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HOW TO USE THIS COMPETENCY-BASED LEARNING MATERIAL (CBLM)Welcome to the competency -based learning material for the module: Applying Quality Standards. This module contains training materials and activities for you to accomplish. The unit of competency Apply Quality Standards, contains the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for Computer Hardware Servicing NC Level II. You are required to go through a series of learning activities in order to complete each learning outcomes of the module. In each learning outcome, there are reference materials or instructional sheets for further reading to help you better understand the required activities. Follow the activities at your own pace and answer the self -check at the end of each learning outcome. If you have questions, please feel free to ask for the assistanc e of your trainer/facilitator.

RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING (RPL)You may have some or most of the knowledge and skills included in this learners guide because you have: Been working in the same industry for some time. Already completed training in this area. If you can demonstrate to your trainer that you are competent in a particular skill, you dont have to do the same training again. If you feel that you have some skills, talk to your trainer about having them formally recognized. If you have a qualification or certificate of competence from previous trainings, show them to your trainer. If the skills you acquired are still current and relevant to the unit of competency, they may become part of the evidence you can present for RPL. If you are n ot sure about the currency of your skills, discuss this with your trainer. A Trainee Record Book (TRB) is given to you to record important dates, jobs undertaken and other workplace events that will assist you in providing further details to your trainer/assessor. A Record of Achievement/Progress Chart is also provided to your trainer to complete/accomplish once you have completed the module. This will show your own progress.

DIRECTION FOR USE OF THE CBLMThis module was prepared to help you achieve the required competency: Apply Quality Standards. This will be the source of information for you to acquire the knowledge and skills in this particular module with minimum supervision or help from your trainer. With the aid of this material, you will acquire the competency independently and at your own pace.

Talk to your trainer and agree on how you will both organize the training of this unit. Read through the module carefully. It is divided into sections which covers all the skills and knowledge you nee d to successfully complete in this module. Work through all the information and complete the activities in each section. Do what is asked in the INSTRUCTIONAL SHEET ( TASK SHEET, OPERATION SHEET, JOB SHEET ) and complete the SELF-CHECK. Suggested references are included to supplement the materials provided in this module. Most probably, your trainer will also be your supervisor or manager. He is there to support you and show you the correct way to do things. Ask for help. Your trainer will tell you about the important things you need to consider when you are completing activities and it is important that you listen and take notes. You will be given plenty of opportunities to ask questions and practice on the job. Make sure you practice your new skills d uring regular work shifts. This way, you will improve both your speed and memory and also your confidence. Talk to more experienced workmates and ask for their guidance. Use the self-check questions at the end of each section to test your own progress. When you are ready, ask your trainer to watch you perform the activities outlined in the module. As you work through the activities, ask for written feedback on your progress. Your trainer gives feedback/pre -assessment reports for this reason. When you have successfully completed each element or learning outcome, ask your trainer to mark on the reports that you are ready for assessment. When you have completed this module (several modules) and feel confident that you have had sufficient practice, your train er will arrange an appointment to qualified trainer to assess/evaluate you. The result of your assessment/evaluation will be recorded in your COMPETENCY ACHIEVEMENT RECORD.


ICT315202 Apply quality standards ICT311201 Perform computer operations

ELC311201 Perform mensuration and calculation ELC311202 Prepare and interpret technical drawing ELC724201 Use hand tools ELC724202 Terminate and connect electrical wiring and electronic circuits


UNIT OF COMPETENCY: APPLY QUALITY STANDARDSMODULE: APPLYING OF QUALITY STANDARDSMODULE DESCRIPTION: This module covers the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to apply quality standards in the workplace. The unit also includes the application of relevant safety procedures and regulations, organization procedures and customer requirements. 9 hours



SUMMARY OF LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this module the students/trainees must be able to: 1. Assess quality of received materials 2. Assess own work 3. Engage in quality improvement

LEARNING OUTCOME SUMMARYINTRODUCTION: This module contains information and suggested learning activities on Computer Hardware Servicing. It includes training materials and activities for you to complete. Completion of this module will help you better understand the succeeding module on Computer Hardware Servicing. This module consists of 3 learning outcomes. Each learning outcome contains learning activities supported by each instruction sheets. Before you perform the instructions read the information sheets and answer the self -check and activities provided to as certain to yourself and your teacher that you have acquired the knowledge necessary to perform the skill por tion of the particular learning outcome. Upon completion of this module, report to your teacher for assessment to check your achievement of knowledge and skills requirement of this module. If you pass the assessment, you will be given a certificate of co mpletion. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the module you should be able to: LO1 Assess Condition of Received Equipment LO2 Assess own work LO3 Validate ones work for quality improvement LO1: ASSESS CONDITION OF RECEIVED EQUIPMENT ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: 1. Work instruction obtained and work carried out in accordance with standard operating procedures. 2. Received materials checked against workplace standards and

specifications. 3. Faulty materials related to work are identified and isolated 4. Faults and any identified causes recorded and or reported to the supervisor concerned in accordance with workplace procedures 5. Faulty materials are replaced in accordance with workplace


CONTENTS: y y y y y y y Reading skills required to interpret work instruction Workplace standards and specifications Procedures in obtaining and carrying out work instructions Quality checking procedures Fault identification and reporting Safety and environmental aspects of production process Carry out work in accordance with policies and pro cedures

METHODOLOGIES: y y y Lecture-demonstration Self-paced instruction Group discussion

ASSESSMENT METHODS: y y y Hands-on Direct observation Practical demonstration

LO2: ASSESS OWN WORK ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: 1. Documentation relative to quality within the company identified and used 2. Completed work checked against workplace standards and

specifications 3. Errors are identified and isolated 4. Information on the quality and other indicators of production procedures recorded in accordance with workplace procedures 5. In cases of deviation from specific and reported quality standards, causes


in accordance

with the


standard operating procedures.


y y

Communication skills needed to interpret and apply defined work procedures Identifying errors (deviati on from customer and or organization requirements)

METHODOLOGIES: y y y Lecture-demonstration Self-paced instruction Group discussion

ASSESSMENT METHODS: y y y Hands-on Direct observation Practical demonstration

LO3: VALIDATE ONES WORK FOR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: 1. Process improvement procedures participated in relative to workplace assignment 2. Work carried out in accordance with process improvement procedures 3. Performance of operation or quality of product of service to ensure customer satisfactio n monitored CONTENTS: y y y y Relevant production processes, materials and products Safety and environmental aspects of production processes Critical thinking Quality improvement processes

METHODOLOGIES: y y y Lecture-demonstration Self-paced instruction Group discussion

ASSESSMENT METHODS: y y y Hands-on Direct observation Practical demonstration

Learning Experiences Learning Outcome 1ASSESS QUALITY OF RECEIVED

Learning Activities

Special Instructions

1. Read Information Sheet If you have doubt/verifications regarding the 1.1-1 data on the information sheet 1.1 -1, you may ask the trainer or co-trainees who are done with this activity. 2. Answer 1.1-1 Self-Check for Compare answers with the answer key 1.11. You are required to get all answers correct. If not, read the information sheet 1.1-1 again to answer all questions correctly