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There is no discussion whether content is king or not. But where does it leave web design? Does it matter that content takes over and web design comes second? Not at all! The expectations of web design are higher than ever. The more we focus on copy, the more we need to take care of how the copy is presented. Design has a leading role here. WSI Online World web designer Tanel Eero has brought out 4 major trends in web design.


<ul><li> 1. Web design trends 2014 Conversion design Jaanika Kivilo, WSI Online World </li></ul> <p> 2. Why good design matters? You can create first impression only once! Which one the visitor prefers? 2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 3. First impression IS important 94% of first impressions are design related Visual appeal can be assessed within 50 ms Over 70% of web users will make a judgment on the credibility of a company or business based on its website design Over 65% of online shoppers agree that they will not trust a website that has an unprofessional appearance 2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 4. Advantages of a good design positive first impression shows your credibility can help people find your business gives your SEO a purpose increases your website conversions 5. Conversion design Conversion is leading your contacts through the websites sales funnel and turning them into customers. Conversion can be a sale, collecting contact information, downloading free resources etc. thats important for your business. Conversion design is web design that guides the visitor towards completing that one specific action, using persuasive design and psychological triggers to increase conversions. 6. Conversion design characteristics Targeted to a specific segment Logical website structure Easy navigation Using negative space Focus on most important information Sales funnel Using CTA-s Fast load time 7. Conversion design in web design trends 8. How to make conversion design? User experience first: credibility customer habits psychological triggers media usage color psychology website architecture buyer personas A/B testing 9. Conversion design in web design trends Web design should make the web experience enjoyable and easy Design trends keep the web fesh 4 major influencers: 1. less text, more visuals 2. simplicity, clarity, conciseness 3. unexpected techniques to stand out 4. user experience first 10. 1. Less text, more visuals People dont read but skim webpages! Most people scroll through only 50-60% of an article page (Chartbeat) Less than 20% of the text content is actually read on an average web page (Jakob Nielsen) Well structured website motivates to read more More visual content is used, popular trend is infographic type of content. 11. Example: Mac Pro 12. 2. Simplicity, clarity, consciousness Simple elegance Minimalist graphics Large clean space Lots of air Carefully chosen details Web 2.0 is so yesterday The trend is flat design User experience first! 13. Example: WSI Online World 14. Example: Hea Tava 15. 3. Unexpected techniques to stand out Parallax Animated elements Typography Single page solutions 16. Parallax Playful, keeps the visitor entertained Some elements move, others stay on the surface Strong visual wow-effect Unique and outstanding solutions Bigger engagement Used mostly by big brands or creative businesses 17. Example: Numero10 NB! Visit the site to get full experience! http://www.numero10 .ch/fr/home 18. Animations HTML5 and CSS3 solutions get more popular Different moving elements i.e.: scattering shifting scaling turning Make the website interesting Rise engagement Catch more attention Focus on different content elements 19. Example: Vikelinna detektiivid NB! Visit the site to get full experience! 20. Typography Part of the web design, copy=design headings body text buttons etc. New fonts, font sizes, spacing and colours 21. Example: 22. Single page Web is a presentation rather than a yellow pages Content is on single page only Separate sections - information is distributed in a logical order Navigation through scrolling or via anchor texts (primary for user experience) Great solution for compact pages 50/50 solutions 23. Example: YourDigitalStory NB! Visit the site to get full experience! 24. Example: AlterMedia NB! Visit the site to get full experience! http://altermedi 25. 4. User experience first Familiar layout Persistent style and branding Elements that support content Sales funnel Responsive solutions Design doesnt kill the UX! 26. Example: Kalev Spa 27. Conclusion Conversion centred design is oriented to offer intuitive user experience and make the information easy to access. Simple navigation and logical streucture guides the visitor towards completing that one specific action to increase conversions. Conversion centered website brings your business the results you desire! 28. Contact </p>