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As a business owner or leader, you are constantly subjected to competition from many sources. Falling victim to the demands of today's market can leave your company unprepared when priorities begin to collide. Whether you are a small or large business, owner or employee, consultant or advisor, working ON your business rather than IN your business will help you begin to build value in your brand. This panel of seven experts will share seven simple ideas and tips that any company can immediately implement to add value to their brand and business using social media, new marketing ideas and other brand building techniques.The seminar is organized by UVM's Vermont Family Business Initiative


<ul><li> 1. 7 Experts 7 Tips 7 Minutes <br />Adding Value to Your Brand and Business<br />May 25, 2011<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Ground rules: <br />Each EXPERT will have SEVEN MINUTES to share their TIP.<br />A one-minute warning will sound. <br />Once the signal sounds, no more TIPS! <br />Please hold all questions until the end. <br />There will be approximately 30 minutes for questions and answers after all have shared.<br />Questions should be directed to the moderator. <br />Please keep track of TIPS on the back of your info sheet. <br /> 3. Todays moderator<br />Veronica Williams<br />hmc2 advertising<br />www.hmc2agency.com<br /> 4. John SiddleJDK Designjdk.com<br /> 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Steve Hill<br />Magic Hat and North American Breweries<br />magichat.net<br /> 13. 14. Creating CommunityWith Social Media<br /> 15. Vermont has an advantage when it comes to business:<br />Community<br /> 16. As You Build Your Brand Within Your Community, Build It In an Online Community.<br /> 17. Why Do it?<br />-Spread the word of your business<br />-Get referrals<br />-Network<br />-Get new ideas<br />-Public forum for good customer service <br />-You can choose your level of involvement and go at your own pace<br /> 18. The Tools Are Free and Easy:<br /> 19. Online connection creates a FACE &amp; a VOICE behind your brand.<br />Online connection creates a FACE and a VOICE behind your brand.<br /> 20. The Voice of Magic Hat<br /> 21. -People like feeling as if theyre a part of something --&gt; Community. <br />-Magic Hat created an online community at MagicHat.net (The Peoples Place)<br />-Then we got involved with Facebook and Twitter, and further grew our online presence in an organic way.<br />-We constantly INTERACT with our followers. We ask THEM what beers they want, what they like/dislike, where we should conduct promotions<br /> 22. Why use Social Media?<br />-140 million people in the U.S. are on Facebook, 40% of whom follow a brand.<br />-51% of those following a brand will make a purchase<br />-60% of Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow.<br /> 23. Why Use Social Media?<br />Why use Social Media?<br />-61 million people in the U.S. use Twitter, 25% of whom follow a brand.<br />-67% are loyal consumers of those brands.<br />-79% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow.<br /> 24. Some More Numbers<br /> 25. What Can You Do to Get Involved?<br />-Join a social network and get to know how it works.<br />-Follow similar brands and learn from them.<br />-Ask your friends to share your information<br /> 26. What Can You Do to Get Involved?<br />Show your customers that youre online by branding your store, merch, packaging, etc.<br /> 27. These small symbols are all it takes:<br /> 28. 29. There Is One Key to an Online Presence:<br />There is One Key to an Online Community Presence:<br />CONTENT!<br /> 30. Content!<br />-Use your Voice and your Face as a connection point to your consumers.<br />-Plan to update your community pages on a consistent basis.<br />-Ask Questions of, Listen to, Engage Your Followers!<br />-Offer people something.<br />-Anything relevant is fair game.<br />-Dont be a robot. Be human. Speak to people online as youd speak to them face-to-face.<br /> 31. Invest However You Want!<br />-You can reach someone in 5 minutes, or you can reach someone in 2 hours. Its up to you.<br />-If youre a small business, you dont need to hire someone specifically for social media. <br /> 32. If youre thirsty after the Expo, head to the brewery for free samples, growlers and tours!<br />Cheers!<br /> 33. 34. Dianne Hanlon-Druyff <br />Kelliher Samets Volk<br />ksvc.com<br /> 35. Branding: sum total of parts<br />A brand is the sum total of the thoughts, feelings, associations and expectations a prospect or customer experiences when exposed to any aspect of a companys product or service, including its name, logo, the actual product experience, word-of-mouth, marketing, etc.<br /> 36. Baxters Sandwich Shops<br />Fresh<br />Creative<br />Fun<br />Natural<br />Home-made<br />Local<br />Fast/convenient<br />Charitable<br />Family-owned<br />Unexpected<br />Delicious<br />Good value<br />Friendly<br />Clean<br />Distinctive<br />Organic<br />Tech savvy<br />Healthy<br />Kid-approved<br />Customer focus<br />Sincere<br /> 37. The art of sacrifice<br />Desirable Supportable Ownable Sustainable<br />The art of sacrifice<br /> 38. Baxters Sandwich Shops<br />Fresh<br />Creative<br />Fun<br />Natural<br />Home-made<br />Local<br />Fast/convenient<br />Charitable<br />Family-owned<br />Unexpected<br />Delicious<br />Good value<br />Friendly<br />Clean<br />Distinctive<br />Organic<br />Tech savvy<br />Healthy<br />Kid-approved<br />Customer focus<br />Sincere<br /> 39. Baxters Sandwich Shops<br />What makes Baxters special is our dedication to using only the freshestingredients, our wildly unexpected flavor combinations, and our commitment to making you a trulyhealthymeal.<br /> 40. What does it take to get there?<br />Invite the right people (key stakeholders) into the process too many cooks well, you know<br />Start big and broad, then do the hard work the art of sacrifice<br />Document what youve done in a statement a declaration of your brand DNA<br />Tell everyone in your organization and make sure they can articulate it even if it is in their own words<br /> 41. Brian Degen <br />Fieldstone Consulting<br />fieldstoneco.com<br /> 42. Tip #1<br />Investors will value a strong brand higher when it comes time to sell your business.<br /> 43. Drivers of Company Value<br />Profitability<br /></p> <ul><li>Free Cash Flow (EBITDA)</li></ul> <p>Stability of Profitability<br /></p> <ul><li>Reduced investment risk</li></ul>