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Post on 18-Dec-2014


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Applying a critical formula that showcases your digital worth is just one aspect of obtaining and retaining the right sponsors. Its half art, half science and as sponsorships become increasingly vital to venues and events, knowing and monetizing your value is crucial.


  • 1. 6 STEPS TO SELLING SPONSORSHIPS *Marketing Charts CREATED BY Brian Bauer Agency Director Rockhouse Partners In 2013, brands spent $19.8 billion on sponsorships with U.S. entertainment properties*.
  • 2. Build, Deliver & Measure Effective Sponsorships Appraise price, rights, terms & assets Generate inventory and activations Prospect, pitch & close deals Engage consumers online & onsite Control & enhance activation Assess ROI, impact & effectiveness
  • 3. rockhousepartners.com DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE INTO SELLABLE PARTS *The Next Web Somewhere, theres a brand or company trying to reach yourfan base. Before engaging potential sponsors, first identify and segment your audience to show value. 75% of women identify themselves as primary shoppers for their household*. 1
  • 4. rockhousepartners.com List and value your assets. What do you have that sponsors want? From tickets and hospitality to in-venue signage to a logo on your website, make a list of every asset that you have and price it. 2. DEFINE & VALUE YOUR INVENTORY *Statista Digital sponsorship has grown over 20% in the last year, rising to over $2 billion*. 2
  • 5. rockhousepartners.com From a title sponsorship to an entry-level package, put together Good, Better, and Best options for your potential sponsors. 3. BUILD PACKAGES *IEGSR Music sponsorship spending to total $1.34 billion in 2014*. 3
  • 6. rockhousepartners.com 4. CREATE A COMPELLING SALES STORY Identify your prospects business goals and demonstrate how you will drive results. Visual presentation matters and always remember to refer back to your data. The focus cannot be to dream up ideas and try to find a brand to fund them, but to understand the brand problem and find or create the content to address and solve it. -Peter Tortorici, GroupM Entertainment 4
  • 7. rockhousepartners.com Promote sponsors online and on-site before, during, and after your events. 5. ACTIVATE & MANAGE Through digital and in-venue channels, Rockhouse activations reach customers an average of 17 times during an event. 5
  • 8. rockhousepartners.com Measure everything. Provide insights to your sponsors along the way and display your value with a recap deck at the end of each engagement. This info helps acquire renewals and new sponsors. *CEO Forum 6. TELL YOUR SHARED SUCCESS STORY The average length of a sponsorship is 3 years*. 6
  • 9. Say hello. hello@rockhousepartners.com
  • 10. www.slideshare.net/etixworld