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  • 1. 7 Social Media Tips for Marketing your Websiteby Ralph Reyes | on April 3, 20137 Social Media Tips for Marketing your WebsiteSocial media offers a free way to market your website. As we know, companies have been using this as a proficient way to market their services and products for awhile now. With the popularization of three Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In social media websites, were able to do some very impressive things. It does requiresome legwork, but its definitely worth it. If applied the right way, the business owner can most definitely see their profits explode.7 Social Media Tips: Practices for Improved Traffic!Business owners are always looking for ways to better use the big three social media properties to make more money. If you follow these tips, you may see an increasein sales!1. Ask QuestionsSocial media is mostly used as a way to connect. Its important that we keep this at the forefront. If youre looking to drum up some interest youll have to startasking questions. People like to be engaged. Most people are pretty savvy these days. While its effective, they really dont like to be talked at all the time. As such,its not a bad idea for you to actually talk to them. The questions may not matter as much as you think, as most people see social media as a way to kill a little time.However, theres also a good way for you to talk about some of the products that you sell. It can be used as an effective market research tool. You can ask them whatthey think may be wrong with the given industry, or some ways that theyd like to see it improve. Who knows, their answers to the questions may be something thatyou can capitalize from. As in, you may be able to introduce a new product to the market. Most people know what they want.The most important thing to look at here is how many companies operate. If you have your own personal social media account, think about how many times youveseen a company genuinely engage the people that enjoy their products. There really arent that many. Most companies just put a page up there and hope the likes cometo them. Worse, some companies even buy their likes in an effort to peddle their wares to the people whove bought them. Sure, it may be effective for some but notfor most.Savvier consumers appreciate a face behind the company. Its important that you offer this to your clientele.

2. 2. Keep the Conversation FlowingThis could almost be addressed in the point above. When you get engaged its important to stay engaged. If youre going to benefit from any of your social mediaefforts, its crucial that you stay plugged in. Of course, this can be a little tough to do. If you can, its important to assign someone to handle this task for you. Theperson doesnt necessarily have to be an expert in social media, but they should understand your company and what your company does. If they are, theyll have abetter chance of answering your questions and staying in line with your company brand.Its important that they respond quickly, too. Social media is all about conversations. Its impossible to have a conversation without responding in a timely manner.Theres two reasons for this. One, a quick response lets the user know that theyre valued and you care about your input. Secondly, being quick on your feet allowsyou to diffuse any negative feedback. A negative comment is a bane on business. The negative comment that goes without response for a while can wreak havoc. Thisonly strengthens the benefits of dedicating someone to social media.3. Give Stuff AwayThis is probably one of the more-utilized tips that business use regardless of whether or not theyve been doing it a while. Theres a little more to this. Of course,theres the chance for you to give a discount to certain products and services. Its effective, and it will probably equate to sales right off of the bat. Its long beenproven effective, but you also have the chance to drum up some interest in other ways.For example, everyone enjoys gift cards. They enjoy them more if its something that theyd be more inclined to use like WalMart or something similar. Theamount doesnt have to be much but it does make people respond in a frenzied manner. Its incredible to see how people respond to things when theres some sort ofcompetition. Its fun, engaging, and can be advantageous on your end. You may have to spend a couple of bucks, but you may also be gaining a few customers. At thevery least, youd be getting your name out there.4. Become the Authority 3. Its true that some of the older Internet Marketing efforts have been waning in terms of effectiveness, especially things like Search Engine Optimization. However,theres something that we can take from it that can be applied to social media marketing. Its important to become an authority in your industry not just one thatsthere to make money. While thats the most important thing, experts agree that one of the ultimate goals of marketing is to become the place where people go whentheyre looking for a certain product or service. While it is assuredly difficult, youd want your brand name to become synonymous with whatever youre selling.For a good example, look no further than the way that you got here. Chances are you probably used Google as a means to find yourself on this page. We usedGoogle as the term for searching on the Internet. Theres a good chance that you wont reach those heights of success, but its important to become a name wherepeople consider it to be the de facto source for all information regarding your industry. This means that youll have to be extraordinarily active and drive theconversation on all of your social media fronts. Not only do you have to promote great content, you have to actually produce the content.Even if youre working in a highly-specialized niche, people will still have questions about it that you can answer. Its imperative that you seek these people out andanswer any and all inquiries that you find. As you know if you have even a small following people are interested in your industry. Its a good idea to engage themwith content that you created with tutorials, how-tos, and anything else that you think that they could use.5. Share Relevant ContentSharing relevant content is important. Not only does it get people to check out something that pertains from your industry, it also shows your passion. Dont letanyone fool you passion drives social media. It also equates to success here. This passion should be felt in everything that you do in social media even done toyour company name and profile. Sharing content that exudes this passion drives it up in others. If youre passionate about something, your audience shares thatpassion. This gets the conversation going. 4. One of the more interesting things about this type of content is that it keeps you from having to do a lot of homework. When it comes to some types of social mediamarketing, it can be tough to think about topics to cover when sharing. Its not the case when youre drawing from passion. You can even use something thats a littlecontroversial here as long as it doesnt offend your client base. It can also be funny, thought-provoking, or trivial. You simply cant go wrong if its topical andinteresting to the people who share the same interests.6. Brand Yourself or your CompanyIf youre going to get the best out of your social media marketing efforts, you have to brand yourself or your company name. Be sure to have the exact handle acrossthe board. Its minimal branding here. Its also something that you should be doing. After all, youre reading an article about social media branding. It will really helpyou if you have the popular social media accounts even if youre not looking to use all of them, even though that will really help.But, not only is this something that you need to do, its a way to help people find you. Sure people only use a couple of social media accounts but there are somepeople who dont. The last thing that any successful marketer would want to do is to limit themselves. Also, there are a number of different programs and services thatwill actually sign you up to the litanies of different social media networks out there. While you may have to pay for some of these services, they can be beneficial orsome.Ideally, your account name should be consistent across all of the social media networks. If you can, try to register the same name. If you dont, theres the chance thatyour prospective customers, fans, and others will find it hard to find your profiles. Thats a big no-no, so it may be worth your while to find as many social mediaoutlets as you can. Once you do, be sure to sign up with them.7. Listen to OthersListening to others is really important in social media. As earlier stated, you have to engage and stay in the conversation. However, its not about having the sameconversation. While youll always want to market your products and services, people also stated above like to know that theres actually a human talking to them.You need to have conversations with people that may be outside of what your company does. It may be a little tiresome, but people will remember these conversationsthat you had with them. When they do need a service you specialize in theres a good chance that they wont go with your competition. 5. Social media is topical. It wont be too hard to find your customers talking about something that may be going on in the world. Respond to them. If its not somethingovertly personal, dont be afraid to jump in the fray and offer some sort of advice. Theres a good chance that they wont mind, and theyll most definitely see thatyoure receptive to the way that they believe. They may even praise your committal to the people around you.The end-goal here is to build credibility with your audience. If you do this successfully, you will open the door for you to talk about yourself. When you start doingthis people will be more apt to listen. This strategy i