank. every free minute is spent in the mountains.

    9 oclock and the day is still young. But time is not on their side, it is their foe. Kogs and Toni are running against it - they want to reach the finish by evening. They are wearing only the bare necessities: jacket, pant and hiking boots. good equipment is decisive. Their backpacks contain drinks, energy bars and a first aid kit every gram of weight counts. Thats why they havent brought a rope with them. That would be too heavy .

    Kogs has been mulling over this idea for some years, looking out of his kitchen window at this foreboding silhouette. mountain after mountain. summit after summit: rothorn, mitterhorn, nackter Hund and the Ochsenhrner. Cross this mountain range in a day That would be awesome, a genuine challenge. And that was how it all started. When he told his friend Toni about it he immediately caught the bug. Toni just happens to love a challenge as well ...

    They take turns at running in front. Always straight ahead. From one summit to the next. muscles are warm, ligaments and tendons supple running across this amazing scenery is pure enjoyment. markus spies the beginning of the next stage. Adrenaline rushes through his body. He accelerates with his sights set on the summit of the mitterhorn. Toni is hot on his heels. They both nimbly climb the ladders to the top. The final paces - three, two, one - and theyve reached the cross at the summit. They have only taken four hours so far. Theyve already got more than 2,000 metres of climbing in their legs. still no sign of tiring though. They are just getting into the swing of things.

    Toni says what they both dared to hope: i reckon we can do it. The two athletes survey the mountain range euphorically. its beautiful up here. The full heat of the late summer sun bears down while the warm wind whispers around them. >>

    The loferer Steinberge is a mountain range in the northern Lime- stone Alps. These are located in the eastern Alps (Tirol/salzburg) and border the Leo-ganger steinberge. The highest summit is the groe Ochsenhorn at 2513 metres (8245 ft).

    Expedition factsstart: st. ulrich am pillersee 847 m (2779 ft)Finish: Kirchental 880 m (2887 ft)Total time taken: 12.5 hours distance: 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) Total elevation approx. 4,000 metresclimbed: (13,123 ft)

    1 note from the editors: This is not recommended! The decision to not use ropes for this expedition was taken by Toni mohammer and markus

    Kogler themselves. Both athletes are trained and experienced climbers and mountaineers and were already familiar with the climbing sections of this route that needed to be covered without ropes. They were aware of the technical challenges

    of the route and its dangers in advance and were able to assess the risk they were exposing themselves to.


    Nackter Hund


    St. Ulrich

    Gr. Ochsen- horn

    LOFerer TrAverse

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    almost 12 hours, 13 summits, 4000 metres of elevation.

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    Mitter-horn 08:57

    Nackter Hund 09:30

    Kirchen- tal 17:45


    2483 m08:57

    880 m


    LOFerer TrAverse

  • 11:23

    Grosses Reif- horn

    Wehrgruben- joch 10:12

    Grosses Reifhorn



    Nackter Hund 09:30

    Ochsen- horn 15:532365 m

    2487 m

    2372 m

    2218 m