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web design trends


  • 2014 Web Design trends
  • Responsive to Screen Emergence of mobile, tablet and desktop has challenged web designers with different screen size. The emergence of screen size demands from the web designers to work on responsive designs. It allow users to better access the web pages on their devices.
  • Responsive Web Design It is observed that in recent times most of the desktop users switching to mobile, and tabs. The changing treads suggest that time has come to develop responsive designs. The responsive designs, in time to come, will gain importance in India with the advancement in mobile usage. Users are more active on mobile devices for web search. Hence, giving preference to mobile responsive design should be priority.
  • Simple Layout The change in user behavior and preference towards the web usages over mobile and tabs has given birth to the simple layout. It is user-friendly, attractive and designed to promote content. Simple layout designs should not be complicated.
  • Parallax Design Parallax design is deployed to provide extract designing elements and give 3D appearance to your web page it makes uses of multiple backgrounds that seems to move at varied speed to show sensation to web page.
  • Flat Design Flat design is the in-thing but it lacks some technical glitches such as lacks gradients but make use of eye catching colors and white space to expose content.
  • Avoid Flash Use of Flash has become old school in latest web design trends. It is attractive but is not user friendly all the time. The new age designers are diverting towards HTML5 and CSS3, they are not very comfortable using flash.
  • Color Matters Color speaks of its own. The language of color needs to be translated in the website. Deciding which color suits for your design make huge difference. It is important for designers to try to be natural in color combinations and avoid using fiery colors that irritates visitors.
  • Images makes it Beautiful It is important to use relevant images on your web page, as it gives your site an identity. Web designers should make use of high quality and contemporary images. It is also important as most of the social media website use zooming option to display images on customer wall.
  • Content is Important Use of content in the current scenario has to have more of white space in page layout to expose content to your target audience. It is important for content marketers to ensure that they offer customers content for all format of screens be it laptop, tabs or mobile.
  • Integrate Content with Social Media When you post content on your blog, share it on Facebook, Google+ Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other appropriate social networks. Integrating your content and blog with social networking platforms will help people find your content and will drive traffic to your blogs. In 2014, well see Google+ and Slideshare become an important tool for content sharing and social sharing. These tools, with the predicted growth will become essential for B2B Content Marketers.
  • Social Search is important It is important to have SEO ready website. Good SEO integration also defines your web success. You can choose SEO friendly CMS like WordPress which is most preferable CMS for SEO. It helps in Design, code, content and architecture all search-friendly manner. Moreover, integrate social media for the good web design. Social media buttons on web pages helps in improving your business reach, and increase searchablity
  • Navigation and Page Scrolling It is important to adopt advanced page scrolling it helps your users to browse your web page in effective way. In recent times page scrolling options are adopted by Pinterest and Tumblr for their layout and it works effectively for these layouts.
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