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1. I think this image connotes that the band are daring and fun. However the hands suggest they do have quite a camp / funny side. I like the composition of this image. It would make a good image for the double page spread. 2. I like the image in black and white, although I dont think it will be something I wish to recreate. 3. This picture directly addresses the viewer and I think this style would be good as a front cover. 4. This image emphasises the bands reputation of being mysterious. Two of the subjects are knelt in either side of the rule of thirds and in the middle is the man completely sat down. This makes him the focal point and suggests he is the lead singer. Or maybe ideal self / partner. 5. This image would also be good as a front cover, however I would crop the bottom a little bit for the focus of the image to be on the faces. 6. I love the humour in this photograph I may wish to recreate such an image for my double page spread. 7. This is very effect-heavy, and is really attention


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