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1. Tips on selecting Wedding Venue
2. A wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event that youll be having for the rest of your life. It is sacred and should not be treated like an ordinary event. Most people spend their time preparing their wedding; from the wedding photographers, the gown, the people invited, and every little thing that matters when it comes to the big event. One of the most important elements that matters during this matter is the wedding venue. Its never easy to find a suitable wedding venue that will match the motif of your wedding. A good wedding location example is Pampanga. Many people are looking for good wedding venue in Pampanga because its unusual and logical; thus, the province has lots of churches and hotels available for them to choose from in the province. I can suggest different wedding venue that may match with your preferred motif; but I wouldnt let myself decide for you because it is YOUR wedding. I may know few events planning, but your wedding is once in a lifetime and you should be the one to fulfill your expectations in your dream wedding. For those who wanted to learn how to find the best venue for your wedding.
4. Motif is the first factor that you would want to first consider. Your gown should match the color of your wedding Back draft.I am pretty sure that you wouldnt want to be camouflaged with your wedding back draft. Make sure that everything, from the guests dress code, the color schemes of the banquet and of course, the theme of your wedding. Most people failed in choosing the right venue for their wedding because they considered the budget first above all. Remember, in this country; people can only marry once in their life.The motif is important; it should be always the first in your checklist on selecting a wedding venue.
5. Budget
6. The second factor you have to consider is the budget. Making your wedding intimate would rely on your budget. Venue rental is somehow expensive, but if the earlier you plan for it, the better options youll have in selecting. You can canvass different places for your wedding venue, some might be expensive as the others, and some may be cheap. If you worry too much on your budget, you can just stick to the traditional church wedding if you cant afford to rent a venue. In selecting a wedding venue, it is also important to consider the number of visitors you areexpecting. There are many beautiful venues at a reasonable price; though sometimes the venue is too small for the audience you are expecting; make sure to clarify on the venue representative on the max capacity of the venue before agreeing.
Tip: Its better to be planning your marriage ahead of time. This will help you someday, for you to deal with the pressure on the expenses that will arise.
7. Privacy
8. Privacy is important in selecting wedding venue.Most venues are held in a church because of its solemnity and serenity, though other individuals prefer to have a venue which is both extravagant and intimate.Selecting a venue will rely on the type of person you are, if you are the one who wanted to have intimate and private one, go for garden wedding, or church wedding with few audience; but if you are a proud person who likes posting in Instagram and twitter; get a flashy venue (famous and usual).
9. Great View
10. Wedding photos will be the mementos left in your wedding. And it wouldnt be nice to see an ugly back drop because you didnt settle for the best. Try to pick a historically known venue if you wanted a nice back drop for your wedding photos. Or, you can also try garden venue with lots of shimmering lights to beautify your photos.
11. Services, Food and Beverage
12. The venue should be a logical place where guest can eat, drink, talk and dance. The venue should have atleast clear space for people to socialize with one another. Less spacious venue usually cause people to get irritated with the closed space. Food and beverage service does matter. When getting married, you wouldnt want to be worried on the hiring of another company to host your food and beverage. Try to get a venue where they are serving food and beverage; much better if they would give you numerous choices of f&b this will make your wedding special due to the variety of food youll want your guests to have.
13. These are just few factors that you have to consider when selecting your preferred wedding venue. But remember; always be logical when it comes to selecting the right venue for your wedding; selecting the right venue means having a perfect location for your wedding and reception.