3 simple tricks to teach your dog

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<p>3 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Dog</p> <p>3 Simple Tricks to Teach Your DogIt is the general nature of dogs to raise their paws expecting treat. Before you begin the training your dog needs to be in sitting position. Then you need to keep the treat on your hand and move that treat to the ground just next to your dog paw. Once the German shepherd puppies with pink papers raise their paw hoping for a treat you have to speak shake. Dont forget to praise them for this and repeat the steps. While training train using the same paw and making them raise the paw chest high. Later you can switch over to the other paw.</p> <p>DancingThis trick is taught to all dogs but the lighter dogs learn it faster. Begin with the sitting position of the dog. Place a treat on your palm and move it close towards the dogs nose. In a slow motion move your hand slowly over your dogs head and then slightly behind their head. As a result of this your standing on their hind legs your dog will look back at your hands. Offer them the treat and praise them soon. Repeat this step over and over until they are able to stand on their hind legs. Then move the treat above your dogs head in a small circle to twirl on their hind legs. As soon as pink paper German shepherd puppies for sale start to step in a circle speak dance. Praise them for each time they stand up and turn in a circle repeating the steps.</p> <p>Take a BowTo take a bow the key trick is to make your dog place their chest to the ground keeping their bottom upward. This will naturally bow your dog down being a simple trick to learn. Start this with standing position. Placing a treat on your palm move it next to their nose. Automatically your dogs chest will be on the ground and bottom will be upward. Keep your pink paper German shepherd puppies for sale in this position for a few seconds and speak the word "bow."</p> <p>Contact UsKlaus Langenbach, SV-Member since 1974German Shepherd Breeder Since 1975PO Box 1476, Lehigh Acres, Fl 33970Phone/Fax: 239 368 2301email address: GermShepherdFla@aol.comWebsite: www.germanshepherdflorida.com</p>