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<ul><li>1.2014 | San Antonio By Bradley Wilson, PhD Midwestern State University Twitter: @bradleywilson09 #tipa14 </li></ul><p>2. By Bradley Wilson Twitter: bradleywilson09 201 MEDIADESIGNTRENDSThe future of print design 3. Circulation DATA SOURCE: NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA 1973 63,147 1945 48,384 2011 44,421 4. SOURCE: Newspaper Association of America Advertising Revenue 5. Compete with online media Be Facebook Fill space Get quotes What we cant do 6. Lookin like a newspaper. Lookin like a yearbook. Telling stories. A trend 7. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2008 l The Midwests largest reporting team l 24 hours at 75 CITY &amp; SUBURBS, $1.00 ELSEWHERE162ND YEAR NO. 290 CHICAGO TRIBUNE C CN CS N NNW NRW NS NW S SSW W D CAMPAIGN 2008: THE FINAL DEBATE In their 3rd clash, McCain and Obama spar on taxes, the economy, campaign adsand how to best help Joe the plumber Democratic nominee Barack Obama (left) and GOP rival John McCain (right) spar Wednesday night in their final presidential debate. Bob Schieffer of CBS News (center) moderated. RON EDMONDS/AP Faceoff launches the closing 20-day slog in marathon presidential campaign Fighting to the finish PAGE 31 Wereview thenew Google phone Vote and tell us why at chicago Who won the debate? The Dow Jones industrial average suffers its second-worst point drop after a grim retail sales report rattles investors and stokes fears that a punishing recession is loomingor already here. PAGE 33 And back down it goes -733.08 IN BUSINESS A Tribune analysis of how both candidates tried to land jabs and deflect criticism. PAGE 14 MORE COVERAGE 4KEY DEBATE MOMENTS Candidates let the truth go astray on negative campaign ads, tax-cut promises and budget restraint. PAGE 14 A quick fact check Two of the more than 40 stories posted Wednes- day by our new Breaking News Center came from reader tips. If you have a tip for us, send it to or call 312-222-3540. To get the latest news 24/7, go to Broader economic recovery will not hap- pen right away, Fed chief warns. PAGE 33 Lengthy downturn feared Experts say gasoline costs tend to climb like a rocket but fall like a feather. The prices stay stubbornly high for a variety of rea- sons, from the oil indus- try beefing up profits to hurricanes disrupting supply. PAGE 4 NEWS FOCUS Why gas prices dont fall faster 7 A.M. 44 NOON 53 6 P.M. 49 TOM SKILLINGS FORECAST See Tom Skillings forecast on the back of Live! SECTION 3 Seems like whenever you turn around, theres a sympathetic face from the government feeling your economic pain. At the same time, theyre telling you to open your wallet. The latest requests came Wednesday from Mayor Richard Daley, the Toll Authority and Pace. Earlier this year, Chicago-area sales taxes were raised twice. PAGES 20, 22 Illinois tollway Gov. Rod Blagojevich and the tollway want to create commuter lanes that will cost you more if youre driving solo or piloting a truck. The city Mayor Daley is asking you to pay more to park downtown or go to a ballgame. Other hikes? Parking passes, ambulan- ces and overdue books. Pace Officials are seeking a 25-cent bus fare hike to $1.75. (Last week, CTA sought a 50-cent hike to as much as $2.25 for bus and train fares.) CHICAGOLAND Another day, another proposed fee increase By Jill Zuckman and John McCormick TRIBUNE CORRESPONDENTS HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.A newly aggressive Sen. John McCain clashed repeatedly with Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday over rais- ing taxes in a tough economy, the nasty tenor of each campaign and a former 1960s radical activist turned Chicago professor. It was the last debate before the final 20- day slog until Election Day. And it was the last time the two candidates were likely to face off before one becomes the president- elect and the other returns to the Senate. For both candidates, the third of their three debates could not have been more im- portantor tense. McCain needed to knock Obama off-balance and divert the direction of the campaign, which has been trending toward Obama according to public opinion polls. Obama needed to stick to his message of change and hope. Obama mostly remained calm in the face of McCains onslaught, sometimes even laughing at him. But the Democratic nomi- nee was forced to spend time defending and explaining his plans, his policies, his sup- porters and even himself. Taking center stage at the debate at Hof- stra University was a plumber named Joe from Ohio who was invoked so often during Please turn to Page 14 Chris Jones says Chicagos version is fresh and funnier than ever. Plus: Leanne Marshall wins Project Runway. live! Breaking News online A lot of love for Forbidden Broadway P roduct: CTMAIN P ubD ate: 10-16-2008 Z one: ALL E dition: HD P age: CMAIN1-1 U ser: rhochgesang T im e: 10-15-2008 23:54 C olor: CMYK 8. Ibis University of Miami 9. Ibis University of Miami 10. Ibis University of Miami 11. Ibis University of Miami 12. Ibis University of Miami 13. Ibis University of Miami 14. Ibis University of Miami 15. Ibis University of Miami 2011 16. Taking chances A trend 17. Florida Today Jan. 10, 2013 18. Journal &amp; Courier Jan. 10, 2013 19. New York Times Jan. 10, 2013 20. Microtype A trend 21. Lookin like a magazine. A trend 22. The Cub Sterling High School Sterling, Kan. 2012 23. Sterling High School, Alyssa Nikole Johnson, 2012 24. The Connection John B. Connally High School (Texas) 2010 25. Spark Lakota East High School (Ohio) 2010 26. North Pointe Grosse Pointe North High School (Mich.) 2010 27. Arrow Renton High School 2009 28. Featherduster Westlake High School 2008 29. R&amp;W march10 R&amp;W Bloomsburg (Pa.) High School 2010 Sam Biddleman, adviser Courtney Sabo, designer 30. SEN10RSSEN10RS may10 R&amp;W 31. R&amp;W feb10 32. Life on the Farm 8 R&amp;W November 2009 1000acres BALANCING THE EQUATION 120 cows 6.5 gallons of milk per day per cow 12 total hours spent on farm daily TEACHERS DONT JUST TEACH by morgan lee, features editor Science teacher Todd Davis volunteers at the Bloomsburg Volunteer Fire Department whenever his pager sounds. His main duty is driving the engine, getting the apparatus and reghters safely to the re and supplying the equipment. The best part is getting back after weve done a good job and just joking with everybody, says Davis. Industrial Technology instructor Kirk Marshall extends his talents and skills into a part-time career with home repairing and remodeling. Marshall explains that the hardest part of juggling both careers is time management factor but he enjoys success in both. I love seeing a job come together smoothly, says Marshall. Math teacher Debra Shuman feeds Star, a week-old calf, on her farm. Corn is the main crop for Shuman Family Farms this year. They harvest it in October and November. BY THE NUMBERScollected by morgan lee, features editor SHUMAN FAMILY FARMS TODD DAVIS KIRK MARSHALL 9 Photos by Morgan Lee and Courtney Sabo, cover illustration by Briana Yablonski by ilea franklin Teaching is a full time job, but math teacher Debra Shuman has another occupation that focuses on family, personal interests and the desire to keep busy. Youve got to love what youre doing, or it becomes a chore. Farming is a great life. Debra Shuman BALANCING THE EQUATION Although Shuman Family Farms appears undisturbed, it bustles with activity every weeknight when the members of the Shuman family complete their duties. Biology and chemistry teacher James Perry is also an assistant coach for Hazleton High Schools swim team. He additionally coaches Sandlot-Sluggers, a summer baseball league. Perry plans to soon substitute his swimming nights for bimonthly city council meetings. Although they are time-consuming, they are all well worth it, he says. In addition to teaching Ecology, Doug Vanbrunt spends his summers at the Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville working as either a manager or a chef about 30 hours per week. When Im managing, I just run the restaurant, but my favorite part is interacting with the public, says Vanbrunt. The Shuman family uses the no-till grain drill to plant grains without eroding the soil. S human works at least two hours every weeknight with her husband Rich and two children on the family farm, time that fullls a lifelong involvement in agriculture and a work ethic that she shares with her students in class and outside of school. With she and her husband working the late shift, Shuman has turned farm work into a shared eort. We all go out to the barn at night, says Shuman. Its a family event. She takes along her nine-year-old son Steven and her ve-year-old daughter Courtney, giving them responsibilities similar to her own when she was younger. My job was to feed and take care of the calves, says Shuman. Only when I got older did I get into milking. With this experience, Shuman learned how to manage her time when she was in high school, using study halls to nish homework and tending to the calves before late-night basketball games. To her advantage, these skills have stayed with her throughout her life and serve her well. I wake up about 5:30 and arrive at school around 7:00, says Shuman. After school, her time is spent helping students in AIC, but because of her farm duties, she must be home by 4:00. After assisting her students and completing work on the farm, Shumans day ends with cooking dinner, helping Courtney and Steven with their homework and preparing for the next day. I often fall asleep with my daughter at 8:00, says Shuman. Although family and teaching responsibilities are her rst priorities, Shuman enjoys working on the farm and has had a lifetime to get used to it. Ive lived on a farm all my life, says Shuman. Her earlier farm experience on a dairy farm makes her an expert at what she does now. I milk about two hours a night, says Shuman, referring to the twice-a-day responsibility she has with 30 of her cows. Avid Avocation With Shumans lifestyle comes dicult professional and personal decisions. My responsibility needs to be there, says Shuman of the farm and family, which makes extra- curricular school participation improbable but in the past, not impossible. I was with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), Student Council, and I was a class adviser, says Shuman. This year, I was a powder pu coach. Her 15 to 17-hour days are tiring but rewarding. Youve got to love what youre doing, or it becomes a chore, says Shuman. Farming is a great life. Student helper Although Shuman usually faces these long hours with her family, every Sunday is highlighted by a helping hand. Senior Jack Breisch is there when crops need to be harvested or other large jobs come up. I wake up at four and help with feeding and milking the calves, says Breisch. Shuman says that Breisch is a diligent worker who lends a hand around the farm if she or her husband happen to be sick or take a rare vacation. Breisch even helps out during the summer by unloading hay and performing other labor intensive jobs. With farm prices low and expenses continuing to rise, Shuman knows the reality of her decisions. You have to have some other type of income, or its dicult to make ends meet. Regardless of the hard work and the long hours, Shuman feels the farm is well worth the eort.[] JAMES PERRY DOUG VANBRUNT 33. &amp; Nothing Else Matters 16 R&amp;W February 2010 UNBOXED MARTIN JET PACK For everyone who had the dream of ying through the air without a plane, the Martin Jet Pack has arrived. Capable of reaching 8,000 feet and traveling at 31 mph, this contraption costs $100,000. Sure, the price may be a bit out of our range, but a pilots license is not required, and the machine even features a built-in ballistic parachute. L5 iPHONE REMOTE For everyone who is waiting for an app to control your home theater system, Apple has come up with a solution. The L5 iPhone Remote ($50). This miniscule Dock-connecting accessory let you build your own interface using a library of buttons. MCGARRYS PREDICTIONS Each year, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which, like any villainous all-powerful organization, is simply known as The Academy, deigns to present we mortals with a list of nominations for awards. Predictions are made and yet we are always surprised at the announcement, sometimes angered, always perplexed. Knowing I will be incorrect in my predictions, I present them to you anyway. Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role: George Clooney in Up in the Air. I think what gets Clooney the nod over Je Bridges work in Crazy Heart is his humanitarian work, specically in Haiti. Bridges gets robbed here. Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role: Meryl Streep in Julia &amp; Julia. I know that Sandra Bullock won a Golden Globe, but she has a problem. Well, several actually do we start at Speed or Miss Congeniality ... The Academy never forgets. That leaves Mirren and Streep, and as Ive heard more about Streeps veritably becoming Julia Childs, I think she takes home the Oscar. Best Animated Feature Film of the Year: Up. This is still a category? Here I thought they just handed this award to Disney/Pixar every year. Best Motion Picture of the Year: Avatar. If The Academy doesnt at least pander to the public a little bit, I think theyll risk public outrage. That said, I think that Up and District 9 are both alternatives just as, if not more, deserving, simply based on the content of the works rather than their shiny veneer of innovation. by michael mcgarry, film studies teacher Avatar 34. may 35. nally 36. be 37. at 38. the 39. end 40. of 41. its 42. lm 43. dominance, 44. but 45. that has not diminished its worldwide take of over $2.4 billion in just over 60 days. THERES AN APP FOR THAT iFitness iFitness is an exercise database that provides clear images, videos and instructions to dierent workout routines. Achieve your New Years resolution of getting and staying t with iFitness. Rock Band Bring the love of Rock Band to your iPhone. Link up with friends and play more than 28 free tracks from legendary artists and bands we all know and love. Text Now With Wi-Fi, send and receive unlimited free texts with an iPod Touch or iPhone to any U.S. mobile phone or iPod touch without having to pay any fees besides the cost of the app. With about 180,000 applications in Apples App Store, you can nd almost anything you want. Not all of them are games used for wasting time, and many apps are free. Heres a look at four apps we thought you would nd interesting. Touch Mouse Touch Mouse turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless mouse or keypad for your computer. Point, click, scroll and type from any location on a Mac or PC. HEINZ DIP &amp; SQUEEZE Holding three times as much tomatoey goodness as a regular packet, the Heinz Dip &amp; Squeeze packs oers two ways to open the bottle-shaped container: either lift at the top for squeezing the ketchup onto y...</p>