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  • PARENT GUIDE www.leapfrog.com


    PARENT GUIDE www.leapfrog.com


    L E

    A R

    N I N

    G G

    A M

    E S

    Y S

    T E




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  • Getting Started: Insert the cartridge with the printed side facing to

    the front. Press the On/Off button to begin.




    Sign In: 1. Follow the on-screen instructions to select a puppy and sign in. 2. The LEAPSTER™ system will store the game information

    of up to 3 players. To remove or replace a player, touch the X button.

    All images in this Parent Guide are representative of gameplay only and do not reflect actual screenshot pixelation.

    Many Ways to Play Engaging play experiences are an effective way to help your child learn essential skills. Pet Pals provides children with an adorable, virtual pet experience. Children are not only taught responsibility as they care for their

    cuddly new puppies, they also explore mathematics and reading concepts

    that are integrated into their dog care activities.

    Once your child has adopted a puppy, it’s time to take it home! Players use

    the D-pad to move through their puppy’s home. To play a game or care for

    the puppy, players with a LEAPSTER handheld can use the stylus to touch

    items in the puppy’s home on screen. Players with the LEAPSTERTV™ console

    can use the stylus to locate icons on the TV screen and select the icon by

    clicking the Stylus button. Puppies can be called at any time by pressing

    the B button. To see what the puppy is thinking, press the A button.

    Use the secret web codes you’ve earned in the games to unlock fun activities and content at LeapsterWorld.com!

    You’ll find fun surprises, great games, tips, tricks and more for the LEAPSTER™ family of learning game systems at LeapsterWorld.com!


    Want to know how to access secret content or improve your scores? Go to LeapsterWorld.com for tips and tricks!


    Find out about the newest games in the LEAPSTER family!

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    Dog food

    Supply cabinet

    Letter walk

    Fresh water

    Dog tricks

    Puppy bath

    Trophy case

    Fling and Fetch competition

    Trophy case

    Fling and Fetch

    Dog walk


    Doggy dress-up

    Boom box

    Dog show

    Children should always check with their parents before going online.

    Learn to take care of your very own puppy while exploring reading and mathematics skills! Identify letters as you walk your dog, play catch with addition skills and make your cuddles count. When you and your puppy are ready, enter the big dog show and win trophies by showing what you know!

  • Caring for the Perfect Learning Pal! Puppies need lots of care and attention! Players who take good care of their puppies advance to new levels of dog ownership by earning puppy points. Each player starts as a Bow-wow beginner. Players add to or subtract from their puppy points depending on the care they give their dogs. Players can also earn money to buy their puppy food, shampoo, costumes and dog treats by walking their dog or competing in the Fling and Fetch Competition.

    Learning at All Levels Pet Pals teaches and reinforces important reading, writing and mathematics skills for preschool through 1st grade (ages 4–7) through a variety of interactive curricular activities. It also teaches responsibility and following directions by encouraging players to take good care of their pups. Each curricular activity has three different levels that progress in difficulty, challenging players to learn more advanced concepts.

    How a Tutorial Works Tutorials break skills down into smaller parts through clear demonstrations. A tutorial is activated when the player presses the Hint button. Simple prompts provide examples of mathematics or reading concepts, or give players tips to ensure learning success. For example, if a player is having trouble with addition in the Fling and Fetch Competition, visual and audio cues walk the player through the process of adding two numbers, helping the child understand the concept.

  • PUPPY CARE Cuddle Time Players can show their puppy love by petting their puppy on screen. The narrator will say how many times their puppy wants to be petted. Players use the stylus to pet their puppy the indicated number of times as the narrator counts.

    Meal Time Players can feed their puppy by touching the purple food bowl. The narrator will tell players how many pieces of dog food their puppy wants to eat. Players use the stylus to add the correct amount of food to the bowl and then touch the bowl when it is time for their puppy to eat!

    Bath Time Players can give their pooch a bath by touching the shampoo bottle in the kitchen. The narrator will give players four sequential steps they must follow to wash their puppy properly. Players must follow the directions to get their puppy clean.

    Dress-up Puppies love to play dress-up! Players can touch the costume box in the entryway to select different costumes with the stylus.

    What’s Being Taught? Counting: Players count objects as they pet and feed their new pals.

    Fine Motor Skills: Using the stylus helps players develop hand-eye coordination.

    Responsibility: Caring for a pet helps teach responsibility. Following Directions: Players must follow a series of instructions accurately.

    Why Is This Important? Following directions and learning responsibility are critical skills. Giving children a set of tasks that they alone are responsible for gives them a sense of pride and ownership. Pairing the completion of these tasks with positive rewards allows children to develop confidence in their ability to succeed independently. Following directions is the first essential step to completing school assignments.

  • TRICKS AND LETTERS Dog Tricks Players can teach their dog new tricks by touching the treats on the kitchen counter. Each trick must be performed three times in order for the player to memorize the instructions and the dog to learn the trick. Once several tricks have been mastered, player and pooch are ready to use them in the dog show!

    The Letter Walk Players can take their dogs for a letter walk by touching a letter in the ABC poster on the living room wall. Players with the LEAPSTER™ handheld then use the stylus on the LEAPSTER screen, while LEAPSTERTV™ console players use the stylus and Stylus button on the LEAPSTERTV touch pad, to trace both the upper and lowercase forms of the chosen letter. Green starting points and red ending points help guide players and teach each letter’s form. Upon successful completion, players’ puppies will proudly walk along the traced lines.

    What’s Being Taught? Fine Motor Skills: Players get essential practice holding and manipulating the stylus.

    Letter Recognition and Formation: Players recognize and write the letters of the alphabet in upper and lowercase forms.

    Handwriting Skills: Players get practice writing letters neatly and correctly. Following Directions: Players must follow a series of instructions accurately.

    Why Is This Important? The ability to write letters is an essential skill for the first school years and beyond. Tracing lines and letters helps children develop their fine motor skills and gives them an opportunity to practice/practise writing neatly before they are able to write their letters independently. By exposing children to the proper upper and lowercase forms of each letter, this open-ended activity also helps children make connections and distinctions that will play a critical role in learning to read.

  • WALKING THE DOG How to Play Puppies need to be walked for a variety of reasons in Pet Pals. Players can start the dog-walking activity by touching the leash on the front door of the entryway. As players walk their dog around the neighborhood, they can use the D-pad to find letters and words. To select a letter or word, players have to walk their dog over the correct item. To remove an incorrect item from their path, players press the A button to make their dog bark. Each level introduces new challenges:

    • Level 1: Letter recognition • Level 2: Upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds, beginning and ending word sounds, and early three-letter word recognition

    • Level 3: Identification of three-letter words, consonant digraph words, silent e words, vowel digraph words, consonant-blend words and diphthongs

    What’s Being Taught? Letter Recognition: Players identify isolated letters as well as letters at the beginning and end of words.

    Phonemic Awareness: Players progress fro