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The 2014 home, according to this new infographic from Glasstilestore.com, has certain buzzwords and and rules of thumb. If you want a handy guide on which colors, patterns, textures, use of space, and the kind of appliances and decor to go for, this would be it.



2. COLORYELLOWKEYS: BUZZ WORDSNeither too strong (blinding) nor too light (dull).BuzzwordPairs well with: Grey Sand TaupeREDChoose a darker apple red as opposed to brighter shades.Rule of thumbKHAKIUse as dominant color, combined with brighter hues.Accentuated with decorating palates such as: Black Cognac Brown Greens Sage Water BlueTEAL BLUEVersatile enough to be combined with almost every shade in the color wheel.Pairs well with: Spa bluePairs best with: Medium blue Butterscotch produces that quintessential Americana style.ETHNICNot for the faint of heart, the ethnic-inspired color palette favors not just one shade but an amalgam of all possible colors.Think Mexican or Spanish interior, with pastel shades coexisting harmoniously with earth colors. 3. PATTERNSGeometric PatternsFloral PatternsGeometric lines, although still en vogue, should be softened/muted.Use floral patterns to replace or soften hard angles.Practical Tips: Introduce floral pillows, linens, bric-a-bracs, etc. to your current geometric-lines inspired interior.Patterns are best introduced in soft furnishings such as throws, rugs, pillows, cushions, and curtains.To avoid getting overwhelmed with floral patterns, provide them with a neutral/muted background. Example: a solid white sofa with floral pillows. 4. TEXTURE BUZZ WORDSDimensions - SleeknessFinishes/ Distressed Wood Rounded Woods/ Treatments Metal/Stone Suede SeatingCrackle-glazed Tiles Brass Textured TilesGIlded FramesHandmade Goods/Crafts BrassSilky CurtainsRaw MetalSculptured DriftwoodsLayered TextilesWarm WoodsSoft Comfortable FabricsTropical Plants Sheepskin Rugs 5. SPACE BUZZ WORDSOpen - Relaxed - AiryLess is more. Minimalist is still all the rage; de-cluttered space will definitely stay popular next year.APPLIANCES-DECOR BUZZ WORDSErgonomic2014 will further champion ease and functionality in terms of home appliances. Think comfort with uncompromised style. 6. Sources: www.allaboutinteriors.org/2013/09/design-trends-for-2014/ www.impressiveinteriordesign.com/a-look-back-at-2013-and-predictions-for-interior-design-for-2014/ www.ninepearls.com/index.php/interior-design-trends-2014/ www.westpearinteriors.com/interior-design-trends-to-look-out-for-in-2014/ www.interiorish.com/interior-design-trends-2013-2014-part-ii/#.UoTuxPk_uUI (http://essenziale-hd.com/2013/10/20/home-decorating-trends-for-2014/ 7. www.glasstilestore.comCourtesy of:www.facebook.com/GlassTileStore @glasstilestore www.pinterest.com/glasstilestore Produced by www.optimaltargeting.com


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