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  • 7 Steps to Getting a YES! The Secrets to Selling Personal Training Clients Long-Term


  • Jodi Fitness industry for 16 years CSCS certified, Kinesiology Driven over $14M in Personal Training and Program Sales

    Competitive Figure Skater


  • The 7 Steps

    Client Intro PAR-Q Goal Setting and 5 Whys The Training Experience Client Plan Recommendation Problem Solving

  • Confidence will go up, big time! Youll sell longer-term packages Youll know your monthly income Keep your clients long-term, ensure their on-going


    Be able to plan vacations/time off Clients show up to their sessions more regularly

    with a higher ticket price

    STOP Selling all the time

    Get comfortable with selling!

  • This webinar is for you IF:

    You are sick of spending countless unpaid hours doing consultations that dont close

    You want to help even more people You are tired of not knowing how much money

    youll make each month

    This webinar is NOT for you IF: You arent truly ready to take action You arent interested in growing your business

  • Let me tell you a story..in 2003 I was: Selling 10-packs Doing a million consults Spending 14hours/day in the club Constantly worrying about if my clients would renew or not

    Cut to 2007: Selling an average package value of over $6200 (over 120 sessions at

    a time)

    Closing the majority of the consults I was doing Only in the club with my clients, plus a few hours/wk for prospecting Knowing my income for at least 6 mths ahead

    Work less, get more

  • Find out as much as you can about their previous exercise experience.

    This will give you an idea of the successes and struggles they have and where they need your support this time around!

    Contact information, including email Exercise background, dig deep Build Rapport

    Client Intro/Background

  • PAR-Q

    Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

    Ensures you are taking care of safety and health issues first, and addressing any concerns.

    Permission to exercise is necessary if there are any YESES.

    Often: Rushed Not signed Incomplete info.

    Instead: Ensure this is completed Have the client READ the questions him/herself Ensure the form is SIGNED by all necessary parties

  • What does the client WANT? Creates the basis for your prescription/plan.

    Find out what their goals are Be specific Find out when they would like to achieve their goals

    Discover WHY they want to achieve these goals

    Dig 5 Deep

    Goal setting and 5 WHYS

  • A short workout or assessment to give the prospect a chance to see what its like to work with you. People buy from others whom they Know, Like and Trust (KLT).

    Often: Disengagement

    Lack of interest

    Exercises that dont match the prospects goals or abilities

    Instead: Fun, smiles, excitement

    Talking in we instead of you


    Exercises that make sense

    The Training Experience

  • Show them the path and the results theyll achieve along the way. Give them something to look forward to.

    Create belief in you and your knowledge as a trainer, and build excitement around achieving their goals!

    Showing them the milestones along the way The plan is an overview, not a detailed prescription with

    technical jargon

    Client Plan

  • Let them know the BEST way to get them to their goals. Give them the opportunity to have all the information they need to make a decision. Then, let them make it for themselves.


    Present the recommendation based on their goals and the plan you created, not

    on what you think they can AFFORD

    Describe the investment they will make Ask for the sale

  • Go through their objections with them, and work together to come up with a solution that makes sense for both you and the client.

    I see: Trainers who let people go after 1 NO/objection Eyes down, and fidgeting

    Instead: Confidence in your recommendation Dig into their objections and work with them to find the solution. If you let them go after 1-3 objections you are doing them a


    Problem Solving

  • Be prepared to sign the contract WHEN they say YES! Keep your confidence up, knowing that you know how to actually PROCESS the payment when they decide to sign-up!

    Have paperwork ready Be prepared to take payment right away, and to do so


    Congrats! You did it!

    Closing the Sale

  • Training 10 Clients (2x/wk) long term packages: Hrs/wk: 20 x .10=2 (10% cancellations), 18hrs work

    Consults: 2/wk, total of ~3hrs (unpaid)

    Total hours in the club: 21/wk

    Total Revenue/wk: 18x60=$1080/wk

    Training 10 Clients (2x/wk) 10 sessions packages: Hrs/wk: 20 x .10=2 (30% cancellations), 14hrs work

    Consults: 6/wk, total of ~9hrs (unpaid)

    Total hours in the club: 23/wk

    Total Revenue/wk: 14x60=$840/wk

    Total loss: $240/wk and $1008/mth

    Short-Term vs. Long-Term Clients

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