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  • 1. Adapting Sports & Fitness for People with DisabilitiesMontana SportsUnited: China, U.S. Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center of the University of Montana

2. Objectives Exchanges identified needs and ideas to adapt sports and fitness activities for individuals with disabilities Adapting activities for all abilities2 3. Why Adapt Sports and Fitness Pain Fatigue Lack of energy, endurance, strength Weight Control Depression Isolation Financial Transportation Accessibility 3 Time 4. Why Adapt Sports and Fitness4 5. Unified Sports Opportunities Adapting Sports for people with and without disabilities to participate together as teammates.5 6. Sport Selection Three Important Considerations1. Accessibility: Can students with different types of disabilities participate in the sport with appropriate accommodations?6 7. Sport Selection Three Important Considerations 2. Meaningful Involvement: Can students with and without disabilities contribute to their Unified Sports teams meaningfully?7 8. Sport Selection Three Important Considerations 3. Safety: Can all students participate safely in the sports environment without fundamentally altering the nature of the sport?8 9. Adapting Fitness Supervised accessible fitness facility Pneumex body-support assisted standing and walking program9 10. Working with Bands11 11. Adapting Equipment12 12. Adapting Equipment13 13. Adapting Equipment14 14. Adapting Equipment15 15. Questions? Would Unified Sports be something that you could do in your community? What are some exercises that you have adapted to meet the need of individuals with disabilities? What are some of the sports that you adapt for people with disabilities?16 16. Thank You!Montana