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<p>Solar: Adding value for your businessTired of finding ways of getting creative and adding real value to your business? Many businesses often overlook the value of going green and are unaware of its major benefits. Well, you will be very pleased to know that going green improves marketability of a property. The value of properties in the UK is expected to increase in the foreseeable future. The average UK home is expected to rise, adding to the already 10.1 per cent annual increase in 2016. Annual rates have risen and have been the strongest since the three months to July 2014 when it was at 9.7 per cent This is the perfect time therefore to increase the value of your commercial property and boost corporate sustainability. The UK government predicts a 60 per cent increase in wholesale electricity prices by 2024. Money spent on the growing rates of electricity could instead, be invested in using solar, a renewable power energy source. Skansen who are specialists in fit out and refurbishment, have stressed the importance that is placed on green buildings by investors and occupiers - Aside from marketable benefits there are also many tangible benefits whether you are a Tenant, or a Landlord. If you are a Tenant you will be blessed with lower operational costs which will set you aside from those having to pay extortionate prices for electricity. You will also make massive savings on your energy bills which will exceed the initial cost of design and construction premiums. It will also have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. According to Skansen also, those of you that are Landlords will be at a major competitive advantage over other businesses if you decide to become an energy efficient and environmentally friendly user of renewable energy sources. The risk of a change in laws and regulations will also be reduced. Most businesses for example will be caught up in legal matters in regards to the letting of properties which have an EPC rating below E. From 2018 onwards it is said to be illegal to do this. There will be an increased demand for green space in the next upcoming years. Investing in solar power will therefore be very beneficial for your business!The Solar Power Portal study shows that PV arrays on commercial properties can increase their value through additional income streams. This is yet another major advantage for businesses that make the wise decision to go green. How can you increase your value? You can generate income through the Government Feed-in Tariff which we explain on our website Over 80 per cent of consumers are already publically supportive of solar energy. There are many brands that already support solar Google, Mars, Ikea, Apple and Sainsburys. You could add value to your business today. Give us a call on 01473 727 727 or visit us online at to find out more or book a free energy survey. You could be supporting renewable energy sources in no time! </p>