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11 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding VenueOur life-saving hacks are always at your disposal when it comes to planning a wedding. After talking a lot about wedding attires, marriage decorations, wedding colors and marriage invitation, we have decided to give you some remarkable tips for selecting your perfect wedding venue. We know that you are smart enough to select it yourself but, these tips will simplify the whole process for you.Think about the number of guestsBefore really starting your search for the wedding venue, you should make the list of all your wedding guests. This would give you a rough estimation of the number of people who will be a part of your big day and this will further help you in finding a place where all can fit in. Read Important Tips To Simplify The Wedding Guest List

Budget friendlyThis is the most important thing for selecting the wedding venue but, a number of guests can affect it. So, we placed it second spot. Before finalizing your venue for the wedding, make sure that your pocket allows you to select that.Experiences mattersIts not certain that what you see is always right. So, you should first see the venue and then ask the couples who celebrated their big day at the same venue. You will receive honest feedback from these couples and it will help you a lot in deciding if its the right one or not.Search for moreIt does happen that you often select the first venue that you see. After all, you want to eradicate at least some fuss from wedding planning but, do you really do the same with wedding destination too? We are pretty sure that you dont. Same should apply on the venue as well. You should see quite a number of venues before finalizing any.

More visitsIf you intend to finalize a venue, we would suggest you to visit that venue more than once. It will help you in getting a clear idea about the overall ambiance of the venue. You will either find some good thing or flaw in the venue for sure.Logistics need to be consideredWedding venues come with a lot of logistic facilities. You should definitely check all the logistic facilities before choosing your venue. You dont have the chance to skip these important things at all like your wedding attires or marriage invitations.Distance makes a differenceYou should always consider the distance between your home/wedding destination and wedding venue. Why? This will really help you a lot if you have to change anything or you have to bring some important thing from your home. The wedding is too tiring and less distance will help in reducing your fatigue considerably.

Natural beautyTill now, we have talked a great deal about the wedding venue itself but, what are the other factors that should be considered? Well, we believe that the venue should be surrounded by natural landscapes and beauty to give you enough ambiance for wonderful shots of your wedding.AvailabilityYou have finally decided upon a wedding venue and you very much appreciating it. But, make sure that it is open for booking on your wedding date. We would suggest you to go for advance booking as it will help saving later fuss for you.

Weather factorYou can never be very sure about the weather hence; we would suggest you to select a venue which can easily help you in your contingency plan. You should make sure that your venue has close proximity for your plan B. This will not ruin your day at all.

Special focus on lightingWe have already suggested you to check all the logistics of the venue but, you should pay special attention on the lighting. Why? Its quite natural that you would love to have a lifetime memory of your big day. And, this could be achieved through pictures. So, more lights will help you in getting better clicks.

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