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  • ERIC ACKAAH 95 Riverdale Ave Yonkers Ny

    Phone Number (478) 442-3863 Email ericpope20@yahoo.com

    OBJECTIVE: Seeking a full time position where I will utilize my computer knowledge and interpersonal skills to further company growth

    EDUCATION: Fort Valley State University Major: Computer Science Minor: Computer Information Systems

    Graduated with Summa Cum Laude May, 2015 Student Government Association Representative at the Board of Regions Only Student selected to represent entire student body at President Griffith Global Initiative Counsel Highest Computer Science & Mathematics Departmental Award Recipient March, 2015


    Java Objective C (IOS development) Html, Java Script, CSS Digital Fundamentals ASP.NET & Visual Basic (.Net development) SQL Server Database Spring, MVC, eclipse, etc. Analysis of Algorithms Data Structures JSON and No-SQL database System Android Mobile Application Development

    FRAMEWORK (S) Angular Application Development Spring MVC Amazon Web Services (AWS) Object Oriented Application

    SOFTWARE: Performing System Recovery and Troubleshooting Microsoft Office 365, PowerShell, SharePoint, WordPress Web Application Software IDEs for application development Eclipse, Xcode, NetBeans & Visual Studio, Open Source Technology (Drupal, MySQL,


    ADDITIONAL SKILLS Accounting | & ||, Marketing, Financial Management, & Leadership

    CAREER-RELATED EXPERIENCE: Bloomberg LP, West Street New York Software Engineer/Data Center Engineer January 2016 - Present

    Worked in the West Street data center to complete Bloomberg migration project Worked on the mobile application version of Bloomberg Database Management System Collaborated in developing hybrid mobile platform of Bloomberg Database Management System (BDMS) Build the UI design for Bloomberg Database Management System (BDMS) from scratch to the end Build and load various APIs from the backend into the Application Provide mobile application and software development tutorial to Bloomberg Employees Tested and debug each module of the application to make sure it works well in collaboration with the companys policy Make sure all tickets from the Hardware engineers are updated and resolved to match Bloomberg database system Performed the logical updates about the server specs, decommission, and updates in the migration database system Run decommission scripts and applications from LAN to make sure the physical and logical migration matches. Assisted and supervise new consultants on how to be effective and efficient in their assigned duties

    Founder/CEO, Prominent Developer Company (http://www.prominentdeveloper.com/) June 2010 present

    Prominent Developer is a Private Technology Company, established in 2010. Prominent Developer Company provides three main services, which includes Consulting, Advising, and Production. The production service includes the following divisions:

    A. Mobile Application(s) - Our Company builds mobile applications both on Android and iPhone platforms.

  • B. Web Application(s) & Data Security - Our company has professional web application developers who are dedicated to provide adequate service to our client/customers. We dont only build web-application for our customers; we also provide them with education. C. Other Computer/Technical Services - Our service extends to help individuals who have problems with their computers. We believe not everyone is capable of catching up with the constant advancement of technology.

    WORK EXPERIENCE: Prominent Developer Company, New York CEO / Software Engineer June 2010 - Present Worked on various projects for our clients, and used technologies such as Java, Spring MVC, Eclipse, Data Access/integration, MS SQL, etc.

    Development/coding in java, MS SQL, mongo DB, as well as spring framework, MVC, Core Container and Data Access/integration for clients, building web application etc., to promote their organization, also use eclipse in android mobile development and spring for any java application for my clients projects and assignment.

    Utilize software visualization and cloud platforms (AWS) to understand the various software systems used in the development life cycle from the implementation, metrics, trace, testing, and repository of the system.

    Utilize agile methodology to understand my clients needs I have published a research about agile methodology that plays a significant role in software architecture.

    Clients: Links Incorporated; the Fort Valley Chapter, Fort Valley State University, etc.

    IOS & Android Application Developer Fort Valley State University Full time (Special project assigned by the President) October 2012-September 2013

    Developed mobile app for Fort Valley State University Developed a mobile app named Prominent The application will help students overcome anxiety in Math and Science Application was published through Google AppStore

    Deloitte & Touch, Nashville, TN Full time Employee (Mobile Application Developer) summer 2014 & summer 2013

    Worked with the Mobile Application Development Team using Java and ASP .Net to develop Android Apps for internal use Worked as a project and team management leader reporting to senior managers and supervisors Gained experience within software architectural/design while working on the mobile application and infrastructure team Worked with Deloitte engineers in developing mobile apps for Deloitte employees Helped Developed Mobile Applications for Deloitte Employees Assisted in reconciling emails for Deloitte Employees Worked on the Deloitte Lync Application for the Unified Communication Assisted Unified Communication in cutting the cost of using Verizon Phones for calls by replacing it with Lync Application.

    Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA Computer Lab Assistant/Technician (Internship) June 2012-August 2012

    Worked as with the professors and served as a consultant to clients that have problems with their computers Provided assistant to students who needs help with programming and have software related problems

    TRIO Student Support Services Teaching Assistant (TA) February 2011-May 2015

    Assisted students in Math, Biology, Algorithm and Computer Science related courses Provided teaching services to college students in Data Structures, Programming, Software and mobile apps devt

    PAA DE- GGI Internet Company, Accra, Ghana Full time Employee (Computer Programmer/Data Analyst) June 2009-January 2011

    Programmed in Java, SQL and analyzed how information are been transmitted to and from the company Served as a consultant to the company by advising, analyzing and providing clients about data security and information Served as an assistant manager in retail and software development to the company and a leader to the programmers team.

    Akrasi Group of Companies, Accra, Ghana Full time Employee (Assistant Software Application Specialist) June 2006-May 2009

    I used Java and Microsoft SQL languages to customize the companys software to suite their clients needs Managed a group of sixty (60) entry level and mid-level employees who reported directly to me Performed the day to day managerial report, performance, and acquisition of clients for the company Reported to senior supervisors and managers about employees performance and reports Served as a consultant to the retail software division managing the day to day transaction of applications Analyzed the internal and external client based applications for the company


    Nominated by President Griffith to serve as a member on the Global Initiative Council August 2013 May 2015

  • Inroads Highest G.P.A Scholarship First Place Award Recipient July 2013 Fort Valley St. University Critical Thinking Program Award Recipient April 2013 Fort Valley St. University Honors Convocation Award Recipient March 2013 Fort Valley St. University Marathon (5K) Runner Award Recipient October 2012 Fort Valley St. University Critical Thinking Program Award Recipient April 2012 Kesseben Computer Club, Ghana Organizer Aug. 2008-April 2009 Henry A. Hunt Award (Fort Valley State University) Award Recipient March, 2015 Al Knox Award (Fort Valley State University) Award Recipient March, 2015 Fort Valley State University Alumni Award Award Recipient March, 2015


    Fort Valley HealthCare Centre, Fort Valley, GA September 2012- 2015 Volunteer at Fort Valley HealthCare Center Assist patients with medication Thurgood Marshall Organization INROADS non-profit Organization Active Member of American Computing Machinery (ACM)