You’ve Got (Costly Canadian) Mail! – Toastmasters 2014

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Weve got a problem! Weve got costly Canadian mail that is costing us more, while experiencing declines in letter delivery. Canada Post has launched a transformation to help combat the technological changes or risk losing $1 billion a year by 2020. This includes: ending home delivery of mail, increasing stamp prices, and cutting up to 8000 jobs. Find out why this may not be all bad news by viewing this presentation!


<ul><li> 1. Your Mail Is In Trouble! 0 Home delivery of mail will end 0 in stamp prices 0 8,000 job cuts </li></ul> <p> 2. Why Is This Happening? 0 in mail volume (core business) 0 Sparsely populated country, fixed costs 0 $106-million (2012) in operating losses 0 0.4% (2013) in revenue growth 0 More pensioners than workers 0 Risk losing $1 billion by 2020 3. Whats Next? 0 35% in stamp price 0 Convert 5.1 million homes to community mailboxes in urban areas 4. Whats Next? 0 Restructuring &amp; transformation 0 Obligation: deliver mail to all Canadians 0 Rebranding: letter delivery &gt; parcels 5. The Good News! This institution has [an] incredible capacity to reinvent itself. ~ Canada Post President &amp; CEO Deepak Chopra 6. Sources 0 business/canada-post-loss-balloons-to-193-million- as-historic-shift-takes-hold/article18461383/ 0 canada-post-price-hikes-prove-detrimental 0 reinvent-itself-says-its-ceo-1.2626082 </p>