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How to use Instagram to increase your online sales.



2. Why Use Instagram for Marketing? Increasing use of this visual social media platform Allows you to show, not just tell, about products Stay on top of the customers mind Develop your company brand 3. How to Successfully Sell on Instagram? 4 Step Process Establish Instagram Relationship (Get followers) Consistent Branding The Click Through The Sale 4. Step 1: Instagram Relationships Gain Followers and Establish Relationships Reply to comments left on your images Like images followers/others post Leave comments on images that exemplify your brand Other Techniques Repost images of followers (with their permission) to gain access to their fans. Many times users will share they have been featured. Have a follower takeover where you post images from a follower all day. Ask them to announce it to their followers. Hold a contest asking Instagrammers to post a picture representing your brand using specific hashtag. 5. Step 2: Consistent Branding Regularly share images Use a consistent style for images Occasionally promote Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Have patience 6. Step 3: The Click Through On Promotional Images: Include a call to action Create a sense of urgency Include a link to where you want followers to go (text version, Instagram does not host live links except in bio) See a great example of a subtle, yet successful call to action 7. Step 4: The Sale On Your Website Offer products/services in multiple price ranges More consistent branding Deepen the relationship: email subscription, othersocial platforms, etc. 8. To Read a More Detailed Strategy Go here: 4 Steps to Getting Sales Through Instagram Author Megan Corwin, Internet Marketing Strategist Visual Content Lab, Columbus OH Twitter: @mcorwin Instagram: @visualcontentlab http://visualcontentlab.com