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<ul><li><p> Investment Management Institute </p><p> 34th Annual Spring </p><p>Consultants </p><p>Congress </p><p>April 5-6, 2017- The San Francisco Marriott Fishermans Wharf Hotel 1250 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133 </p><p> Featuring One-On-One Meetings with the Consultant of your choice an important first step in building consultant relationships. Use this time to introduce your firm and learn about the consultants priorities in the hiring of managers. </p><p> Participating Consultant Firms </p><p>One-On-One Consulting Firms have an ASTERISK* </p><p>Mercer* </p><p>Willis Towers Watson* </p><p>Chartwell Consulting* </p><p>Wilshire Associates* </p><p>Morgan Stanley* </p><p>UBS Financial Services* </p><p>RVK, Inc.* </p><p>RDK Strategies </p><p>Merrill Lynch </p><p>Stalcup Consulting </p><p>Shepherd Kaplan LLC </p><p>Fund Evaluation Group </p><p>Manager Analysis Services, LLC </p><p>Canterbury Consulting </p><p>Milliman Consultants* </p><p>Lowery Asset Consulting* </p><p>Meketa Investment Group* </p><p>CapTrust Financial Advisors </p><p>AON Hewitt* </p><p>Asset Consulting Group </p><p>AK Advisory Partners LLC </p><p>Bruderman Asset Management Segal Marco Advisors* </p><p>Paladin FinTech </p><p>Callan Associates </p><p>Invictus Financial Development </p><p>Pension Consulting Alliance </p><p>Kamp Consulting Solutions </p><p>IPEX Consulting* </p><p>Investment Performance </p><p>Services* </p><p>Fiduciary Advisors Advocates </p><p>Clearing Investment Consulting* </p><p>Wurts &amp; Associates* </p><p>NEPC* </p><p>Collins Capital </p><p>Verus Investments</p><p>Sign Up Now! </p><p>Receive $300 Discount off </p><p>Registration fee </p></li><li><p> Investment Management Institute 34th Annual Consultants Congress </p><p>April 5-6, 2017 The San Francisco Marriott Hotel at Fishermans Wharf Day One Wednesday April 5, 2017 </p><p>7:45 AM REGISTRATION OPENS WITH CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST 8:15 AM OPENING REMARKS </p><p> HAVING A WINNING MARKETING STRATEGY </p><p> Russell K. Mason President INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE </p><p> 8:30 AM ESTABLISHING RELATIONSHIPS AND TRUST Never in the history of asset management have relationships been more important to consultants as they review the numerous managers offering a variety of products and strategies. Since 2007 managers have introduced over 5000 products annually creating for many gridlocks. With little relief from new product introductions learn how managers can elevate their firm in building trust and acceptance with clients who wish to expand their diversification programs. </p><p>Speakers: Natalka Bukalo President CHARTWELL CONSULTING </p><p> Glenn Ezard Senior Consultant SEGAL MARCO ADVISORS Daniel C. Tarlas, CFA Senior Managing Director ASSET CONSULTING GROUP </p><p>9:30 AM HOW THE SEARCH PROCESS IS EVOLVING </p><p>Speakers: Bruce Graham, CFA Vice President CAPTRUST FINANCIAL ADVISORS </p><p> Margaret S. Jadallah Managing Director, Senior Consultant VERUS </p><p>Katie Hockenmaier, CIPM Principal MERCER </p></li><li><p>10:30 AM MORNING RECEPTION 10:45 AM DIFFERENTIATING AN ASSET MANAGEMENT FIRM </p><p>Investors today are casting a wider net for managers who offer new ideas, new thinking and a risk management approach which takes advantage of global economic changes. With over 25,000 managers to choose from selecting the best can often be difficult when consultants have limited time to see managers. Every effort needs to be made by the managers to assist in highlighting the key characteristics of your firm which encourages the consultant to learn more about your firm. Learn from these distinguished consultants how you can advance your firm in the review process. </p><p>Speakers: Ramon Gonzalez, CFA Vice President WILSHIRE ASSOCIATES </p><p>David Sancewich </p><p>Principal </p><p>PENSION CONSULTING ALLIANCE, LLC </p><p>Ted Benedict, CFA, CAIA </p><p>Managing Principal </p><p>MEKETA INVESTMENT GROUP </p><p>11:45 AM INFLATION STRATEGIES IN A CHANGING MARKET </p><p>Since 2008 pension funds, endowments and foundations have been focused on rebuilding their lost assets and many have now achieved this. However, many of these same institutions are worried about the erosion of their fixed income portfolios in this low inflation environment. Where do they turn when inflation returns as the Fed lightens up on their buy-back program. To preserve institutional assets some are seen turning to high yield debt, floating rate notes, and bank loans. Hear from this distinguished panel other areas of opportunity gaining their attention from equities to infrastructure to private equity. </p><p>Speakers: John S. Shanklin, CFA, CAIA Senior Consultant </p><p> NEPC, LLC </p><p>David Russell, CFA Senior Investment Strategist, Senior Consultant INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE SERVICES LLC Ron Peyton Chairman &amp; CEO CALLAN ASSOCIATES </p><p>12:45 PM LUNCHEON WITH CONSULTANTS &amp; DELEGATES </p></li><li><p>2:00 PM CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS </p><p>Workshop A </p><p>WINNING DEFINED CONTRIBUTION CLIENTS </p><p>Speakers: Jeffrey Kowalczyk, AIF Investment Consultant LOWERY ASSET CONSULTING Ron J. Surz Partner PALADIN FINTECH </p><p> John Nawrocki Founder &amp; CEO INVICTUS FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENT </p><p>Workshop B </p><p>THE ROLE OF ALTERNATIVES IN PORTFOLIOS </p><p>Speakers: Michael P. Gayner Senior Vice President UBS FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. </p><p> T. Patrick Mulvey Managing Director FIDUCIARY ADVISOR ADVOCATES </p><p>Casey Wamsley Director COLLINS CAPITAL </p><p> 3:00 PM AFTERNOON RECEPTION </p></li><li><p>3:15 PM CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS </p><p>WORKSHOP A </p><p>GROWING ASSETS THRU FAMILY OFFICES </p><p>This explosive market is drawing managers of all types. Its almost like a gold rush. In fact, it is estimated the global family market exceeds $125 Trillion and by 202 will pass $300 Trillion. High on the manager screening is having trust and transparency with families. Also making families attractive to managers is they often avoid the traditional review criteria, hiring managers after one or two meetings. Hear from this distinguished panel of family offices how your firm can achieve success in this competitive marketplace. </p><p> Real rates or return vs nominal rates The appeal of relationship building Nimble managers over battleship managers Out-of-the-box investment products Why impact investment products are exploding </p><p> Speakers: Thomas A. Pacilio </p><p>Senior Director RSM US WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC </p><p> Gene Miller Managing Director, Private Wealth Service BRUDERMAN ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC </p><p>Josh McFerron Senior Vice President MORGAN STANLEY PRIVATE WEALTH MANAGEMENT </p><p> WORKSHOP B </p><p> OCIO FOR INSTITUTIONS </p><p>The world capital markets are moving so fast today that many institutions do not possess the knowledge, staff or experience to make the best decisions. In fact, many investment committees have come down with fiduciary fatigue as they battle with overseeing their investments. While outsourcing is not new, having been around for twenty years it is only recently that we have witnessed a spike in outsource providers of consultants and managers. IMI research has projected that the number of outsource firms could double in eighteen months to one hundred and thirty firms, Why? Institutions are fearful of effectively being able to manage their funds in an unpredictable and volatile market. </p><p> Protecting and building assets Taking advantage of investment opportunities in a timely fashion Reducing worries and fiduciary fatigue The investment committee structure is broken </p><p>Speakers: Jim Voytko President, Director of Research &amp; Senior Consultant RVK, INC. Maggie Ralbovsky, CFA Managing Director WILSHIRE ASSOCIATES </p></li><li><p>Poorvi Parekh Managing Director CANTERBURY CONSULTING </p><p>4:15 PM GENERAL SESSION SOLUTIONS-ORIENTED CONSULTING Speakers: Richard D. Shaffer, CFA </p><p>Principal CHARTWELL CONSULTING </p><p> Mark W. Dundee, MBA, JD, LLM, LCM, PHD, CRCP </p><p>Division Leader - West Region | BAC WILLIS TOWERS WATSON Gary Price Managing Principal FUND EVALUATION GROUP </p><p>5:30PM RECEPTION WITH CONSULTANTS &amp; DELEGATES </p></li><li><p> Investment Management Institute </p><p> 34th Annual Consultants Congress </p><p>April 5-6, 2017 The San Francisco Marriott Hotel at Fishermans Wharf </p><p> Day 2 Thursday April 6, 2017 </p><p>7:30 AM REGISTRATION RE-OPENS WITH CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST 8:00 AM HOW ASSET ALLOCATION IS DRIVING PORTFOLIO DECISIONS </p><p>Speakers: Andy Wethern President SHEPHERD KAPLAN, LLC </p><p> Chris Cutler, CFA Managing Director MANAGER ANALYSIS SERVICES, LLC </p><p> Charlie Waibel CFA </p><p>Managing Director SELLWOOD CONSULTING LLC </p><p> 8:45 AM RETAINING CLIENTS AFTER POOR PERFORMANCES </p><p>Speakers: Marty Dirks Senior Consultant MILLIMAN </p><p>Shale Lapping President &amp; Senior Consultants IPEX CONSULTING </p><p> Thomas Garrett, CFA, CAIA Associates Director, Strategic Research VERUS INVESTMENTS </p></li><li><p>9:30 AM CREATING VALUE AT THE FIRST CONSULTANTS MEETING With consultants finding it increasingly difficult to meet with managers as their client needs put growing demand on their services, managers need to hit a home run at the first meeting. Hear how you can maximize the information flow. Discover what to prioritize and stand out in a crowded asset manager marketplace. </p><p> Organization of a targeted presentation Dont try to overwhelm the consultant, rather use it to learn and develop a bonding relationship Describe your firms keys to success including culture Know the consultants clients and their needs. Have strategies which ensure your firms opportunity to be invited back. Remember, the importance of the first meeting is to educate the consultant and minimize selling. </p><p> Speakers: Brian OConnell </p><p> Managing Partner SPURWINK RIVER CONSULTING Scott T. Fisher, CFA </p><p>Associate Partner AON HEWITT </p><p> Sally M. Stalcup Founder STALCUP CONSULTING </p><p> 10:15 AM MORNING RECEPTION 10:30 AM MARKETING ACTIVE MANAGEMENT NEW OPPORTUNITIES Institutional investors are confident that active management should outperform passive management over most measureable time periods. What is also important is institutions can utilize strategies to enhance return profiles while customizing their risk parameters. Perhaps one of the more popular strategies is LDI where institutions can create a LDI strategy over a given time horizon thereby achieving an opportunity to meet their long term pension obligations. Hear from this distinguished panel of consultants how they are working with managers to customize their clients portfolios. </p><p>Speakers: Andrew Klausner Founder and Principal AK ADVISORY PARTNERS LLC </p><p> Daniel R. Bott Sr., CIMC Wealth Management Advisor, First Vice President Wealth Management Global Institutional Consultant </p><p> THE BOTT GROUP/MERRILL LYNCH </p></li><li><p>11:15 AM STANDING OUT IN THE RFP REVIEWS Consultants have been altering the review process as the demand for their time is shifting toward clients. We all know the RFP process unfortunately is not allowing for all managers to be considered. We see investors are putting up screening fences from assets under management to experience. Additionally, many consultants are reviewing fewer managers in the RFP process even though there have been more than 15,000 searches these past twelve months and more are projected in 2012. Hear from consultant what your firm needs to reach the finals. </p><p> How online RFP providers can often fail the manager Answering the question over selling the answer Getting the RFP in on time Insuring the RFP is complete Key areas the consultant wants to review in the process Making sure your firm has a fit with the search Tips on what to include Having senior management give final check on all searches </p><p> Speakers: Nancy Kazdan </p><p>Business Development Manager, Management Consulting BBSI </p><p> Mika Malone, CAIA Managing Principal MEKETA INVESTMENT GROUP </p><p> 12:30 PM CONGRESS CLOSE </p></li></ul>


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