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A powerpoint describing the steps required to wage a successful SEO | SEM or Internet Marketing Campaign. Brought to you by Gaveltek


<ul><li> 7 Steps to SEO Marketing<br /></li> <li> Goals<br />Audience<br />Competitors<br />Success Measures<br /> Strategy (foundation)<br /></li> <li> What are your SEO goals?<br />Sell online<br />Generate leads<br />Build marketing database<br />Goals<br /></li> <li> Who is your audience?<br />What industry or business are they in?<br />What business are the people visiting your site in within their companies?<br />Are they searching for a product, brand name, or service they wish achieve?<br />Audience<br /></li> <li> Who are your competitors?<br />Traditional- Sell same products / services<br />Non-Traditional- All other search results that pop up using your keywords<br />Competitors<br /></li> <li> The Business Building Impact<br />Increased Website Ranking<br />Increased Website Traffic<br />Online Leads and/or sales<br />Success Measures<br /></li> <li> Speak Customer Language<br />Words used by customers<br />Words used on website and search ads<br />Part Art and Part Science<br />Art- Brainstorm list of keywords (10-15 recommended)<br />Science- See what works via statistical info and keyword programs<br />II. Best Keywords (cornerstone)<br /></li> <li> How Search Engines See Site<br />How People See Site<br />Create Keyword Plan<br />Code for Success <br />III. Optimize Website<br /></li> <li> Back end <br />Front end<br />How Search Engines See Site<br /></li> <li> Aesthetics<br />Readability<br />Content<br />How People See Site<br /></li> <li> Assign each phrase to most appropriate web page<br />Start with one phrase for each page<br />Use keyword phrase throughout entire page<br />Leverage different forms of keyword phrases (plural, present, and past tenses)<br />Link between pages<br />Create Keyword Plan<br /></li> <li> Make website crawlable<br />Create killer Title tags<br />Create meaty Meta tags<br />Code for Success<br /></li> <li> Make sure all pages are in search engines<br />Perform advanced search<br />Search within a site or domain<br />Submit site to major search engines<br />Setup a search engine sitemap<br />IV. Get Site Indexed<br /></li> <li> On Page and Off Page<br />Build inbound links to site<br />Assess current inbound links<br />Create link-worthy content<br />Educational info on site (*great traffic generator)<br />Consider producing blog<br />V. Attract Links to Site<br /></li> <li> Get listed in industry and topical directories<br />Review competitors links<br />Siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com<br />Build links with online public relations<br />Publish press releases online<br />Use keyword phrases in title<br />PRWeb, Articlesbase are good sources<br />V. Attract Links to Site cont.<br /></li> <li> Publish in online industry publications<br />Sydicate articles on article distribution services<br />Ehow, Ezine Articles<br />Build carefully with social media<br />Setup a Linkedin profile<br />Publish educational videos and presentations online<br />YouTube, SlideShare<br />V. Attract Links to Site cont.<br /></li> <li> Participate in blogs and forums<br />Blogspot, Tumblr<br />Also<br />Facebook, Twitter<br />V. Attract Links to Site cont.<br /></li> <li> Pay Per Click (PPC)<br />Ads in paid search results<br />Bids are managed via 24/7 online auction<br />Each ad network managed separately<br />With PPC you can manage<br />Keywords phrases<br />Keywords bids<br />Daily budget<br />Ad copy<br />Geographic location<br />Time of day (ex. during business hours) <br />VI. Run a Results-Focused PPC Campaign<br /></li> <li> Results-Focused PPC Campaign<br />Think of it as paying for leads or sales<br />Bid on relevant keywords- popular terms cost more<br />Tie bidding strategies to results<br />Write relevant and compelling ad copy (think what is searchers motive?) <br />Include call to action in the ad<br />Send people to relevant and unique landing page (not just home)<br />Test, test, test- make sure you are optimizing results<br />VI. Run a Results-Focused PPC Campaign cont.<br /></li> <li> Focus On Results with ROI Measurement<br />Measure Organic SEO Campaign<br />Track organic search ranking<br />Track your position and competitors<br />Track Traffic Generated from Search Engines<br />Top Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)<br />Top Keywords<br />Paths through website<br />VII. Measure Success<br /></li> <li> Measure link building and online Press Release Success<br />Track traffic generated from referring sites<br />Track traffic generated from Press Releases, articles, and forum posts<br />Top referring sites<br />Paths through site- what did they do on site?<br />Goal completion by website <br />VII. Measure Success cont.<br /></li> <li> Setup Google Alerts Account<br />Google.com/alerts- measure how many times sites have picked up your site<br />Measure PPC Success<br />conversion tracking in Google Adwords<br />Track paid search results in Google Analytics<br />Top Search engines, keywords<br />Cost per visit/click<br />Paths through site<br />VII. Measuring Success cont.<br /></li> </ul>